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Money Game: I cannot move on…

Folks are just not ready to let go of the Hye Joon/ Eugene Han loveline from Money Game. Yoo Teo is not new to the acting world, and there’s an interview I stumbled upon which shed a lot of insight into him as an individual and as an artist.

It’s close to a month now since Money Game aired its last episode, and there are even moar fan-made videos of this “couple”! Hahahaahaha!


Below is a scene from second half of the drama where Eugene is kind of besotted with the no-nonsense Hye Joon:


Money Game

This was soooo not on my watch list this year.

Summary of this drama: Powerful movers & shakers of the financial landscape in Korea – can’t seem to be content with status quo. Any backdoor dealings that benefit only the few always spells bad news for a country. After the 1997 IMF crisis, South Korea may seem to be on the verge of facing such possibility again due to those who vie for power.

Image from Asianwiki

I’m one of those who just won’t gravitate towards storylines as such… well, with the exception of Default (2018 movie) which I happened to stumble upon during my flight back to home town. This movie was goooood.