First Impression: Hwajung

Thanks to my grueling daily work schedule, I totally missed out on a few KDrama premieres. However,ย  I came across a snippet on how lethally Daebak the first two episodes of Hwajung were, and I JUST HAD to activate my powers to enter a parallel universe and immersed myself in Hwajung.

This is yet another take on the life of Prince Gwanghae (the latest one being The King’s Face with Seo In Guk playing the titular character). With an awesome ensemble cast of Cha Seung Won, Cho Song Ha (fave King in Sungkyungkwan Scandal), Kim Chang Wan (fave nose-picking Ahjussi in Coffee Prince), Lee Sung Min (fave boss, Chief Oh in Misaeng) and many others, I braced myself for sterling quality acting.

Hwajung_Main01First off, I had to compartmentalize “Chajumma” image of the ineffable Cha Seung Won who literally demonstrated to the rest of the world why he would be the #1 pick to be marooned with on an island.

That guy is McGyver of the Gastronomic Kind… my kinda namja ๐Ÿ˜€

Back to Hwajung…

Thank Goodness this drama just premiered this week XD

Verdict: REDONKULOUSLY DAEBAK to the Power of Greyskull.

I didn’t even realize the hour had passed by. Given the fact that this drama’s run is half-century long (ie 50 episodes o_O ) the pacing and tense-filled moments in the first two episodes certainly camouflages that epic journey the viewers will have to take.

This drama begins when King Seonjo (who deserted his people and land during the Imjin War ) is adamant NOT to announce Gwanghae as his successor despite the fact that the latter fought the Japanese and won the hearts of many for his courage and generosity. Prince Gwanghae had been sidelined and ill-regarded for sixteen long years until one fateful night, King Seonjo was poisoned just before he could install his three-year old son as the true Crown Prince.

The tension is so thick you could cut it with a fishing line o_O !!

Yet another drama worth investing my time… and why is it that good dramas snowball at almost the same time when us humans have only 8 hours in a day to watch these gems? What an utter predicament :/

Two episodes in, Cha Seung Won has effectively shown why he is a bonafide MotherFather of an actor.




  1. You made me want to watch it even more. I will definitely start it, maybe next week, I don’t know but I will. Thanks for the first impression post, Cha Seung Won is one of my favs!!!


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