ep 20 wedding scene

Jang Hyuk and Jang NaRa BTS stills: Just Because…

Just as Daniel requested Mi Young for some alone time to properly fold his feelings he had for her, I am also taking steps to properly frame my farewell to one of the most lethal OTPs in KDrama for many years to come.


Heck, they reunited after 12 years since their first collaboration and the world witnessed the delightful result of their intangible chemistry.

Jang Hyuk-Sshi and Jang NaRa-Sshi, you have given MUCH joy to millions around the world 🙂

감사합니다 ❤



Shooting @ Kensington Hotel, Jeju Island for ep 20. Photo cr: spideysteve of Soompi Forum


cr: DC

Awww Geonnie-Sshi... you need some TLC, STAT!  Photo cr: DC

cr: DC