Misaeng Ep 20: The Beat Goes On

When one door closes, another opens; but often we look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.

– Alexander Graham Bell



Morning has come, another day at work. GR walks to the garden to enjoy the crisp morning air before beginning his day at his corner.

GR voiceover:

After Mr. Oh left, our team became stable as he had wished. The remaining people were making efforts for me. The more they did, the the more reasons there were for me to leave.

The reason I stay despite all that… [are the parting words by Chief Oh – ‘Hang in there. Win’]

The day which is the end is approaching.


Misaeng Ep 19: It’s Business, Nothing Personal…

The first casualty when war comes is truth.

– Hiram Johnson



Sales 3 Team are gathered in a meeting room, listening to the recorded phone conversation:

GR:  I have a question. Then aren’t the roles of reversed right now? I don’t know how Mr. Choi made that judgment, but our company actually has the upper hand, right? Mr. Seok…

Chief:  Jang Geu Rae!!

End of recording. Everyone’s is looking at the table, not making any eye contact. Chief finally asks GR what his intention was. GR remains quiet. Damage control time. Chief asks DS to connect him to Mr. Seok.

Chief Oh:  [laughs] Our youngest one made a mistake. No way [laughs] We don’t think so at all… I told you last time it’s to make things clear. Don’t worry… Recording? I’ve already deleted it [laughs] Yes… I’ll treat you to soju when you come to Korea. Have a good day! [laughs]

He hangs up the phone, and the burden weighs even heavier on Chief’s shoulders…


Misaeng Ep 18: To Hell and Back. Repeat.

Rules are not necessarily sacred, principles are.

– Franklin D. Roosevelt


You only think about what you think is right. Everything else doesn’t go however you want it to.

Chief Oh nods to himself as he dresses up in a suit he normally wouldn’t wear. His wife teases him, but he remains stoic, “Just go classy today since you need all the luck you can have. Order good food and take a taxi there.”


Misaeng Ep 17: New! Bees! CROSS!

Leaders don’t create followers,
they create more leaders.

Tom Peters


Sales Department corner is abuzz with tasks to be done. GR picks up a call at his desk and informs the caller that the Person In-Charge has been transferred to Mr. Kim Dong Shik and provides the correct extension number as well. DS and Mr. Chun can only look forlornly at GR’s back. They inwardly wanted GR to carry through his ownership of his hard-earned business item, but office policy (or rather politics) encumbered GR’s progress.

Brief update on BK, YY and SY

Mr. Kang is on the phone with his Turkish counterpart, discussing about effects of currency exchange rate on their trading business. He asks BK for the Turkey file which was on his desk and BK sheepishly passes it on and smiles “I’m sorry I can’t multitask” which stumps Mr. Kang temporarily. Did my junior just made a joke? With me? o_O

Mr. Jung praises YY’s work, lavishing praises on a simple print out. YY responds with a short and sassy, “You only see that now?” Mr. Yoo and Mr. Ha are gaping at their desks. Since when did YY become “one of the guys” on their team?

SY’s updates his big boss directly on the sub-con situation: Good news, they can manufacture the portion that Ulsan factory couldn’t in two week. The Ulsan site also conveyed their earnestness in working hard to minimize their losses. Big Boss is very pleased with the progress and rectified working relations with Ulsan that he tells SY to be fully in-charge of communication with Ulsan factory and sub-cons. Mr. Sung watches them furtively from his desk…


Misaeng Ep 16: Between A Rock and A Concrete Slab

What I always say is, ‘Do every job you’re in like you’re going to do it for the rest of your life, and demonstrate that ownership of it.’

– Mary Barra


It’s a brand new day! GR is in the midst of getting ready for work. There is a sense of purpose when he buttons his crisp white shirt and expertly tied necktie. He walks to work in a beautiful sunny morning and sees SY at the main lobby of One International… who has the most dramatic makeover with just a haircut o_O

GR voiceover:

Extremes can relate to each other. In order to withstand helplessness, in order to withstand injustice and phoniness, SY chose to keep his mouth shut. He was erasing time by training how to numb himself. He lost his smile, and we lost him.

I started to miss his annoying chatter long ago. But none of us would dare give him advice. It’s been 17 months since we started working. We knew clearly by now you had to withstand hardships by yourself.

But I still wanted to tell him, “Even if you lose a stone, the game goes on, SY-Sshi.”


Misaeng Ep 15: Keep Your Britches On

Success is not a good teacher, failure makes you humble.

– Shahrukh Khan


GR accidentally overhears Chief Oh’s conversation with Manager Sun on the rooftop, “but still, he can’t make it.”

GR voiceover:

A road with a dead end. Us, together, always.

There’s still a whole year left that we can walk together…

GR is glad for the little time he has left, and decides to focus on giving 110% till the end…


Misaeng Ep 14: Us. Together. Always.

I have more respect for a man who lets me know where he stands, even if he’s wrong.
Than the one who comes up like an angel and is nothing but a devil.

– Malcolm X


It’s a new year’s kick-off at One International. Everybody who’s anybody turns up for the major meeting. There was even an introduction and award-giving session for the best performing team. It was also a moment for GR to realize that he is only a very small part of the whole. Tiny.

BK is on the phone with a German client (WHOA! o_O ) Mr. Kang overhears his conversation and looks on as BK wraps up his call. BK feels good about it, but Kang pops his bubble of happiness by telling him his pronunciation needs polishing, and proceeds to teach him how to create the sound 😀 When Kang leaves his desk, BK murmurs to himself, “But I majored in German Lit.” LOL!! XD


Misaeng Ep 13: GeuRae – Eees – Dope

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

– Steve Jobs


An armada of dark-suited executives make their way towards the conference room where Sales 3 Team have been waiting with restrained anxiety. And who else but SY (who must have an internal radar for “Big Moments”) walks in from an adjoining corridor and stops in his tracks when he sees the buzzing crowd walk past by. What in the world? o_O Antenna Up! 😀

Chief Oh and GR unintentionally greet the men at the door and ED gives an “assuring pat” on Chief Oh’s arm, “Good luck.” One by one, the dark-suited execs file into the room…

After ED and the others have settled in their seats, Chief Oh steps up to the rostrum. GR walks over the rest of the team, standing at attention just a few paces away from Chief Oh. They all scan through a file that has been prepared for every member of the audience. ED doesn’t spend much time going through his. He looks expectantly at Chief Oh, who seems calm…

GR voiceover:

Everyone will be imagining an obvious report in their minds. They’ll be looking for opposing points, or already be prepared. We can clearly feel how they think won’t go as expected.

Someone asks if Sales 3 Team is either ignorant or courageous. Wasn’t Mr. Park’s case resolved? Someone else implies Chief Oh’s greed to show off his skills just because he was personally promoted under the CEO’s suggestion.

Good Lord. The presentation hasn’t even begun and already the talons are unleashed o_O


Misaeng Ep 12: Charting the Untravelled Path

You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through.

– Rosalynn Carter


Chief Oh is on board with GR’s idea of revisiting the Jordan business, but DS and Mr. Chun are apprehensive. DS doesn’t want their team to be known as greedy for “performance results.”  Mr.Chun is wary of those who might see Chief Oh as screwing the ED over, but Chief poses a similar line of questioning GR did on him: ” Putting aside politics, is this a good business?” After 10 seconds of pondering, Mr. Chun agrees it is reasonable.

“Since when were we afraid of doing things because of politics here, eh?” Chief Oh drives the nail into their fate.


Misaeng Ep 11: Courage or Foolhardiness?

Don’t you dare underestimate the power of your instinct.

– Barbara Corcoran


ep11 collage

SY is searching high and low for GR, who is not at his corner nor at the Gents’. He backtracks towards the main entrance and signals to YY to follow him and then stops BY to ask him if he heard about Mr. Park’s incident. GR quietly joins them from the foyer, but he heads directly for BK, and thanks him.

SY has question marks blooming from his head. “What? What?” and the audit team marches in as well, “WHAT?!” Seems this was one breaking news he wasn’t on top of XD