Preview: Valid Love 19


IR: Why did you get on that boat?

HT: Has your heart ever fluttered for me? From the beginning, I have never been a man to you.

KJ: I’m not having fun. So I am ending it.

I’m sorry. I take back those words. I was wrong. Please wake up. Please.

HT: Just wake up. But I will never go near you again, not even one step. Laugh as much as you want. Love as much as you want.

Translation credit: chickfactor of Soompi Forum (Kamsahamnida!)

Preview: Valid Love 17

KJ: What am I (to you), Madam Kim?
IR: I followed my heart and came all the way, to this point.
KJ: Don’t talk to me!
Jung Goo: Let’s go out!
HT: I can’t. My wife is doing all the work today.
Jung Goo: Did you guys get back together?
IR: Wait just a little bit. I’ll be there.
KJ: You said you’d come. Then you should have come, even if it was late. How can I not get angry? Why are you still here? Is it me or Dr. Jang?
IR: I know you’re mad, but you made a mistake today.
Translation: chickfactor of soompi forum (Kamsahamnida!)

I just can’t…
Think I need to watch Healer first, yet again…
and then grab my pillow while watching ep 17 with much trepidation…


Preview: Valid Love 16


IR: What happened? … Why did Mother come here?

Joon: She’s not your concern anymore, is it?

HT-mom: This is my daughter-in-law. (to IR) You must not go there again.

HT: You said you would take responsibility for IR. Then take responsibility for those words. But you must make sure that she will never step foot in my house again. The chair is a divorce gift. When you finish it, you can give it to her yourself.

Joon: (to IR) Don’t go.

IR: It’s because of you. I have to be honorable to you, so I can justify myself

Translation cr.: chickfactor of soompi forum (Kamsahamnida!)


What the Kraken is this “10-steps-back” about? Going back into the Jang household to be their personal care taker? Is this the “unique” ending the writer has planned all along?



Preview: Valid Love 14

HT: Let’s go home.

IR: No, I won’t go.

HT: She asked this last time – have I thought about the wound she received? Il Ri’s biggest wound (is)…

KJ: I know you said to never appear in front of you again. But you know that I did nothing wrong, right?

SJ: There is a man that I like.

IR: Is there someone there?

KJ: I had been waiting (for her), but it looks like she left. (on the phone) When she usually leaves work…

IR: I’m here! (calling for help) Thank you, Carpenter Kim.

Translation: chickfactor of soompi forum (Kamsahamnida!)

Preview: Valid Love 13


OH NOES. I am NOT looking forward to Monday night 😮

In the nutshell, IR doesn’t want to say “I’m sorry” because it would mean the end of everything. KJ wants to find ways to make IR like him like she does HT.

And why is the divorce application torn up?! WAE? o_O

It’s Episode 13 already for pete’s sake! I need some HAPPY soon!! Bring back the zingings of Episodes 4 through 7!!

빨리!! 😮