Mr. Baek

Mr. Baek Ep 6: Be Wary of Calm Waters…

There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love.

When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.

– Sophia Loren


SH is left kneeling in front of the gates to his own residence, soaking wet. And DH sees SH’s dejection from his car as he drives home. SH has a pity party in a humble restaurant remembering DH’s words about his mother’s death: GB was too busy making money to notice she fell ill. HS walks by a row of shops, and it so happens the restaurant where SH is drinking his sorrows away. She remembers DH saying SH’s end as the heir to DaeHan.

And suddenly, SH clutches his chest…

ep 6_SHpain

HS runs over to him, he sees her, nothing comes out from his mouth, and he slumps over her… and DH’s necklace glows inside her bag. Hmmm o_O

The greedy threesome gleefully announces to DH that they successfully chased out SH from their home. DH just doesn’t get how they were so eager to welcome him the day before but now are triumphant to have SH kicked out. Hmmm again o_O


Mr. Baek Ep 5: When the Going Gets Tougher

Nothing makes us more vulnerable than loneliness,
except greed

– Thomas Harris



YD is mad when he finds out the SH’s DNA test was a perfect match to GB’s. His wife is not willing to give up without a fight, takes photos of SH walking into his car and driving out of the parking bay. She calls someone and instructs the person to track the said car via GPS.

DH and HS are having a real conversation. She apologizes for slapping him earlier. DH must be going through his own personal crisis especially when a total stranger steps in when he is still grieving for his father. He is still stumped with the emergence of the illegitimate son for he knows his dad is incapable of emotions like love.

GB visits HS’ mum’s tailor shop and she is gobsmacked with the coincidence that his “dad” is one of her regular customers. She shares when GB was younger, her husband used to tailor suits for him.

Flashback: GB stands outside the shop in the cold with a white paper bag in hand. After some contemplation, he enters the shop and both HS’ parents greet him. His suit is ready to be picked up. GB commends HS’ dad’s skills and apologizes for not having enough money to pay for the suit. He places the paperbag of hot sweet potatoes on the table, bows in gratitude and says he will pick up his suit after he has earned enough to pay for it. HS’ dad gives the suit to him anyway. Being in business himself, he relates to the tribulations of owning one’s business and tells GB to pay when he can. 😥 Tears are streaking down my cheeks…


Mr. Baek Ep 4: Nouveau Life

I’m like a phoenix. I rise from the ashes.

– Bess Myerson


At the spot where he stood by the cliffs, his shoes, his Harabeoji’s clothing and a note were neatly placed in a row. These items were brought into the nearest police station as evidence. Manager Sung is crying his eyes out about the chinese food delivery guy and his good intentions of helping out by giving him a job. DH, JY and YG enter the station too, all three in a state of disbelief.

They have yet to recover the body, but for the time being, they can take Manager Sung back. Investigations will proceed. So far, the fingerprints found on the evidence match with Chairman Choi’s… DH still refuses to believe the nonsense. Things just don’t add up.


Mr. Baek Ep 3: Money’s Always Funny in a Big Man’s World

 Money is our madness, our vast collective madness.

– D. H. Lawrence



After some distance, both GB and HS finally jump off the laundry truck and he asks if he could view the content of her van’s black box. Why? His grandfather who has Alzheimer’s was a hit and run victim in the car park, but HS explains her van is about to be scrapped, thanks to the sink hole incident.

She actually brings him to the junkyard where her van is purported to be, and as though it was planned, a forklift carries out her van to the machine for scrapping. They stop its demise in time. Phew!


Mr. Baek Ep 2: Baek to 30s

 We all have big changes in our lives
that are more or less a second chance.

– Harrison Ford


GB and HS are unconscious on the ground, while Manager Sung climbs out of the sinkhole to safety. He calls 911. Help comes and GB notices HS being wheeled off into another ambulance. As the medics rushed toward heir vehicles, the cars inside the sinkhole explode, along with GB’s crazy amount of cash.

Breaking news: Around 10pm, a sinkhole suddenly appeared in the middle of the road in Seoul. A commercial truck and a sedan fell into the sinkhole. Later, both cars exploded, creating quite a commotion. Fortunately, the three victims were rescued by paramedics and taken to the hospital, where they are reported to be in stable condition. Their identities have yet to be confirmed, and the police are currently investigating the source of the cash and diesel in the car.

An identified man is at the scene, picks up a burnt 50,000W note and calls his partner. He was waiting for Chairman Choi’s car at the intersection, but the sinkhole was a stroke of luck for them.

Whoa! Someone DID plan for GB’s death? o_O


First Impression: Mr. Baek


MBC has been pretty much on a good roll. The global juggernaut called Fated To Love You brought many viewers on board a magical ride which then switched to a melo- tempo ride in Spring Days. And now, it picks up raucous speed in Mr Baek/ Back. Fresh off the gates, it has recorded the highest premiere ratings ever. Guess many campers from FTLY have shifted to this part of the camping grounds XD