WOTM Finale Weekend

We have entered the final lap of this sublime makjang tour de force.

Gone are the days of deep breathing challenges while watching an episode of Kdrama. The feeling of tightness in our chest when we can see injustice unfolding before our eyes. Our hands itching to swing in full-force towards those deserving annoyances… how I shall miss these moments!

Behold, the Swag Kween of KDrama Universe of the Moment:

Credit: Soompi

Tae Oh, dear Tae Oh… when will it ever hit you that your House of Cards were demolished by your own decisions? Well, actually you did have that fleeting insight during your solo session of drowning your sorrow in soju. And when you’re all good and sober, that realisation vaporised? Jjincha? o_O

There was a sense of closure between Sun Woo and Da Kyung, and even a modicum of humanity when Sun Woo laid the options Da Kyung still had before shiatz hit multiple fans. It was apparent that Sun Woo has moved on, and mentally tuned to living a new and exciting life with her son.

Eyebrow-raise moment when I noticed the customary “time-jump” occurred in this penultimate episode instead. I was mentally ticking-off items on the “list”:

* Da Kyung leaving the sleaze and taking everything with her, except for his clothes – check
* Yerim & Je Hyuk reconcile and have their own version of happily-ever-after – not yet check
* Tae Oh suffer – burn – reflect – repent. Repeat – not yet check
* Sun Woo lives the life she deserves with a partner who respects and CHERISHES her – DR. KIM, YOU BETTER NOT LET ME DOWN!!

A glimmer of hope in upcoming Episode 16:

Please Please PLEASE grant Sun Woo the happily-ever-after she deserves.


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