BLURB: She Was Pretty


Two weekends ago, I surprised myself for carving out time to browse through currently on-air KDramas… just to get a feel on what’s going on. Y’know what I mean?

I’ve really been out of the KDrama Universe, but I knew my Sweet Cheeks, Yoo Ah In, is in SBS’ Six Flying Dragons and Lee Dong Wook will dive into a romantic comedy with Jung Ryeo Won in Bubblegum (which I shall also check out later 🙂 )

So, with zero expectations, I began Episode 1 of She Was Pretty on Friday night, 8:30pm… and by Saturday noon, I couldn’t wait for the upcoming episode of this drama. Much thanks to the Meteorically Improved Choi Si Won o_O

Who would’ve thought he could metamorphosize the 2nd Male Lead character into the unofficial MALE LEAD for this drama?!  In fact, I was ROOTING for him to be with Hye Jin instead of Sung Joon!!

What blasphemy!!  😮


First Impression: Orange Marmalade

As Unkind Women bows out, another (well, a handful) comes into my viewing line up.

I haven’t had the chance to really identify the ones I want to follow, but had an inkling that the high-school/ vampire/ romance Orange Marmalade would likely fall under “easy to watch,” hence it wouldn’t be so taxing to do a recap (which I’m still mulling over).

Orange_Marm_Main01Premiered on May 15th with 2 episodes shown back-to-back on KBS2, I had to keep myself busy while waiting for the subs to kick in. It is mandatory that I totally immerse myself in the Twilight-like Korean Drama XD

The premise is rather to the point: 200 years ago, humans and vampires finalized a peace treaty, but till this day, both parties do not get along well with each other. Heck. Humans still can’t along with each other o_O

Fast forward to 2015, the story begins with the introduction of Baek MaRi (SeolHyun) riding the subway to school, Jung Jae-Min (Yeo Jin-Goo) who is a popular high school student also happens to be on the same train.

We are well-versed with the eventual pull Jae Min will experience with MaRi because she is a vampire and vamps have that I-can’t-help-but-magnetize-anyone powers 😀 .

However, MaRi tries very hard to fit in and does her very best to hide her real self.

First episode in, Jae Min has been TKO-ed by cupid…


Drop That Beat: Sung Hoon (of Brown Eyed Soul) – I Love You

What a way to ease into the weekend 🙂

The person featured in this video is Kim Seol Jin, a stupendous Modern dancer who has had massive dancing experience in Europe. My introduction to his wonderful display of talent and skills was via Dancing 9, a dance survival program on Mnet.

Have a blast of a weekend, peeps! XD

First Impression: Hwajung

Thanks to my grueling daily work schedule, I totally missed out on a few KDrama premieres. However,  I came across a snippet on how lethally Daebak the first two episodes of Hwajung were, and I JUST HAD to activate my powers to enter a parallel universe and immersed myself in Hwajung.

This is yet another take on the life of Prince Gwanghae (the latest one being The King’s Face with Seo In Guk playing the titular character). With an awesome ensemble cast of Cha Seung Won, Cho Song Ha (fave King in Sungkyungkwan Scandal), Kim Chang Wan (fave nose-picking Ahjussi in Coffee Prince), Lee Sung Min (fave boss, Chief Oh in Misaeng) and many others, I braced myself for sterling quality acting.

Hwajung_Main01First off, I had to compartmentalize “Chajumma” image of the ineffable Cha Seung Won who literally demonstrated to the rest of the world why he would be the #1 pick to be marooned with on an island.

That guy is McGyver of the Gastronomic Kind… my kinda namja 😀

Back to Hwajung…