WOTH Ep 14: Gateway to evanescence

Oh. My. Lawd.

When the mothers start to shatter, then everything just comes undone.

Tori Amos

Just as episode 13 was about Joon Young, episode 14 was a hands-down Sun Woo’s acceptance of the abyss.

I shall not even attempt to write much about this episode when Sun Woo can tell us in the most visually raw way possible:

gifs from ihyuni@tumblr.com

During Dr. Kim’s frenetic search of Sun Woo, fearing the worst, we are gifted with Sun Woo’s last moments mourning for her parents who had perished in a car accident.

Could this be Sun Woo’s last backflash when she had lost her entire world when she was a child?

Sun Woo as a bereaving young girl, overheard an Ahjumma commenting on how selfish Sun Woo’s mother was when she took her life and her husband’s over his affair. How could a mother leave her child all alone in this world?

The hunched-over crying figure at the funeral hall morphed from Sun Woo to Joon Young.

Omo. Could this have been the final blib of realisation for Sun Woo? 😮

As for Dr. Kim, who had deadpanned declared platonic feelings for her, showed how desperate he was in finding her alive. He seems to be that guardian figure who will spring into action when it is a life & death situation for Sun Woo.

Kim Hee Ae freaking deserves the Baeksang served on a darned platinum tray for this scene alone.

We have all gone through so many peaks and valleys where our emotions are concerned. I think normal breathing is more probable by next weekend, which I’m sure we’ll all be camping out for.

The finale better be glorious – just sayin’ 😐

Kudos to the brilliant production team for creating a global tidal KWave in 2020.

Mother’s Day, for me, is every single day for the rest of our lives the moment we bring forth a human being into this world – Wishing all mothers out there A FANTASTIC day to be treated as the Kween that you have always been and always will be ❤

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