kdrama 2020

Oh My Baby

Or should I say “Oh my Bae“?!

Can’t help but think of the classic “Three Men and a Baby” movie (omaigad it premiered in 1987 o_O ) which depicts the adventures of three single men as they try to adapt their lives to pseudo-fatherhood with the arrival of the love child of one of them.

For the KDrama version, it’s the opposite instead: Jang Ha-Ri (Jang Na-Ra) is a 39-year-old single woman who is very aware of her biological clock. Ironically, she works at a parenting magazine company, “The Baby.” Being a workaholic, she has not taken any pleasure in dating for the past 10 years and has pretty much given up on finding love or getting married.

Cr.: Starbiz

But her desire to be a mother became an all-encompassing goal especially after finding out that her health condition may rob her of that possibility. Knowing the deadline given to her before undergoing an irreversible surgery, Ha Ri amps up her focus on becoming a mom – STAT.


Mystic Pop-Up Bar

Yarobun, if you’re like me, you’re probably experiencing an in-between-dramas lull. Nothing quite like that WOTM typhoon that pretty much sucked us all in its path. So, what better moment to finally catch up on a few new ones that have premiered during the crazy last quarter run of WOTM 😉

With zero expectations, I started off with Mystic Pop-Up Bar and almost 5 minutes into the “Modern” era segment, I realised it was Hwang Jung Eum’s post-baby project. And it took me another good 3 minutes eye-balling her because she looked somewhat… different. She looks FANTASTIC being a new Mum and all (don’t get me wrong), but is it her make-up or something that makes the Hhmmm? bell go off in my brain?

Cr.: Soompi

Anyhoo, this drama is about 500-year old Wol Joo (Hwang Jung Eum) who has to appease 100,000 souls in order to leave this world and find her own peace. Why? Please watch episode 1 for the back story 🙂


Money Game

This was soooo not on my watch list this year.

Summary of this drama: Powerful movers & shakers of the financial landscape in Korea – can’t seem to be content with status quo. Any backdoor dealings that benefit only the few always spells bad news for a country. After the 1997 IMF crisis, South Korea may seem to be on the verge of facing such possibility again due to those who vie for power.

Image from Asianwiki

I’m one of those who just won’t gravitate towards storylines as such… well, with the exception of Default (2018 movie) which I happened to stumble upon during my flight back to home town. This movie was goooood.