Upcoming Dramas March 2015

Divorce Lawyers in Love


Ko Cheok-Hee (Cho Yeo-Jeong) is a lawyer and would do anything to win her cases. So Jung-Woo was her office manager. He would point out any mistake made by Cheok-Hee which irks her. Their relationship is rocky at best.

Now, they meet again at a law firm, but  Jung-Woo now works as a lawyer and Cheok-Hee is the officer manager.

Takes over  “Family is Coming” time slot.

  • Genre:            Romance, Comedy
  • Episodes:        20
  • Broadcaster:  SBS
  • Start Date:     Mar  2015
  • Air time:        Sat – Sun 20:40hrs

Super Daddy Yeol

Doctor Cha Mi Rae (Lee Yoo Ri) has a daughter, Sa Sang (Lee Re). One day, she is diagnosed with a rare cancer and informed she has one year to live. Yoo Ri seeks out her first love Kim Yeol (Lee Dong Gun) for marriage proposal. She struggles to turn Yeol into the best father possible for her daughter’s future.

Based on the webcomic “Shoopeodaedi Yeol” by Lee Sang Hoon and Jin Hyo Mi.


  • Genre:            Family, Comedy, Adaptation
  • Episodes:        16
  • Broadcaster:  tvN
  • Start Date:     Mar 13 2015
  • Air time:        Fri – Sat 20:30hrs

Equator’s Flower/ Flower of the Queen

Rena Jung (Kim Sung-Ryoung) is a beautiful and ambitious chef who hosts her own cooking show. Her husband, Park Min-Joon (Lee Jong-Hyuk), is the first son of a family that runs a large company. Their relationship is not harmonious, but they put up a front to others.

In the past, Rena abandoned her daughter for a chance at success. Now, her daughter, Kang Yi-Sol (Lee Sung-Kyung) enters her life. Kang Yi-Sol resents her mother for the abandonment.

Park Jae-Joon (Yoon Park) is the husband’s younger brother. He is popular with women, but  attracted only to Kang Yi-Sol.


  • Genre:            Melodrama
  • Episodes:        50
  • Broadcaster:  MBC
  • Start Date:     Mar  14 2015
  • Air time:        Sat – Sun 21:55hrs

Angry Mom

Jo Kang Hee, from Busan, was once a legendary badass in her teenage days. Her mother is a sashimi-restaurant-owner who loves to swear and her father has a rap sheet for fighting.

Kang Hee inherits her parents’ penchant for cursing, quick temper, and sashimi knife skills.

As a young mother, she is someone who prefers dramas over news or current events. But when she finds out that her daughter, Oh Ah Ran, is being bullied at school, she decides to take immediate action.

What ensues is a positive, upbeat, and poignant story that seeks to highlight trouble spots in South Korea’s educational system.

Takes over “Kill Me, Heal Me” time slot.


  • Genre:            family
  • Episodes:        18
  • Broadcaster:  MBC
  • Start Date:     Mar 18 – May 7 2015
  • Air time:        Wed – Thur 21:55hrs


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