Blurb: Misty

If only networks could pace the amount of good dramas to broadcast, my Kdrama viewing life would be set. However, we know that shall never happen on a consistent basis 🙂

So, on a rather quiet evening, I perused the backlog of dramas that have premiered but didn’t get a chance to watch (and assess its worthiness to invest my time). I saw Misty, with one of my fave actors, Ji Jin Hee, in the lead role.

OK, this could be promising…



WFKBJ: Beautiful Fan-Made Homage

Extending the shout-out in case you missed out on these gorgeous videos ❤ ❤ ❤


“Chubs!” by cardiackleptomaniac

“Before” by Aritemis

“Salvation” by Yahaira Penaloza

“Could We Pretend That We’re In Love?” by WalkerftMaddox



Thank God Weekend’s Here 14

Anyong Yarobun!

I hope everyone is doing swell in whichever awesome place you currently reside in. I was simply gobsmacked at how fast we’re careening into the last month of 2014. I mean, we’re pratically hurtling at warp speed o_O

I’ve been deliberating over this matter for weeks and just a few minutes ago, I decided (albeit with a heavy heart) to discontinue recapping Mr. Baek. I shall continue to watch the drama, but it’s a totally different ballgame when I need to recap.

My mental capacity just depletes (I’m already at 50% by the time I return from work)…


… and I refuse to turn my joy of recapping into a burden.

Because it’ll defeat the purpose of sharing my eternal ❤ of KDramas with y’all.

Mianhamnida Chiggus 😥

Misaeng though, shall remain on my roster… coz I wanna see the blossoming awesomeness of GR and his tight crew by the end of its run 😀

There are a couple of currently on air dramas that I’d ❤ ❤ ❤ to sink my teeth in (ie The King’s Face/ Birth of a Beauty/ Dr. Frost). But if you’re already watching these shows, give a holler and share your take on them so far.

Ehrmerhgerd. Another thought just struck me: There will be an onslaught of December premieres soono_O


Have a blast of a weekend, peeps! 🙂