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BLURB: The Avalanche Has Hit

A couple of months back, it was such barren KDrama-land for me as I struggled to get hooked on a drama… any Kdrama 😩  When I catch myself watching TV series that are not produced in South Korea, I’ve scraped the bottom of the Kdrama barrel.

My instincts told me, it was an impending sign of a major deluge, of a fabulous kind.

I was Right. And I’m in Big Trouble 😱

I need this thingamajig NOW! 지금!!


Thank God Weekend’s Here 23

Anyong Yarobun!

Allow me to begin my entry with the iconic sound-effect from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo:


Say it ain’t so! Andwae!!

One of my favourite shipped-to-life couples, Nam Joo Hyuk & Lee Sung Kyung, have parted ways. I was just re-watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo this past week, inhaling the love and re-living those moments when they indeed fell in love with each other. Of course they inserted that standard template of an excuse for the falling out, but they are young, and have so much more to experience too.



JiJi couple, you’re my only hope (at the moment) for yet another reel to real-ship.

Maybe I should re-watch a classic like Coffee Prince or Secret Affair, because there’s no way in heck those OTPs are gonna get on board the cruise line 😆

Have a blast of a weekend, peeps! 😄



Thank God Weekend’s Here 22

Anyong Yarobun!

This has been one of those “Catch-Up” Weekends for me, drama-wise. Come Monday, my brain will switch gears to “where did all that time go?”


When realization hit on Saturday morning that I had Mirror of the Witch, 38 Task Force, The Flower in the prison, Beautiful Gong Shim to sink my mental teeth into just for the weekend, I felt a sudden tide of bliss. YAASSSS!!

Weekdays are meant for Doctors, Beautiful Mind (an under-rated drama, IMHO), Lucky Romance and Uncontrollably Fond. I know. Squeezing in KDrama during weekdays in between Real-life tasks is an art form ^_^

However, there is one newbie who flew in under the radar and has all the interstellar potential to knock a few Home Runs during its run: The Good Wife.

And no site (that I know of) is SUBBING this Gem 😦

Unless you know of a site that does English-subbing regardless of on-air grabbage factor.
Let me know, STAT! ❤

In the meantime, this is me waddling through my limited understanding of Hangeul while watching The Good Wife:

Have a blast of a weekend, peeps! 😀


Breaking News:
KDrama Gods have answered my prayers!
The Good Wife has been subbed! YAAAASSSS!!! XD

Thank God Weekend’s Here 21

Anyong Yarobun!

Just so I do not have guilt-trips come weekends, there are a few things I’ve got to get done before KDrama Mega-Catch Up like:

Laundry. Driving kids to classes (yes, on a Saturday o_O ). Folding clothes that were left on the dining table because everyone waits for Momma to do so.

Then, I get to make myself a cuppa, settle down in my viewing spot and inhale the goodies that will pretty much take me to dinner time 😀 😀

There was a KDrama draught for me a few months back, but now (even before Uncontrollably Fond premieres) it’s like torrential rain. And I mean torrential to the power of Mangled Apricot Hellbeast level of downpour.

Okay, Descendants of the Son was the exception. One episode in and my reaction was “Hell no. When did Joon Ki become such a Namja?” As in Alpha-Namja? Swoon.

Someone needs to create a time-travel mechanism so that we can still contribute to society while living in a parallel universe (applicable only to hardcore KDrama viewers) o_O

What’s the torrential list I have come weekends, you may ask?

Mirror of the Witch (Fri & Sat)

38 Task Force (Fri & Sat)

Flower in the Prison (Sat & Sun)

Beautiful Gong Shim (Sat & Sun)


Doctors (Mon & Tues)

Lucky Romance (Wed & Thurs)

And then the cycle begins again…
See the deluge? o_O


Have a blast of a weekend, peeps! 😀

Thank God Weekend’s Here 20

Anyong Yarobun!

Lordy! Seems like aeons since I last made an entry o_O . How’ve ya’ll been?

Sometimes, a weekend just doesn’t seem like a weekend when you’ve lined up errands to complete because that’s the only time available to get personal thangs taken care of?

Know whut I’m sayin’ ? 😮

Anyways, I’m enjoying the well-paced, tightly- written, and beautifully shot Heard It Through the Grapevine (it’s the Ahn-Jung duo, please!), and I hereby pledge to watch any future dramas brought to life by this team. I ❤ you!

And Unkind Women still maintains its classy act of elegant dissing! LOL!

Unfortunately, both dramas are kinda on the “long-haul” track (anything more than 18 episodes is tossed into that group). So, until I find a middle ground between “mini recap” and “things that make me go Hmmm” download, I shall leave things as is.

However, I might just have the occasional SQUEE moments right about next week for Unkind Women (fingers crossed) and will use my TGWH platform for that! LOL!!! XD XD XD


Have a blast of a weekend, peeps! 🙂


Thank God Weekend’s Here 19

Anyong Yarobun!

Wishing those who celebrate Lunar New Year, “Gong Hey Fatt Choy” !!

This is one of the few moments in a year when I really, REALLY enjoy driving in the city. Why? That’s because the Urban Exodus carried with them the usual grid-lock traffic back to their hometown during this week of festivities. DAEBAK! XD

I’ve been in a quagmire lately, unable to decide which drama to hitch a ride on. So far, the schizophrenic Ji Sung is garnering interest in Kill Me, Heal Me but… still a “hmmm” for me. Heart to Heart definitely has ❤ but only enough for casual viewing. I’m still on the fence with Ho Goo’s Love… though I really Adore the Adorable Choi Woo Shik who definitely has earned his Lead Male role through memorable characters he brought to life in Ten and The Roof Top Prince.

Blood? BWAHAHAHAHA! Let’s not even sink our teeth into that one.

I shall wait for the premiere of Unkind Women which is within 5 days’ time.
Please do not disappoint me 😮


Have a blast of a weekend, peeps! 😀


Thank God Weekend’s Here 18

Anyong Yarobun!


I had to undergo some major recuperation by surfacing for “much-needed clean air” after that mess of a drama coughValidLovecough… Was Kim Do Woo aiming to create an urban classic like Secret Love Affair? There were more than a handful experienced actors who brought other sub-plots to life, like Choi Yeo Jin, who carried the voice of reason when everything else around her was imploding. ❤ the relationship her character had with IR and how her passing on was handled.

And the other beautiful thing in Valid Love was seeing Lee Soo Hyuk growing by leaps and bounds in his role as Carpenter KJ. I have never seen so much emotion coming out of this model-turned actor in a single drama. Good job, Director Han Ji Seung, for helping him break out of his cold-urban-male-who-can’t-help-but-be-cool mold.


The scent of a woman who will turn his life upside down, inside out…

And, about that “much-needed clean air,” I decided to take a whiff of a drama that’s probably on the opposite end of Valid Love where skinship is concerned. Heart to Heart turned out to be unexpectedly entertaining 😀

Seeing how delayed this “Weekend” post is, you know I just came out of a marathon wormhole XD XD


Have a blast of a week, peeps! 😀


Thank God Weekend’s Here 17

Anyong Yarobun!

This post may be closing in on the finish line of a weekend, but it still IS Sunday 😀 Yay!

Waiting for Monday with a smidge of trepidation… the vexing and energy-sapping phase in Valid Love is crushing my soul… but I’m hopeful for an unconventional home run. Writer-nim, don’t let millions of us outside of South Korea down 😮

But another Mon-Tues show is giving me all sorts of warm feels and I grin at every screentime Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young share ❤ ❤ ❤

Did a Healer marathon (in some parallel universe) and I was sucked into YET another KDrama wormhole o_O XD XD XD


Eotteohge Jigeum? o_O


Have a blast of a weekend, peeps! 😀



Thank God Weekend’s Here 16

Anyong Yarobun!

Happy, Joyful, Electrifying new 2015 Yarobun!

Dressed up to the nines and went somewhere swanky with close friends to usher in the New Year? Or did you lounge at home in your most comfortable and worn down clothes, catching up on other KDramas that you wouldn’t have time to look into otherwise? o_O

Like moi?

Am in the midst of collating what’s coming up in January where KDrama premieres are concerned (cough, returnofbinnie, cough), but at the moment there are two things that take up much of my limited leisure time…



And the universally-loved cutie pie, Song Min Gook, who’ll grow up to be a heart breaker one day…


I just wanna SMOOOSH those cheeeks!! XD


Have a blast of a weekend, peeps 😀

Thank God Weekend’s Here 15

Anyong Yarobun!

It is four more days to 2015 in my neck of the woods. How astonishingly fast this year has been. Memories are checkered with joyful and sorrowful ones. As it also should be in the coming year.

However, what our future may be is still within the locus of decisions made today. And I wish for everyone of you many days of infectious enthusiasm and innumerable steps closer to living the life of your design.



light a candle

light a candle.
let it glow with hope.
let its thin film of smoke disperse the dark clouds.
let it drizzle and frizzle out your stress,
let it wash off the stench of sweat.
let your pregnant hope deliver twins and triplets;
multiple tales of success.

By Jide Badmus


Wishing all of you a joy-filled 2015.


Have a blast of a weekend, peeps 😀