Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

I just HAD to say something about this little dynamo that can hold its own against The Legend of the Blue Sea.

While many viewers were anticipating the premiere of Lee Min Ho’s latest drama, a few of us tuned in to Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo mostly out of curiosity. Well, maybe not so for Nam Joo Hyuk’s die-hard fans, but we’re talking about David & Goliath proportions when these two dramas were pitted against each other in the Wed-Thurs prime time slot.


As I watched Lee Sung Kyung’s character transformation (from Bee-yotch Doctor in Doctors to No-nonsense Athlete in WFKBJ) in Episode 1, I had a feeling this could be her defining moment as an actor.

Not only did she put on weight (which is barely noticeable really) and actually underwent weightlifting training, she imbued eccentric gestures, expressions, the S-WAG attitude that only Kim Bok Joo can pull off.

And she looks like a painstakingly painted anime character too!! How possible is that?! o_O

Her wonderful close friendship she has with her besties is really what college life is about. The trials & tribulations of  young adults who strive toward a common goal shows how important it is to have genuine and healthy relationships. Bickering amongst friends are a given, it is how you overcome such hiccups that surface once in awhile.

The other wonderful growth of friendship is the one between long-lost-childhood friends, Jung Joon Hyung and Kim Bok Joo.

It was such a revelation for JJH to realize who the thuggish weightlifter was when he finally had that close encounter with KBJ in the pool. It was KBJ who literally saved his life when he was startled off the window-sill and plunged one floor down. Eversince then (unbeknownst to him) he had always had a soft spot for “Chubs”.

And to her dismay, he had been calling using the dreaded childhood nickname, Chubs, all over campus. Until KBJ could not stand it anymore

Despite the fact he often annoyed her, we viewers know that he truly enjoys being with her. He just doesn’t know it that he is slowly but surely developing feelings for her. Even when he discovered that KBJ had a major crush on his older brother, he didn’t scoff her one-sided romantic notions. In fact, he became KBJ’s “Dear Abby” where his Hyung was concerned and her knight-in-gym-clothes, protecting her secret from her close friends.

As most of us know, the basic KDrama episode landscape would show 5 to 6 episodes of Getting-To-Know-You or Hate-Your-Guts phase. And the expected first kiss (accidental or not) by 7th or 8th episode. Then comes in Angst, Misunderstandings and Threats to challenge the budding romance. Or sometimes, second plot line gets more air time. Final episode suddenly gets turbo speed, and conflicts are ironed out nicely.

Oh, there is also a time-jump too.

However, with WFKBJ, this recipe is thrown out the window. Because there are no kiss scenes past Episode 10. We were trolled, of course. Well played, MBC.

Because, there is simply no schedule for Friendship to Transform into Love. It will happen when it wants to happen. Can’t force love, baby.

This drama is as honest as it gets about how and why genuine friendships are important. And it is amazing to see how mature and courageous these young ones face up to the change of dynamics in their relationship and actually talk about it.

What a refreshing revelation.

If we have ever wondered how it looked like when we slowly fell in love with our life partners, this drama is it.

One of the more unforgettable scenes, for me, was the lightbulb moment for JJH in episode 11. He only realized then that every moment he shared with KBJ while consoling her or cheering her up were really what couples would do on dates…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

❤ ❤ ❤

The fact that they can look at each other while discussing matters of the heart and to allow that inevitable organic growth in their relationship with each other and people around them are what make WFKBJ a cult hit.

Ladies, we’ve had those “What? He likes me? Come on! Look at this! This! For real? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!” moments. Especially when you have super tall Nam Joo Hyuk looking all fine and topped-off with that unbelievable personality and inner beauty of Jung Joon Hyung.
I mean, COME ON! 😯

Twenty years on, we still probably hear those whispers.

Sure, networks look at ratings as a commercial success gauge, but Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo sure carries one of the biggest Hearts of them All.

I can’t even begin writing about that sizzling scene between KBJ & JJH that could melt my laptop… No, not talking about the kiss (which the whole world rejoiced and spazzed and squeed into palms).
I am talking about that Hand in Her Pocket scene.




That unwavering look of love and longing totally slays me!
LSK! How on earth can you NOT Succumb to that?!! HMMM?!!

Our fearless in life and in love, Kim Bok Joo, sucks it up after seeing how sincere and thoughtful JJH has been, and confesses to JJH of her stand in their new relationship. Although she is still not sure whether she likes him as a friend or a Namja, she’s willing to take those next steps with him. He is indeed a keeper

Along with Coffee Prince, City Hall, Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Secret Affair, this has made it into My All-Time Fave Hall of Fame.




You’re Welcome.

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