High School King of Savvy

Savvy King Ep 17 Finale

Love doesn’t make the world go ’round.
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

– Franklin P. Jones

I remember being addicted to a KDrama that was rather revolutionary during it’s heyday: The First Shop of Coffee Prince. There was so much buzz about it to the point that a Special episode was put together to capture how the Director/ Writers developed the cult hit (and the very tired crew who napped whenever and wherever they could) and viewers also saw the palpable BTS chemistry amongst the lead actors. What made it such a hit?

  • Girl pretending to be Boy to earn money? Check.
  • Hawt Chaebol who is an International Man of Mystery? Check.
  • Coterie of guy friends who happen to be Cute too? Check.
  • Inevitable Love Line and Angst? Double Check.
  • Extend one more episode because it was SCORCHING the ratings? Check.

Though CP’s episode 17 was more of a filler than solid closure/ headway for the major characters, I have a feeling Savvy King shall up the ante and deliver a hefty episode befitting a Drama Finale.


Here we (eight years forward) are, gathered today/ tonight in the presence of cyber witnesses, to join Lee Min Seok and Jung Soo Young in everlasting happiness. In the past sixteen episodes they have been together, their love and understanding of each other has grown and matured, and now they have decided to…



Savvy King: It’s Time to Let Go…

It’s Sunday night where I am right now, and in less than 24 hours, I shall inhale every single awesome minute of Episode 17 of High School King of Savvy.


What a great collaboration between the Production team and the Actors; and thank you tvN for not pressuring the writers silly just to capitalize on the amazing momentum gained in the past couple of months. Unlike some BIG ones we know of *coughKBScoughSBScough*


Apparently, The Gang has just wrapped things up in Seoul 😥



Savvy King Ep 16: The Sad, The Squee and The Squabble

The Good Thing about adding only one more episode is that  viewers will not have to undergo unnecessary torture of discombobulating narrative just to get to the finish line.
Amen to Primo Writing Duo of Savvy King.

You guys RAWK! XD

The montage of Halbae at the end of episode 15 got to me. Right there. Good Lord I was sobbing all alone while waiting for episode 16 to be aired. He was such an endearingly written character who certainly has become Everybody’s Halbae all around the world.



Savvy King Ep 17 Preview


Click on “YouTube” to view the clip 🙂


MS is really at a loss now that reality has set in: He’s still in High School, The ❤ of his life has a career to pursue. What can he contribute to this relationship? How, as a Man, can he take care of his Sweetie?

SY’s solution: “Let’s Get Married”



Savvy King: Ep 16 Previews


  • MS gets frustrated at SY believing she looks down on him because he is still a high school student
  • MS  to SY, “There’s nothing I can do for you”
And what does that kiss on the forehead mean?! Oh my ❤ !!
There will definitely be a time jump… in Ep 17 perhaps?
On the other hand, The Adorkables Return with a vengence XD

Oh my ❤ !!

Savvy King Ep15: All Kinds of Wonderful and Then Some

Get on board the Savvy emotional roller-coaster ride peeps, coz the primo duo writers have managed to weave and incredulous amount of Awww, Squee, Ehrmerhgerd and OMONA!  in a single episode o_O



We know Big Bro is back. And that meant only one thing: Trouble.
We could foresee the hijinks that would ensue from the case of mistaken identity and also the heart-palpitating scenes between our Adorkable OTP.

However, our Palantir  didn’t clue us in on a major turning point that will make you reach out for that box of Kleenex.

Proceed with caution if your heart can’t take it…