Secret Door

Secret Door Ep 8: The Gauntlet is Thrown


Double-faced officer is informed of KPJ’s imminent death by the soon-to-be head of the West gang. It is the Minister’s will. Follow our instructions and your life will change for the better. KT tells his cronies not to worry about the Maenge issue anymore: Left-Side Police is with them and the assassin is his illegitimate son. All’s good.

And at the same time Minister MS tells CJ to eliminate PJ and bring him the smoke pipe.

And LS is galloping at breakneck speed towards KPJ’s house.


Secret Door Ep 7: The Truth Is Still Out There

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered;
the point is to discover them.

-Galileo Galilei



The Scooby Gang are at Dowhasun looking into paintings for clues, especially when LS had a revelation about Hwabootado being a *Googyul (*Chinese characters used for grammatical purposes) rather an actual Hangeul word. It is an actual reference to BanChado, a document that records the country’s or royal family’s ceremonies which is the Euigye (ie the drawings in Euigye are BanChado).

All four of them are scouring HB’s last BanChado he completed before his untimely death…


Secret Door Ep 6: The Art of Maintaining Status Quo is Grisly

 Nearly all men can stand adversity,
but if you want to test a man’s character,
give him power.

– Abraham Lincoln


JG walks over to LS’ office and is surprised to see his already busy at his desk so early in the day. Has JG found out where the arrow came from? *Goongisi (*Joseon government office that manufactures weapons). So the assassin could be someone from their side or the culprit stole weapons from Goongisi. What about the *Whachup? (*Book containing a collection of drawings). If they forged it, there is a high chance they have HB’s original sketchbook.

JG has searched for it at CSS’ house, but it is not there. LS has been writing JW’s last clue over and over again, hoping to latch onto a hopeful lead since there are none alive left to pursue. He has also sent word to search all smithies in town as the word clues in to a dagger.


Secret Door Ep 5: Joseon’s Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys

Beware of the naked man who offers you his shirt

– Navjot Singh Sidhu


LS creates a scene in the Pavilion when he refuses to pour a drink for Captain Hong. YJ is shocked at the display of violence from his usually obedient and idealistic Prince. And LS’ festering has reached its breaking point.

… And it’s a FAKE OUT o_O . As the saying goes, “I may smile at you but in my head I’ve punched you 6 times and high kicked your arse.”

LS has learned the art of masking his inner feelings in front of his father and offers to even write the *Gyoji (*Royal Order) himself so that Captain Hong can become a Byungpan (Minister). LS leaves the party with a smile on his face, only after a safe distance does he wipe off the mask for he knows YJ has been watching him like a hawk and will continue to do so.

LS meets JG and asks if he had begun his investigations. Yes.


Secret Door Ep 4: You Talkin’ To Me?

The beginning of a tragic fraction within the most powerful household in Joseon…



LS and JG arrive at Gookchung and LS asks why JW is tied up and kneeling on the ground. JG explains JW is a suspect in HB death, but LS wants JW to be untied and given a chair to sit on. JG gently signals to LS this is simply not done.

LS:  Even if he is a suspect he hasn’t been proven guilty yet.

The guards do as they are told, but JW is still afraid to move an inch. LS assures him and tells JS to sit and comfortable tell him everything he knows about HB’s case. LS asks why JW left Dowhasun after the reinvestigation began, but nothing comes out of JW. Clearly he is afraid for his mortality. “Did you see HB die or do you know who killed him?” Whoa. It doesn’t get any more direct than that 😮

JW’s face turns red, the conflicting voices of reason and survival screaming at the same time, “Please kill me Your Highness!”

LS:  Did you throw him down into the well? Is that why you ran away?

JW:  No! That’s not it Your Highness!

With shaking hands, he reaches into his jacket and produces a letter he had taken in custody…


Secret Door Ep 3: One Man’s Poison is Another Man’s…

People say I’m ruthless. I am not ruthless.
And if I find the man who is calling me ruthless,
I shall destroy him

– Robert Kennedy



Prince LS reads out in disbelief the outcome of HB’s autopsy: Suicide? Even the most straight-forward of men, Chief Hong Gye Hee succumbs to group pressure in his road to “justice”. He paints a possible scenario: HB broke hid neck as he fell head-first into the well. The witnesses who “assisted” in his investigation mentions HB being drunk and did say he was going to Ehlong (King GyeongJong’s tomb). Really now?

Even Minister MS is surprised with the Chief’s report. The Chief has taken a few steps in to the Dark side.
Prince LS’ eunuch announces there is an urgent *Jungyoo for him… (*Order from the King)


Secret Door Ep 2: Power Play is in Session

The pawns are now in play…


HB’s friend is pacing restlessly outdoors in the dark, a faceless minister approaches him, ” You’re finally here, minister.” o_O Meanwhile, King Yeongjo is still lounging inside the palace, entertained by the ongoing pleas from the entire court. LH’s father hits his bleeding head against the floor, but this time remains still. Everyone stops their pleas.

Yeongjo:  A concussion? (eunuch says he is still unconscious) Then send the doctor. What are you waiting for? (eunuch gently reminds him the People will remember him more for being magnanimous than otherwise).  Yeongjo thinks of various outcomes and which route would suit him best this time…


First Impression: Secret Door

Insanity is often the logic of an accurate mind overtasked

–  Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.



One of the more anticipated drama productions of 2014 focuses on the tragic story of Prince Sado. As conventional history would state, he suffered from mental illness and regularly committed acts of debauchery, a very un-Royal disposition. Due to his overwhelming madness, his father, King Yeongjo, had put him to death by locking Prince Sado in a large wooden rice chest on a sweltering summer day.

Was Sado truly mad? Or were there a stable of puppeteers directing his every action?

SBS’s Mon-Tues sageuk takes on the latter version, even including Prince Sado’s possible Holmes and Watson combo thrown in the mix. Posters of Secret Door are exquisitely designed and even the trailers have been artistically dramatic.

First peek at Secret Door begins…