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Blurb: Doctors

I tried really hard not to give in.
Really, really hard.

But the AwesomeSauceness of Kim “Hawt” Rae Won in Doctors was over spilling, and like most viewers in KDrama Universe, have succumbed to his sublime portrayal of a Namja we can only dream to have 🙂


Blurb: Oh My Venus

Well, well, well.

After saying a proper farewell to AwesomeSauce Kim Shin Hyuk of “She Was Pretty”, I thought it was going to be an uphill battle to fall in like with another drama right after…

Perhaps a replay of massive withdrawal symptoms after the phenomenal run of Secret Love Affair…

But, I was DEAD Wrong o_O


I thought “Oh My Venus” was going to take that beaten-to-death path of popular-girl-becomes-frumpy-and-#loseweight-get-boyfriend-back.

And I’m SO DAMN GLAD it’s not.

And I’m SO DAMN EXCITED that Shin Min Ah is kicking ass in this drama as a sweetheart with a heart of gold and oozing with “am no doormat to nobody” attitude whether skinny or not.


BLURB: She Was Pretty


Two weekends ago, I surprised myself for carving out time to browse through currently on-air KDramas… just to get a feel on what’s going on. Y’know what I mean?

I’ve really been out of the KDrama Universe, but I knew my Sweet Cheeks, Yoo Ah In, is in SBS’ Six Flying Dragons and Lee Dong Wook will dive into a romantic comedy with Jung Ryeo Won in Bubblegum (which I shall also check out later 🙂 )

So, with zero expectations, I began Episode 1 of She Was Pretty on Friday night, 8:30pm… and by Saturday noon, I couldn’t wait for the upcoming episode of this drama. Much thanks to the Meteorically Improved Choi Si Won o_O

Who would’ve thought he could metamorphosize the 2nd Male Lead character into the unofficial MALE LEAD for this drama?!  In fact, I was ROOTING for him to be with Hye Jin instead of Sung Joon!!

What blasphemy!!  😮


Blurb: Valid Love 14

While waiting for IR to turn up at the Police Station, HT plays the video IR had recorded earlier when she said her farewell to HS. He tears up when he realizes how much IR intrinsically knows what goes inside HS’ mind when the rest are clueless.

IR arrives and almost switches to Rocky Balboa mode when she sees the culprit sitting at the officer’s desk.

HT’s explanation:

He was envious of us. He was envious so he felt jealousy. He was envious of how we never changed. So he wanted to show us that nothing lasts forever. Our happy time was just longer than most. And love doesn’t exist.

Apparently MK’s dad links his son’s phone to the Cloud so he could keep tabs on MK’s activities. That was how he stumbled on the photos MK took of IR and KJ. And then the evil idea came to mind, messing with HT’s mind about those coincidentally-taken photos.