Blurb: Oh My Venus

Well, well, well.

After saying a proper farewell to AwesomeSauce Kim Shin Hyuk of “She Was Pretty”, I thought it was going to be an uphill battle to fall in like with another drama right after…

Perhaps a replay of massive withdrawal symptoms after the phenomenal run of Secret Love Affair…

But, I was DEAD Wrong o_O


I thought “Oh My Venus” was going to take that beaten-to-death path of popular-girl-becomes-frumpy-and-#loseweight-get-boyfriend-back.

And I’m SO DAMN GLAD it’s not.

And I’m SO DAMN EXCITED that Shin Min Ah is kicking ass in this drama as a sweetheart with a heart of gold and oozing with “am no doormat to nobody” attitude whether skinny or not.

Why do most heroines in KDramas tend to be chaebol-magnets, who emit “save me, my knight” vibe and juuussst happen to inherit astonishing genes? o_O

About time to change the premise just a skosh. Yes?

Kang Joo Eun has always been pretty and popular since High School in Daegu, hence the nickname Daegu Venus. Boys would fight and jump all over to be of service to this Goddess who is rather unfazed by the circus around her.

Cliff Note version for first quarter: She meets her First Love during her Senior year in High School and after 13 years (yes, 13 years) of emotional investment and spiritual connection, they find themselves having to make a lot of effort to keep the relationship going. Joo Eun has been waiting for that ring on her finger, instead her boyfriend of a dozen years has decided to take a different path forward. Without Joo Eun as his partner.

Oh, by this time our Daegu Venus has blossomed into a zaftig version of Goddess of Love and Fertility. Many would think Joo Eun would take offense at his rather callous view of her especially after all those years, but she brushes them off, believing that she can absolutely transform herself if she was determined enough to do so.

This entry is by NO MEANS a recap. However, this drama made me ship Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub like CRAAAZYYY ❤ ❤ ❤


Cute-squishy but tough like nails Joo Eun erupts when she finds out that Kim Young Ho  is the World-Famous John Kim, fitness instructor extraordinaire, who intentionally made her go through a MMA-level exercise routine.

But she forgives him (because he really is a chaebol who doesn’t want to partake the family business and would rather exercise in the gym and live in sweats and hoodies…), and made a contract for his services as her personal trainer. However, she didn’t realize her health check status was also slipped into the same envelope which ensued in thus:



Hugging as a means to block off her attempts to snatch away the embarrassing results?


After coming clean with his status, he made a 180 turnabout and focused his energy on helping Joo Eun reclaim her health.



Now we KNOW it is green-light for all sorts of skinships and squee-ing moments for us diehard viewers! XD

Such as…





Shall not spoil you too much with goodies! Much, MUCH more in the drama (if you haven’t watched it) but also have a box of tissues close by too.


Y’all should know by now how KDramas are planned out, yes? XD

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