First Impression: Unkind Women


I finally made time to watch the first four episodes of Unkind Women, one of the KDramas I’ve been praying hard to not suck.

By 1am Sunday morning, this is my verdict:

DAEBAK to the power of Greyskull!! XD

Strong, well-written female characters: Check.

Relevant peripheral storyline: Check.

“Karma is a Bitch” theme: Check.

“Mean Girls” in every generation: Check.

Palpable chemistry between OTPs: Check! Check!
(The lines are still dotted between MaRi/ Doo Jin – but the scenes between MaRi and Roo Oh… HAWT DAYUM o_O ) XD XD XD


Kang Sung Ok (upper left), the matriarch of the family, runs an upscale cooking class, which is pretty much the financial pipeline for the family. Husband? Presumed dead. And she blames it on his hormonal urge to live his life with his true love, Jang Mo Ran (who is unbelievably elegant and plays an important role in first trimester of this drama).

Her eldest daughter, Hyun Jung (center), is a grade A broadcasting journalist who is entering her twilight years as such, mainly due to her age. Beauty before experience? A universal adage, yes?

Second daughter, Hyun Suk (lower right), turns out to be the “gray sheep” of the family. Expelled from high school due to flimsy reasons and daily antagonism by an authoritative teacher, Hyun Suk grew up without much self-esteem and branded as a perennial trouble-maker.

Due to her traumatic years of growing from teen to adulthood, she made it her mission to mould her daughter into an academic machine. Jung MaRi (upper right) as a liberal arts professor is the only achievement she can claim in her life.

MaRi is an idealistic individual who stands for the tired and trodden, but she has come to a point in her life where she wants to pursue things that make her spirit sing. Being a professor in an exclusive university is not. She takes Kendo lessons as a means to exorcise her frustrations and stress from living a less than authentic life.

Lee Doo Jin (lower left), is a broadcast journalist who was responsible for airing a segment on MaRi’s antics on campus. However, his interrupted segment caused harm to MaRi’s short tenure as a lecturer in her university.

Finally, Lee Roo Ah (center), is a Kendo master who runs classes at the university as well as at the neighborhood dojo where MaRi attends irregularly for classes. The manner in which he connects the dots about MaRi from episode 1 is thankfully done at LTE speed 🙂

And then there’s Sung Ok’s devoted pupil/ PA, Eun Shil who takes care of all her needs even to the point of doing odd-jobs in the household. However, she has a major crush on Hyun Suk’s soon-to-be-divorcee husband. How weird it was to see her all dolled up exactly like Hyun Suk when she learns of his return to Seoul after months of backpacking in South America.


I was blown away by how fabulous each of the characters were written and how the intertwined relationships will create crises in the future episodes. But I didn’t expect the MANY sobbing moments I had after three episodes in o_O

Did. Not. Expect. That. AT ALL.

The subtle jibes and verbal-smack-in-the-face moments were also written so beautifully. I am certainly taking notes on how to diss someone with elegance XD XD

Kim In Young, keep up the fantastic job of writing a tight drama with substance.


With HITtG on Mon-Tues and UW on Wed-Thur…
I’m more than a happy camper XD



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