Valid Love

Blurb: Valid Love 20


HT reads IR’s letter and when he stumbles upon her by chance at the zebra crossing, he realized he began to feel that fluttery excitement in his heart. The light turns green for pedestrians but they both remain rooted in their position. As the timer runs down to the last 10 seconds, IR decides to walk across and HT wonders if her heart is excited seeing him again.

IR:  Long time no see [smiles]… I’ll be going.

It took 5 more seconds before HT invites her for a drink… canned drinks at a public park. He notices IR’s latest purchase at the Art store and remembers her artwork since high school. He encourages her to pursue her artistic passion.


Blurb: Valid Love 19

Cringe, cringe :/

This is like being strapped in a roller coaster that is making its slow ascend into the stratosphere, and with each clacking on the the rail, your heart thumps faster, you question your sanity and the inevitable is within seconds as you see the front car plunge back to earth.

Strap on your seat belts, chingu, it’s gonna be a fast descending ride…


IR gets another sac-sac attack, but this time, no one is around to help her. Not a brown bag in sight either. And no hawt KJ’s hand to grab onto either. But, hang on, a couple walk past by her IR who is wheezing on the ground, and they continue on their journey (eh? o_O ). However, Mr. Stalker-Who-Started-All-the-Crey found her and calls for an ambulance.

Meanwhile, the fire has been out on the Research boat, but there is still no phone reception on board. Al the circuits have been badly burnt. Lucky for them, another boat has arrived to pick them up and return to shore…


Preview: Valid Love 19


IR: Why did you get on that boat?

HT: Has your heart ever fluttered for me? From the beginning, I have never been a man to you.

KJ: I’m not having fun. So I am ending it.

I’m sorry. I take back those words. I was wrong. Please wake up. Please.

HT: Just wake up. But I will never go near you again, not even one step. Laugh as much as you want. Love as much as you want.

Translation credit: chickfactor of Soompi Forum (Kamsahamnida!)

Blurb: Valid Love 18


KJ announces to the Jangs that they should all live under one roof. GT wants to call the police, but HT tells him to put away the phone and help him place KJ in GT’s room. The What, Hyung? IR is at the dining table, apologizes to HT when he joins her. She didn’t know KJ would go that far. HT says it wouldn’t have happened if she had left when he asked her to do so.

IR relents and agrees to move out of the house, taking KJ with her. MIL is no longer her concern.

HT voiceover:

Letting him sleep in the house for a night, I thought too lightly of it. My wife, I and that guy, tried to sleep under one roof. That night, I had a bizarre dream…

HT and KJ are brushing their teeth side by side in the bathroom. IR runs to them and demands who squeezed the toothpaste from the middle of the tube.


KJ and HT point at each other… and then both point toward IR. It’s actually in HT and IR’s home and she has prepared a hearty breakfast for them. They are having a cordial conversation about their weekly schedule and bicker cutely about who can accompany IR with her task. She gives them their lunch bags and pats their back as she sends them off for the day.

HT wakes up… voiceover:

It felt real, even though I knew it was a dream. Thank goodness it was a dream.


Blurb: Valid Love 17

I’ve been replaying the first 10 minutes of Episode 15 of Healer for the umpteenth time before I can take the first step off the cliff into the twilight zone of Valid Love…

Holy Mackerel, only 3 more episodes left to this dragged-on Makjang storyline… o_O


This has NOTHING to do with Episode 17, but just goes to show I NEED this kinda FEELS SOON from both of them! 지금!!


It’s the break of dawn and MIL is happily preparing breakfast for… Mr. Jang. Next we see her banging and making such a ruckus at KJ’s gates and drags him to her house. And as they walk downhill, they meet IR and HT who were worried sick about her sudden disappearance yet again.

They all enter the Jang household and IR gently asks a favor from KJ to play along just for that day. While the ladies set the table for breakfast, KJ and HT have a “discussion” about his sudden appearance in the house. HT tells him KJ should’ve kept his mum at his studio instead of being in his parent’s house. “How could I? I just woke up and she dragged me here,” says sleepy-eyed KJ. He then questions why he allowed IR to stay there when HT had told KJ to take responsibility for her. “I tried. But she doesn’t listen to me anymore. Why don’t you talk to her?” HT tells him.


Preview: Valid Love 17

KJ: What am I (to you), Madam Kim?
IR: I followed my heart and came all the way, to this point.
KJ: Don’t talk to me!
Jung Goo: Let’s go out!
HT: I can’t. My wife is doing all the work today.
Jung Goo: Did you guys get back together?
IR: Wait just a little bit. I’ll be there.
KJ: You said you’d come. Then you should have come, even if it was late. How can I not get angry? Why are you still here? Is it me or Dr. Jang?
IR: I know you’re mad, but you made a mistake today.
Translation: chickfactor of soompi forum (Kamsahamnida!)

I just can’t…
Think I need to watch Healer first, yet again…
and then grab my pillow while watching ep 17 with much trepidation…


Blurb: Valid Love 16

Apologies, chingu.

Had to watch some TLC moments on Healer before I dared to dive into Valid Love 16… I seriously have no blinking idea where Kim Do Woo is taking us.

Makjang Purgatory, perhaps? 😮 … 하자

Before IR ran over to the Jang household upon ex-MIL’s insistence, MIL was at XYZ cafe where she was pleasant to IU and ordered a decaf Americano. And when she turned to find a table, she sees IR’s mother who was about make a quick getaway. IR’s mum is bewildered at how extremely courteous her in-law is until she asked about IR’s whereabouts. Does she visit you often? She doesn’t come by our place as often. It may be burdensome.

And that is when the red flags are hoisted and flapping in the wind…


Preview: Valid Love 16


IR: What happened? … Why did Mother come here?

Joon: She’s not your concern anymore, is it?

HT-mom: This is my daughter-in-law. (to IR) You must not go there again.

HT: You said you would take responsibility for IR. Then take responsibility for those words. But you must make sure that she will never step foot in my house again. The chair is a divorce gift. When you finish it, you can give it to her yourself.

Joon: (to IR) Don’t go.

IR: It’s because of you. I have to be honorable to you, so I can justify myself

Translation cr.: chickfactor of soompi forum (Kamsahamnida!)


What the Kraken is this “10-steps-back” about? Going back into the Jang household to be their personal care taker? Is this the “unique” ending the writer has planned all along?