Hwang Jung Eum

Mystic Pop-Up Bar

Yarobun, if you’re like me, you’re probably experiencing an in-between-dramas lull. Nothing quite like that WOTM typhoon that pretty much sucked us all in its path. So, what better moment to finally catch up on a few new ones that have premiered during the crazy last quarter run of WOTM 😉

With zero expectations, I started off with Mystic Pop-Up Bar and almost 5 minutes into the “Modern” era segment, I realised it was Hwang Jung Eum’s post-baby project. And it took me another good 3 minutes eye-balling her because she looked somewhat… different. She looks FANTASTIC being a new Mum and all (don’t get me wrong), but is it her make-up or something that makes the Hhmmm? bell go off in my brain?

Cr.: Soompi

Anyhoo, this drama is about 500-year old Wol Joo (Hwang Jung Eum) who has to appease 100,000 souls in order to leave this world and find her own peace. Why? Please watch episode 1 for the back story 🙂


BLURB: She Was Pretty


Two weekends ago, I surprised myself for carving out time to browse through currently on-air KDramas… just to get a feel on what’s going on. Y’know what I mean?

I’ve really been out of the KDrama Universe, but I knew my Sweet Cheeks, Yoo Ah In, is in SBS’ Six Flying Dragons and Lee Dong Wook will dive into a romantic comedy with Jung Ryeo Won in Bubblegum (which I shall also check out later 🙂 )

So, with zero expectations, I began Episode 1 of She Was Pretty on Friday night, 8:30pm… and by Saturday noon, I couldn’t wait for the upcoming episode of this drama. Much thanks to the Meteorically Improved Choi Si Won o_O

Who would’ve thought he could metamorphosize the 2nd Male Lead character into the unofficial MALE LEAD for this drama?!  In fact, I was ROOTING for him to be with Hye Jin instead of Sung Joon!!

What blasphemy!!  😮