Hyena (2020)

Two rival lawyers working for the top 1% of society’s upper class are fearless in traipsing boundaries between right and wrong to beat their enemies and succeed.

Yoon Hee-Jae (Joo “Dreamy” Ji Hoon) and Jung Geum-Ja (Kim “BadAss” Hye Soo) are the kind of lawyers who will go to extremes in winning their cases (and sometimes cross line to poach super-rich clients). Jung Geum-Ja is more a street-smart savvy lawyer whose brain has super-speed strength in improvising tactics or seeing patterns that may serve her. She wins her cases using any means necessary.

Image from AsianWiki

Yoon Hee-Jae, on the other hand, grew up in a family of prestigious lineage (lawyers and a judge in the fam). One of the fast-rising stars in Song & Kim, he has his own team who works like an well-oiled machine to ensure their winning streak in court cases.

So, when episode 1 begins with their romance, my spidey sensed a refreshing angle to this “lawyer” drama. Meaning, we have a slew of 15 episodes of professional bickering, laser-sharp insights into problems and the customary moments of thiccc sexual tension 🙂

From the dictionary, “Hyena” means:
” a doglike carnivore of the family Hyaenidae, of Africa, southwestern Asia, and south central Asia, having a coarse coat, a sloping back, and large teeth and feeding chiefly on carrion, often in packs”

Well, these lawyers may not have coarse coat nor sloping backs, but they’re surely aggressive, super-confident, and milk their ultra-rich clients to the nth degree. So does Geum Ja, only that her pack consists of her loyal secretary/ runner/ sleuth assistant. A far cry from the sleek, elegant, Mercedez Benz fleet of Song & Kim lawyers.

This series has hit the halfway mark and things are becoming more interesting with the introduction of a character that could be Fearless Geum Ja’s achilles heel.

I did not know that Song Hye Kyo was originally offered the lead female role (she declined, obviously). And I’M SO GLAD Kim Hye Soo picked this role. She has given MOAR than LIFE to this character… and need I say about that sizzzzllinnnngg chemistry she has with her co-star? Hahahahaha!

Hyena streams worldwide on Netflix (after an hour episode is aired in Korea) – complete with subs 🙂 NOICE!!

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