The Three Musketeers

The Three Musketeers Ep 12: It’s Au Revoir, Not Goodbye…

 The ego is a fascinating monster.

– Alanis Morissette


CP finds it so difficult to leave his lovely wife, but he knows he has to go. Before he mounts his horse, he notices his bow and arrow are missing from the saddle. In the moonlit night, an arrow whizzes past CP and heads straight for Princess. She’s been hit. CP is utterly shocked. He looks back into the forest and sees a shadow retreating into the foliage.

He carries her all the way back to the temple quarters, orders the Court Lady to wake everyone up and get a doctor, STAT. Princess grips his collar, she’s fighting the pain. He encourages her to hang on. She will be fine. He keeps his confident demeanor, but his eyes speak otherwise.

MS arrives and is wondering what could cause such hyperactivity at the temple. He stops a guard who tells him that Princess had been shot and is in critical condition. He was on his way to inform the palace. CP finally reaches her room and gently places her down, “Don’t worry. I won’t let you go. I’ll be next to you.” Princess faints and CP fears for the worse.


The Three Musketeers Ep 11: It’s About Friggin’ Time Too

 Words Are NOT Needed XD
❤ ❤ ❤



The minister is shocked to hear an official is in town to retrieve the Crown Prince. What? The prince is here? Where could he – Oh. Mai. Gad. Is he in jail with the other two troublemakers? He skedaddles to the holding cell and profusely apologizes for his inability to recognize him. CP asks why is he bowing to MS? “I’m the prince.” 😀

CP wants to talk privately with him and informs him that PDH is indeed alive and will inform HQ of how Anju is pathetically managed by incompetent men. “So if you want to keep your position and stay alive, listen to me carefully,” says CP.


After a month leaving Anju, Samchongsa safely escorted General GD back to his country of origin. CP’s eunuch is relieved to see him safe but is freaking out at the same time because the King paid a visit during CP’s absence. So, eunuch tells the King that the three of them when to Hanyang to gamble. LOL!! XD

SP:  Three? You put us too?! o_O


The Three Musketeers Ep 10: All For One



General GD fights earnestly with DH under the influence of some drug MR had mixed into his tea. DH is totally taken aback by the seriousness of the fight when he thinks GD called him in for a lessson/ sparring session. GD overpowers DH and as his sword swathes downwards, he slices across DH’s right thigh.

After hurting DH, GD immediately plants his sword into the floorboard and DH takes this chance to knock him off cold with a pot to the head. An officer comes into GD’s room and DH asks him to get reinforcements. The man, however, is one of KJJ’s in disguise and he moves in to finish off DH. Unfortunately for him, DH is a superior swordsman and he gets fatally injured but before he passes on DH managed to eke information that he was ordered to check whether YGD had killed DH yet.

He succumbs to his injury and someone else is coming towards their bloody party…


The Three Musketeers Ep 9: Just Wanna Smack KJJ Upside Down

Love begins by taking care of the closest ones –
the ones at home.

– Mother Theresa


“Please, .. dethrone me,” Princess makes her plea to CP as she truly wants to live a happy life, and being a Crown Princess cooped up in the Palace is not. She craves to live a life with a man who truly loves her, even if it lasted only one day. However, CP can’t grant her that wish, because he can’t allow another man take his place and lavish her with care and love. He takes his leave, but realizes that everyone expects him to stay the night with Princess and his entourage definitely will not allow him to leave Princess’ quarters without performing his… errr… duties 🙂


The Three Musketeers Ep 8: Birth of A True Joseon Fellowship

 Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer.

– Jean de la Fontaine



Princess awaits for CP with much anxiety. She is informed of SP, MS and DH’s arrest, they will not escape severe punishment. Just then she sees CP being carried into the Palace. His injury looks more serious this time around. She is adamant on staying by his side as he is treated by the Royal doctor but faints when CP’s blood sprays on her face.

She suddenly awakens in the room but is clearly still worried about CP. Depsite her weakened condition, she makes haste to his quarters. The maid who has been tending to CP freezes when Princess’ presence is announced. She makes a beeline for the sleeping prince and asks for the towel so that she can tend to him instead.

MR hands over the towel…


The Three Musketeers Ep 7: One For All

 What would you do to protect your country?



Eunuch is at the police station for identification purposes, “Is she a court lady from the Princess’ court?” It is Kim Sanggung. He then informs the Princess of her death and the fact that she may be the culprit who stole her damning letter. However, he told the others that she was robbed. Princess is in a state of shock. Someone that close to her could betray her. Who can she trust in her court then?

She has had it and demands the eunuch to tell her who is the mysterious woman CP is mum about. Eunuch relents and explains it is MR, who was selected to be the Crown Princess before her.

Princess:  But didn’t she die? I thought that’s why I was selected instead. (She’s alive – Eunuch) I heard she hung herself. Then it wasn’t true?

Eunuch:  Princess, that MR we knew is dead for sure but her servant, Hyang Sun is alive..  o_O ??


The Three Musketeers Ep 6: To Be or Not To Be?

 Status Quo, you know, is Latin for ‘the mess we’re in’

– Ronald Reagan



cr as tagged

Does Princess have a death wish? Both men request her to step aside as the fight is over a bet. The voice of reason booms into their brains, Princess stays put and asks SP and MS to protect CP. DH now knows the Princess is on CP’s side, despite the fact she may not feel loved by him. His frustration eases somewhat, and Princess tells CP to get some medical attention. On CP’s command, SP and MS escort DH away from the courtyard. General GD is pacing in the private library, deep in his thoughts, when a bound and gagged DH is brought in and secured to a post. DH and GD exchange glares…



The Three Musketeers Ep 5: King & Country before Love?

 Things are really picking up speed and bromance is tested…


Mayhem at Mohwaguan. General GD is now a hunted man. A sword fight between drugged DH and General GD ensues in the bamboo forest. DH is having a lousy first day on the job, but the King’s Order comes before anything else. Hence capturing the General is now DH’s priority – and CP tells his posse they have to save the General instead.



The Three Musketeers Ep 4:

Find the woman you lost last night.
Now go do your job.



DH is simply dumbfounded with CP’s request of hunting down MR despite not knowing what he will exactly do with her once she is captured. Being a newly anointed military officer, DH probably had a very different vision of what his missions would be… but to find a woman for CP? o_O


The Three Musketeers Ep3: Phantom from the Past

This country will be on the brink of another war. There is No one who knows how to defend this nation. What will you do?
What CAN you do?



DH manages to to escape the onslaught of arrows and even his trusted horse helped gallop away from the army with DH hanging on for dear life on the protected side of the saddle. That maneuver hoodwinked the army into thinking that the horse ran away without its rider. However, the horse was struck by an arrow and after trotting some distance away, only then did it give into his injuries. Such a warrior! DH continues his escape on foot, dodging the search party in the woods.

Crown Princess grows alarmed when she notices blood dripping from CP’s fingers. However, CP requested aid from his assistants rather than allowing Princess attend to his injury. She takes it as yet another rebuke from CP when she left his chambers. However, she starts to think there must be more to the mystery when she sees SP’s injury on his right hand. Princess demands an explanation from SP regarding the wounds and will not back down.