Blurb: She Was Pretty Ep 14 – Heart Slayer


Didn’t I just mention how Kim Shin Hyuk slayed me thus far in She Was Pretty?

Didn’t I just mention how AWESOME-sauce Choi Si Won has been as Kim Shin Hyuk in this drama?


Not gonna talk about the meandering story about “Will We or Won’t We” sink plot line in Episode 14. In fact 95% of this episode was stretching The Most about doing all they can for the magazine. But, in the last 10 minutes of the 4th Quarter, my jaw slackened at how A-may-zing Kim Shin Hyuk is.

Sorta Spoiler Alert!!

He sneaks Hye Jin out for a date in one of the most unassuming ways I’ve seen (even in real life!) and she ends up spending the entire day out with him having a great meal and acting like kids at the Theme Park. He was, in his way, creating memories with her and filing them away as one of those moments in time when he fell in love and had to let go.

Of course he HAD to re-enact their signature radish scene, but this time, in a posh hotel setting…





How Ridiculously Adorkable Is THAT?! ❤ ❤ ❤

Evening turns to night, and he finally brings her home and while enjoying a cuppa at the cafe next to Hye Jin’s home, Kim Shin Hyuk begins his closure:

SH:  Ahh, that’s right Jackson. I think I’ll have to take that back.

HJ:  What?

SH:  When I said that I wouldn’t be your friend. I think I’m going to have to take that back. No matter how much I think about it, I think we’re as good as friends… Really good friends on top of that, right?

HJ:  Yes. That’s right! Really, really good friends.

SH:  Aaah!! I should’ve been your schoolmate first! Then I would’ve had a first love.

HJ:  What? (Thinking this is taking a weird path)

SH:  It’s a joke! I take it back, cancel it. It’s a joke! A joke. We’re friends, so what’s the big deal?

HJ begins to look a wee bit perplexed.

SH:  Aaah! I should’ve just kissed you that day when I confessed to you.

HJ:  What? No, what are you…

SH:  It’s a joke! I take it back, cancel it. It’s a joke! A joke! We’re friends, so what’s the big deal?

HJ says something to the effect to follow through what he says.

SH:  Really? I’d really do it now.

HJ:  See you tomorrow.

SH:  Be well, Jackson (subtle change in his tone)

HJ:  What? What’re you doing? You’re acting like I’ll never see you again.

SH:  I’m leaving! (turns and takes a few steps towards cafe entrance)… Jackson!

HJ:  Yes?

SH:  Did I tell you this? I really like you Jackson. [I stopped breathing as this moment] Without regards for whether it’s a man or woman, I just like you as a person. The human being Jackson… No, I really liked you as a human being, Kim Hye Jin


My eyes bugged out and I shoved my fist  to my mouth, stifling my squee XD

HJ:  What are you suddenly saying?

SH:  Thank you. Because of Jackson, I had a really fun and exciting time. (slight pause as though keeping his emotions in check). I’m leaving (too brightly). Bye.

And when he is all alone in the car, driving away from Hye Jin’s home, he finally allows his floodgates to open.

Mine too.

Kim Shin Hyuk, why you so AWESOME?!! 😥

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