WOTM Ep 11 Blurp: Oxygen Mask STAT

We had a frog-in-the-throat cliffhanger in episode 10 where a crumpled body was taken off the ground, and Sun Woo’s blood-spattered beige scarf was left behind.

OMO. Please let that not be Hyun Seo whose burdens were lifted and had so much to look forward to building a new life elsewhere. Jaebal. 😮

gifs from liftedblise@tumblr.com

I was going to insert that orchestral background music here (you know that escalating choir which amps the drama factor to the nth power), but y’all need to relax and be able to breathe normally. Leave those shallow-breathing, omaigad-moments during your drama catch-ups 😆

Bits of spoilers coming up!

Both Sun Woo and Tae Oh were at Gosan Station when that unfortunate incident occurred. Us viewers know that Sun Woo couldn’t possibly have been involved in that… so was it suicide, or murder?

At the start of episode 11, In Kyu got hold of Hyun Seo and apparently roughed her up before pleading on his knees for them to get back together. This time, Hyun Seo had the strength to decide and walk away from that toxic relationship. She took the stairs down, and In Kyu remained on the roof top bawling his heart out with the forgotten beige scarf lying close-by.

I have no idea how Tae Oh could find his way to Hyun Seo in the stairwell, and he demanded to know where her boyfriend was. An altercation ensued, and his wedding ring flew onto the terrazzo floor. Dun, dun, duuuuunn… 💡

This is not a recap of episode 11, yarobun. Because it’s mandatory that we all strap ourselves in epic roller-coaster rides every Friday and Saturday and then recuperate on Sunday 😆

Nevertheless, episode 11 has opened doors to suspicious paths of who else could be involved in the apparent war between Tae Oh and Sun Woo. We see the end of another marriage, the mental challenges teenagers of divorced parents experience (and its all about making decisions that shape the person you will become), and the reasons for why people dig in to fight (for themselves? for the greater good? for power?).

I felt SO SPENT at the end of episode 11. However, I have a feeling we’re about to change pace from roller-coaster to a spinning tea-cup ride – rather slower and safe pace, but the constant whirling continues.

Side note, Park In Kyu’s character is officially off the roster now, and kudos to Lee Hak Joo who breathed life into In Kyu. His strong performance in WOTM has secured him in an upcoming JTBC drama, Late Night Snack Man & Woman.

I kid you not. JTBC should rename that drama later 😉

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