Fell into the rabbit hole in 2009 while watching Episode 5 of Goong.
It took just one episode to discover the latent craze within for anything Korean.

From then on, it was a marathon to complete the series. Depending on the stable of scriptwriters, those cliffhangers can be extremely seductive to the point where you know, it is futile to talk yourself out of getting any sleep 😉

I enjoyed reading other blogs such as Dramabeans and Koala’s Playground to get up to speed with the other K dramas I wasn’t actively following and was very contented in that bubble until Secret Affair (Yoo Ah In, Kim Hee Ae) premiered on March 17, 2014.

Yoo Ah In’s breathtaking solo performance on stage as the piano prodigy, Lee Seon Jae cemented that feeling within that I had to squeal into the universe about how powerful this scene was.

How beautifully tragic the story unfolded (not giving out any spoilers here 🙂 ) and how BREATHTAKING the cinematography was thanks to the visionary director, Ahn Pan Seok.

I just HAD to SQUEEEE in BLISSFUL delight of my love for Korean Dramas…

Now, if only I have the power to absorb language skills at osmosis pace, I’ll be able to enjoy live-streaming of KDramas at any time, in any country on this wonderful planet!


    1. Aigoo! No worries chinggu 🙂 You’ll discover a latent talent catching up with KDramas FAST (like many others scattered around the globe) Hee Hee Hee!

      Many were fawning over “Winter Sonata” and “Stairway to Heaven” before I even knew what the whole brouhaha was about (note: I haven’t even watched those yet coz too busy catching up with the new ones!)

      So, you have nothing to lose by starting only four months ago :)… well, not really. You might have to shave off sleeping hours when you’re thigh-deep in a favorite show! LOL!


      1. I totally feel like a zombie already. I realized that I need at least (not kidding) 8 hours asleep or I cannot function at all. I am so exhausted as it is, I have no idea how I am going to keep my Fall TV schedule in line (HA HA). I might never leave the house EVER. You know…I have always thought about a zombie apocalypse and I can see it happening now. At the beginning when I first discovered these dramas…oh man, I was literally sleeping maybe two nights a week. I realized there was no way I could keep it up so now I only watch dramas that are currently playing because they only air twice a week…lol which means, no binge watching.

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      2. I’m laughing like crazy right now because I TOTALLY understand where you’re coming from! XD

        When I hit my threshold, I had to decide which shows were “definitely invested” and others that were deemed “reading recaps would suffice”. Some KDramas are So Well Written that after every episode cliffhanger, you find yourself rationalizing “dang it. I CANNOT sleep not knowing what will happen next!”. It happened to me. Twice. By the end of the series, it was time to prepare breakfast for the brood! LOL!!


      3. I am like that right now, I have been trying to watch these episodes before I go to bed so I don’t think about them. *Sigh, seriously…the struggles of the K-drama lifestyle. I have given up at least an hour asleep a night, just to make sure I can keep up with my shows. HA HA why do you think I am so stressed about Fall TV lineup schedule. I am so glad someone understands what I am going through. My new KDRAMA BFF.


      4. Anyong KDrama BFF! 😀 Yes, it IS a lifestyle. Daily schedule juggling skills required. Must be prepared to sacrifice sleeping hours. Squeeing over OTPs with other KDrama addicts is also a rite of passage. LOL!!
        History Channel ought to document this phenomenal global craze over KDramas and our obsession with hawt Korean actors 😀


      5. THat is so true! It is a lifestyle just like those crazy people who workout everyday. While they endure the physical pain of lifting…my heart is enduring the mental pain of it breaking. People just don’t understand the struggles we go through!


      6. I remember actual emptiness within post Secret Love Affair. Took me almost a week to get out of the funk! Thank goodness for High School King of Savvy 😀


      1. Miss our chats too! I’m sure there’s an absolute crazy one round the corner… But then when the good ones begin to pop, it SNOWBALLS. That’s when we tear our hair out and scream!! LOL XD


      2. Lol that’s true. I feel like I really am not watching that many at all. I just picked up the one I told you about and that’s about it. Oh how do I share music! I want to send this song to you.


      3. I’m gonna check out the first couple episodes of Iron/ Blade Man and maybe Spring Time of My Life trow. If either one falls into “hot mess” zone, I’ll move on to She’s So Loveable (next wk) or Secret Door (following wk). Gotta be extra picky! XD


  1. Heyyyyy chom2, it feels so fun here, you sound excited everytime I read your posts haha this is nice. There is no way out of Kdramaland. But it’s partly due to us. This might be the only addiction in the world that people are proud of, to the point of refusing to get cured LOL!


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