WFKBJ: Beautiful Fan-Made Homage

Extending the shout-out in case you missed out on these gorgeous videos ❤ ❤ ❤


“Chubs!” by cardiackleptomaniac

“Before” by Aritemis

“Salvation” by Yahaira Penaloza

“Could We Pretend That We’re In Love?” by WalkerftMaddox



Spring Day of My Life Ep 9 Preview

DH: I came here to forget, to forget everything.
DW: It doesn’t seem like Bom Yi will find out. Apart from Hyung (DH), no one else knows that SJ donated her organs.
PR: But Dad, Unni (BY) was a bit strange.
DH: Why?
PR: It looked like she was crying.
DW: It’s not because of the heart you have that I like you.
BY: I think I now know how to live my life.

Translation cr: theflamealchemist of soompi forum (Kamsahamnida!)

Spring Day of My Life Ep 4 Preview

Ep 4 written preview:

I’m scared. I’m gonna lose (her) to my brother again.
DH and BY meet each other. Dr. K is bothered by this. He brings up the marriage talk to BY.

MH proposes to set up a blind date between JW and DH. Later, BY finds out about it and takes out her anger on MH.
HW secretly invites BY to the farm without DH’s knowledge, the two unexpectedly go on a ‘farm date’..

cr: jibjibjib of Soompi Forum (Kamsahamnida!)


I ❤ You, Hyun Woo!


The Three Musketeers Ep 5: King & Country before Love?

 Things are really picking up speed and bromance is tested…


Mayhem at Mohwaguan. General GD is now a hunted man. A sword fight between drugged DH and General GD ensues in the bamboo forest. DH is having a lousy first day on the job, but the King’s Order comes before anything else. Hence capturing the General is now DH’s priority – and CP tells his posse they have to save the General instead.



Spring Day of My Life Ep 2: Shepherd Meets His Stephanette

” She would never be able to find the way to the crossing place alone, and I couldn’t leave the flock. The thought of staying the night on the mountain troubled her a great deal, particularly as her family would worry about her.

I reassured her as best I could: —The nights are short in July, my Lady. It’s only going to seem like a passing, unpleasant moment.”

Excerpt from Alphonse Daudet’s The Stars – A Tale from a Provencal shepherd



Just as Stephanette had to spend the night on the mountain, BY has to stay in Udo as unfavorable weather conditions suspended ferry services. And in one evening, the intrinsic connection deepens…