Thank God Weekend’s Here 18

Anyong Yarobun!


I had to undergo some major recuperation by surfacing for “much-needed clean air” after that mess of a drama coughValidLovecough… Was Kim Do Woo aiming to create an urban classic like Secret Love Affair? There were more than a handful experienced actors who brought other sub-plots to life, like Choi Yeo Jin, who carried the voice of reason when everything else around her was imploding. ❤ the relationship her character had with IR and how her passing on was handled.

And the other beautiful thing in Valid Love was seeing Lee Soo Hyuk growing by leaps and bounds in his role as Carpenter KJ. I have never seen so much emotion coming out of this model-turned actor in a single drama. Good job, Director Han Ji Seung, for helping him break out of his cold-urban-male-who-can’t-help-but-be-cool mold.


The scent of a woman who will turn his life upside down, inside out…

And, about that “much-needed clean air,” I decided to take a whiff of a drama that’s probably on the opposite end of Valid Love where skinship is concerned. Heart to Heart turned out to be unexpectedly entertaining 😀

Seeing how delayed this “Weekend” post is, you know I just came out of a marathon wormhole XD XD


Have a blast of a week, peeps! 😀


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