Drop That Beat: Sung Hoon (of Brown Eyed Soul) – I Love You

What a way to ease into the weekend 🙂

The person featured in this video is Kim Seol Jin, a stupendous Modern dancer who has had massive dancing experience in Europe. My introduction to his wonderful display of talent and skills was via Dancing 9, a dance survival program on Mnet.

Have a blast of a weekend, peeps! XD

Drop That Beat: Yoon Mirae with Tiger JK & Bizzy – Angel


This is a song reflective of the challenging past year Yoon Mirae had experienced, from death in the family to betrayal from those she had entrusted. Shoving the negative mojo off her shoulders, she created her own enterprise and with her two “tightest Angels”, comes back with a roar.


Drop That Beat: Boni & The Suite – Answer Me [Live]

I was busy organizing my planner when my soundcloud playlist moved to the next track.

WHOA MOMMA! 😡 Where did these guys Come From?!

Give a listen. You’d be pleasantly surprised!


Enjoy your weekend, peeps.

Stay Healthy! ❤



Drop That Beat: Immortal Songs On My Playlist

Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose Lips” may have been dubbed the “Song That Cannot Die”, but for me, a couple of songs from Crush and Dynamic Duo still reign Supreme! XD


Crush – Hug Me (feat. Gaeko)_Street Version

Man, I just can’t help but start doin’ the Body Roll when it comes to the chorus.. yep, even when I’m driving o_O


Dynamic Duo – AEAO (feat. DJ Premier)

The Groove is JUST TOO COOL Bruh!
“And the Game won’t change, just the same old thang”…hip