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Song Ga Yeon: Welcome To Your Real Future


Song Ga Yeon is the latest member of SBS’ Room Mate to leave the show following Park Bom and Lee Sora. It is also rather uncanny that the three of them were literally Bedroom-Mates and their amiability towards each other seemed genuine.

The earlier episodes of this reality show was quite promising, as it entered a time slot that was previously dominated by another SBS’ major show called KPop Star.

Within three episodes, the camaraderie between the Ga Yeon, Park Bom and SoRa  was palpable and they even sat for a tarot card reading just for the fun of it. And it was revealed that Lee Dong Wook has a certain degree of “involvement” in GY and PB’s lives. LOL!

Dun Dun DuuunnN!

Dun Dun DuuunnN!


Song Ga Yeon! Song Ga Yeon!

Whew! A whole lotta weight off Ga Yeon’s shoulders post-debut fight last night! 😮



Before Room Mate was aired, not many knew of Song Ga Yeon. Sure, she entered into this fast-rising popular sport as a Ring Girl, but she had a deep desire to prove to herself (more than to others) that she can take a beating and return more than a couple too.


Song Ga Yeon: Aspiring Female MMA Fighter

I have to admit I did not know any South Korean MMA fighters (with the exception of Seo Doo Won a.k.a The Korean Pitbull) but to know there’s a budding FEMALE MMA fighter coming up the ranks is rather… exciting 🙂

Truth be told, I’d rather swim in the pool than sweat and groan in the gym, BUT when I was introduced to rudimentary Kick Boxing as a means to sweat buckets, I got hooked. Big Time.

So when I came across a “Reality” show on SBS called “Room Mate”, I quickly sifted through the personalities that were introduced in the show until I saw Song Ga Yeon.

SGY is the cutie in the hoodie :D

SGY is the cutie in the hoodie 😀