BLURB: Suspicious Partner/ Love in Trouble

This is not a recap, nor is it a first impression of the drama.
Suspicious Partner had a momentous run and by the end of its air-time lifespan, fans around the world began shipping the OTP, willing them into the next real-life couple.

But talk about leaving a Lasting Impression… Oh. My. Lawd.

Open those windows and wipe your flushed face down with a cold towel

😍 😍 😍


It was refreshing to see a female character that was rather independent, fearless, persistent, mature, and not afraid to get back on her feet after getting her heart singed. What a Wonder Woman. We have all experienced those “in the zone” phases when our brain and eye-hand coordination operate at legendary speed and we lose track of reality.

Eun Bong Hee showed us it was okay to be disheveled and even smelling a tad ripe when focused on her purpose, and the quality of work delivered by the end of the day marveled even her peers.

Totally okay to have matted hair, oily skin and scraps of tissue shoved into your nostril to stop your nose bleed while sharing your eureka moment with the man you’re SO into.

Totally hypnotizing.

Yaaass. 🙌🏻

And the man you’re SO into, is in awe of your genius and still finds you adorable despite the messy appearance and pungent body scent.

Double YAAASS!! 🙌🏻 🙌🏻

Another refreshing take was to see the second male lead not succumbing into the written-to-death trope of becoming the bitter rival and OTP relationship-wrecker. He was, in fact, one of Bong Hee’s strong supporters of her pursuit to get Ji Wook into her life. Even during her tough times with her career and personal dilemma, he was there to be her sounding board and also her “cupid” when he saw the genuine feelings the OTP had for each other.

What’s not to love about this drama?!

The jewel in the crown, as many fans out there may agree with me, is the iconic scene that elevated this drama into one of the classics in K-Drama history: Bong Hee’s First Kiss.

Peeps, if you HAVE NOT seen this BTS clip, brace yourselves.

In fact, turn on the fan, or the A/C, or have a cold compress at hand.
You may need them.

THIS is how a first kiss is DONE, people. 😵

Needless to say, I return to this oasis of spiritual joy on a regular basis just so that I’m balanced and rejuvenated enough to begin my work day 🤓

Speaking of which… I think I need one now 😉


Have a blast of a weekend, peeps! 😎



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