Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

I just HAD to say something about this little dynamo that can hold its own against The Legend of the Blue Sea.

While many viewers were anticipating the premiere of Lee Min Ho’s latest drama, a few of us tuned in to Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo mostly out of curiosity. Well, maybe not so for Nam Joo Hyuk’s die-hard fans, but we’re talking about David & Goliath proportions when these two dramas were pitted against each other in the Wed-Thurs prime time slot.


As I watched Lee Sung Kyung’s character transformation (from Bee-yotch Doctor in Doctors to No-nonsense Athlete in WFKBJ) in Episode 1, I had a feeling this could be her defining moment as an actor.



Blurb: She Was Pretty Ep 14 – Heart Slayer


Didn’t I just mention how Kim Shin Hyuk slayed me thus far in She Was Pretty?

Didn’t I just mention how AWESOME-sauce Choi Si Won has been as Kim Shin Hyuk in this drama?


Not gonna talk about the meandering story about “Will We or Won’t We” sink plot line in Episode 14. In fact 95% of this episode was stretching The Most about doing all they can for the magazine. But, in the last 10 minutes of the 4th Quarter, my jaw slackened at how A-may-zing Kim Shin Hyuk is.

Sorta Spoiler Alert!!

He sneaks Hye Jin out for a date in one of the most unassuming ways I’ve seen (even in real life!) and she ends up spending the entire day out with him having a great meal and acting like kids at the Theme Park. He was, in his way, creating memories with her and filing them away as one of those moments in time when he fell in love and had to let go.

Of course he HAD to re-enact their signature radish scene, but this time, in a posh hotel setting…


BLURB: She Was Pretty


Two weekends ago, I surprised myself for carving out time to browse through currently on-air KDramas… just to get a feel on what’s going on. Y’know what I mean?

I’ve really been out of the KDrama Universe, but I knew my Sweet Cheeks, Yoo Ah In, is in SBS’ Six Flying Dragons and Lee Dong Wook will dive into a romantic comedy with Jung Ryeo Won in Bubblegum (which I shall also check out later ๐Ÿ™‚ )

So, with zero expectations, I began Episode 1 of She Was Pretty on Friday night, 8:30pm… and by Saturday noon, I couldn’t wait for the upcoming episode of this drama. Much thanks to the Meteorically Improved Choi Si Won o_O

Who would’ve thought he could metamorphosize the 2nd Male Lead character into the unofficial MALE LEAD for this drama?!ย  In fact, I was ROOTING for him to be with Hye Jin instead of Sung Joon!!

What blasphemy!!ย  ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


Blurb: Valid Love 17

I’ve been replaying the first 10 minutes of Episode 15 of Healer for the umpteenth time before I can take the first step off the cliff into the twilight zone of Valid Love…

Holy Mackerel, only 3 more episodes left to this dragged-on Makjang storyline… o_O


This has NOTHING to do with Episode 17, but just goes to show I NEED this kinda FEELS SOON from both of them! ์ง€๊ธˆ!!


It’s the break of dawn and MIL is happily preparing breakfast for… Mr. Jang. Next we see her banging and making such a ruckus at KJ’s gates and drags him to her house. And as they walk downhill, they meet IR and HT who were worried sick about her sudden disappearance yet again.

They all enter the Jang household and IR gently asks a favor from KJ to play along just for that day. While the ladies set the table for breakfast, KJ and HT have a “discussion” about his sudden appearance in the house. HT tells him KJ should’ve kept his mum at his studio instead of being in his parent’s house. “How could I? I just woke up and she dragged me here,” says sleepy-eyed KJ. He then questions why he allowed IR to stay there when HT had told KJ to take responsibility for her. “I tried. But she doesn’t listen to me anymore. Why don’t you talk to her?” HT tells him.


Blurb: Thank God for Healer

All I can I say is, “Thank the KDrama Gods for an EPIC Ep 15 of Healer” !!

MANSE!! โค โค โค

Kim Do Woo, THIS is what should HAPPEN for the next remaining episodes of Valid Love.

Take note, please… o_O




I need these like food supplements before I watch Valid Love… gotta top up my “Feel Good” chi, y’know wut I’m sayin’? XD


Blurb: Valid Love 16

Apologies, chingu.

Had to watch some TLC moments on Healer before I dared to dive into Valid Love 16… I seriously have no blinking idea where Kim Do Woo is taking us.

Makjang Purgatory, perhaps? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ … ํ•˜์ž

Before IR ran over to the Jang household upon ex-MIL’s insistence, MIL was at XYZ cafe where she was pleasant to IU and ordered a decaf Americano. And when she turned to find a table, she sees IR’s mother who was about make a quick getaway. IR’s mum is bewildered at how extremely courteous her in-law is until she asked about IR’s whereabouts. Does she visit you often? She doesn’t come by our place as often. It may be burdensome.

And that is when the red flags are hoisted and flapping in the wind…


Blurb: Valid Love 15


HT and dad are in the doctor’s room, listening in closely on the question and answer session between the doctor and HT’s mum. Seems she has trouble remembering current information such as dates and her work. She thinks she still works at a furniture company where HT’s dad first met her.

IR has her usual “chat” with HS, only that she managed to figure out what has been bugging HS all the while she has been away. It’s about HS’ heart. Her will to live on is waning, especially with the recent discovery of Mum’s illness. IR promises to bring her out more often to enjoy the blooming flora and fauna when spring comes.

On their drive back home, HT’s mum denies she has dementia, which the doctor had warned HT earlier. Second stage would be anger when she realizes she’s no longer able to function normally. “Want me to show you how healthy I am?” mum says from the backseat and proceeds to recite a poem, demonstrating her mental strength in memorizing something from the past.