First Impression: Orange Marmalade

As Unkind Women bows out, another (well, a handful) comes into my viewing line up.

I haven’t had the chance to really identify the ones I want to follow, but had an inkling that the high-school/ vampire/ romance Orange Marmalade would likely fall under “easy to watch,” hence it wouldn’t be so taxing to do a recap (which I’m still mulling over).

Orange_Marm_Main01Premiered on May 15th with 2 episodes shown back-to-back on KBS2, I had to keep myself busy while waiting for the subs to kick in. It is mandatory that I totally immerse myself in the Twilight-like Korean Drama XD

The premise is rather to the point: 200 years ago, humans and vampires finalized a peace treaty, but till this day, both parties do not get along well with each other. Heck. Humans still can’t along with each other o_O

Fast forward to 2015, the story begins with the introduction of Baek MaRi (SeolHyun) riding the subway to school, Jung Jae-Min (Yeo Jin-Goo) who is a popular high school student also happens to be on the same train.

We are well-versed with the eventual pull Jae Min will experience with MaRi because she is a vampire and vamps have that I-can’t-help-but-magnetize-anyone powers 😀 .

However, MaRi tries very hard to fit in and does her very best to hide her real self.

First episode in, Jae Min has been TKO-ed by cupid…

It’s during the morning rush hour and the train is filled with office workers and students. As MaRi naps in her seat, she dreams of her childhood where she was taunted and bullied by other neighborhood kids. Even then she was labelled a “monster.” At the same time, a man who is seated next to MaRi is surreptitiously molesting a lady seated next to him under the protection of his satchel. Her anxiety may have been picked up by MaRi who suddenly startles herself awake by screaming out “Stop It!”

Everyone in the cabin looks at her, but it is the man who feels the burden of unwanted attention. He covers it by saying he didn’t do anything to MaRi and gets off his seat. However, the lady stands up and accuses him of inappropriate behavior and everyone senses something big is about to go down. Out come their smartphones, ever ready to capture the drama.

In his haste to get to the closest exit, he drops his satchel and a box of milk… which MaRi reaches out to, but unfortunately trampled on by another person. Instead of milk, the floor and MaRi are splattered in blood.

AAARRGGH!! Vampire! The crowd shrieks. Phone cameras all point towards the male perpetrator, whose brown eyes changed to translucent purple at the sight of blood.

MaRi, on the other hand, sat frozen in her spot, smelling the sweet scent of human blood. Jae Min notices the same school uniform they wore and offers help to MaRi. She looks at him but can’t make out his features as her vision is blurred by the sweet scent of blood. Andwae! She immediately pulls away from the dangerous proximity with JaeMin and runs off at the next stop to clean off blood spatters.

High School

Reminiscent of “Boys Over Flowers,” we get a peek into a private school with lavish facilities, and just as its predecessor, we also have the “Mean Trio” of beeyotches. No F4, but that’s okay. Jung Jae Min is more than enough XD ❤ ❤

Alpha Beeyotch likes Jae Min and will gouge the eyes out of any who dares get near her man. Can you see the inevitable catfights and covert sabotage missons from Mean Trio? 🙂

The moment MaRi enters Jae Min’s class as the new Transfer Student, we can ALL SEE the tractor beam Jae Min is on. This boy is GONE. It’s rather cute to see the moments where he can simply stand in one spot and just stare at her. For no apparent reason. He tries to get to know her, but MaRi is dead set on living under the radar and graduate high school.

There is a particular teacher who discusses openly about Vampires and Humans relations, and seems to know much about that history. However, Jae Min is the only one who is hostile towards Teacher Han Yoon Jae. Towards the end of episode one, we find out the reason: He is Jae Min’s stepfather. Who is also a vampire.

So, does this mean Jae Min overtly dislikes vampires in general? :/

One day after school, puppy-in-love Jae Min rushes to the subway station just to make sure he gets on the same ride home with MaRi. He calmly takes a seat next to sleeping MaRi halfway through the ride…











[Fanning self] As with any KDramas, there HAS to be a second male lead, which in this case takes in the form of Han Shi Hoo, a fellow vampire who is MaRi’s betrothed since they were kids.

OrgMarm_ShiHooWhy arranged marriage at such an early age, you may ask? It’s their way of establishing an assured lineage of vampires, thanks to the current small gene pool. Shi Hoo enters the same High School as MaRi but unlike her, he is rather proud of his uniqueness and bears a grudge on the peace treaty for his less than potent powers latent in vampires.

Lines are drawn, territories staked, and we’re only in Episode 1 o_O

Yeo Jin Goo has been a tremendous child actor who has grown rather nicely into a Young Male Actor of substance. His mature persona and deep namja voice throws me off all the time and has even pushed me to the verge of ICOWYM (Inappropriate Crush On Waaaaay Younger Men).

But when KDrama Gods drop this kinda blurps on your screen…

OrgMarm_JaeRim01You just CAN’T help but say “Amen. This one will grow up JUST FINE.”


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