Secret Love Affair

Either I’m Reading Too Much into This or Jung Sung Joo is Scary Genius


Watching Secret Love Affair the second time around in its entirety (I’ve lost count of mini re-runs of specific episodes when SLA was on-air) gave me much deeper appreciation of how this drama became an artful piece of literature.

Yes, there were many flashback scenes included in the last quarter of its run as part of character insight, but the breadcrumbs were already thrown at us from the get go.


+Two Days after Secret Love Affair Finale

Secret Love Affair 02


How is it possible that I’m still experiencing the after-effects of this masterfully written, ingeniously directed and stunningly acted Korean Drama?

Despite my so-so understanding of Hangeul, and along with thousands of Outside-South Korea viewers, sat in front of our laptops/ ipads and chewed our fingernails off while watching the live-stream of SLA’s last episode on Tuesday night (Korean time).

The experience itself was quite magical come to think of it. Viewers from various backgrounds, ethnicity and time-zones huddled in cyberspace together and braced themselves for the imminent end of Secret Love Affair.


My Secret Love Affair Obsession

I am one of the thousands (ok, maybe hundreds of thousands) outside South Korea who diligently follows Korean Dramas (ie KDramas).

I first noticed Yoo Ah In in Sungkyunkwan Scandal where he played the role of justice-seeking rebel from a noble family. Not a lead role, but (hooboy) he commands on screen.

Then came along Secret Love Affair aired in Spring of 2014 (next week is the final run of this masterpiece). He plays the role of a 20 year-old piano prodigy who finds a soul mate and love in a 40 year-old Director of an Arts Foundation.

yai_sla01 (more…)