Blurb: Valid Love 18


KJ announces to the Jangs that they should all live under one roof. GT wants to call the police, but HT tells him to put away the phone and help him place KJ in GT’s room. The What, Hyung? IR is at the dining table, apologizes to HT when he joins her. She didn’t know KJ would go that far. HT says it wouldn’t have happened if she had left when he asked her to do so.

IR relents and agrees to move out of the house, taking KJ with her. MIL is no longer her concern.

HT voiceover:

Letting him sleep in the house for a night, I thought too lightly of it. My wife, I and that guy, tried to sleep under one roof. That night, I had a bizarre dream…

HT and KJ are brushing their teeth side by side in the bathroom. IR runs to them and demands who squeezed the toothpaste from the middle of the tube.


KJ and HT point at each other… and then both point toward IR. It’s actually in HT and IR’s home and she has prepared a hearty breakfast for them. They are having a cordial conversation about their weekly schedule and bicker cutely about who can accompany IR with her task. She gives them their lunch bags and pats their back as she sends them off for the day.

HT wakes up… voiceover:

It felt real, even though I knew it was a dream. Thank goodness it was a dream.

Next day, KJ sits at the edge of GT’s bed and IR asks if he remembers anything from the night before. “Let’s leave now. Let’s go together… I’m going out as well,” IR says to him.

KJ:  Didn’t you hear what I said yesterday? I’m going to live here. [So he does remember] Did you think I just said that because I was drunk?

IR:  Are you still drunk?

KJ:  I wanted to find out how nice it was here that you’d do this. So I was going to try living here.

IR gets worried with KJ’s strange attitude. She wants him to leave the house immediately with her, but he is insistent on having hangover soup. He knows MIL would have prepared some. He came to see “Ms Go,” and not IR. He shakes off her hand on his jacket and walks to the dining area.

MIL:  You should eat first to cure your hangover, Mr. Jang.

KJ:  I’m not Mr. Jang, Omeonim. For some time you’ve mistaken me for Mr. Jang. I’m not Mr. Jang. I’m Kim Joon. I’m thirty years old, young enough to be your son. I’m the same age as your second son.

FIL:  Do you know now? He says that he’s not Mr. Jang.

She looks to HT for confirmation. With an apologetic look, HT tells her that it is the truth. FIL takes this opportunity to drive home the fact that she has dementia and can’t even recognize her own husband.

HT:  Mom, you are just sick. Your memory is getting weak.

She announces she needs to rest, and summons IR to follow her to her room. HT tells KJ that he can leave the house, but the latter wants to leave together with Madam Kim. In MIL’s bedroom, Ms Go is saying her name out loud and the meaning of her name. Repeats the family background as well.

MIL:  I had mistaken some random stranger as Mr. Jang, didn’t I? And I didn’t even know that old man was my husband.

IR:  As HT said, Mother, your mind is hurt. That’s all.

When MIL dashed out of the house and into the car, HT and IR came running to stop her from driving off on her own. Instead, they escorted her as she takes a walk in the neighborhood. Just then, a young lady runs across the piazza exclaiming “Catch me if you can!” to her beau. That phrase brought HT and IR instantly back to the time when she did that to him seven years ago.

HT:  I’m sorry… that I couldn’t keep my promise of forever. (I am the same, after all- IR) No. I think I made you this way. You were so pretty then. Live well. Live by being yourself, like back then.

HT voiceover:

That’s right. This was all I could do for her, for the last time.

IR:  Will you be alright by yourself?

HT:  I’m not by myself. I have Father and GT.

And while they were having this parting chat, they totally forgot the reason why they went on a walk in the first place. MIL is MIA. Oh noes… 😮 HT calls dad and IR calls KJ for reinforcements.

However, MIL had actually gone to the hospital where her doctor was amazed that she could do so at all on her own. “So… you mean I should not travel on my own?” she queries.

No, no. Doctor just assumed that HT would accompany her. She wanted to hear condition directly from the doctor himself. No more coddling from the family. SOS calls are made to GT and XYZ cafe too. Mother is missing…

Night falls, Ms. Go finally reaches home via taxi. She walks up to the gates and takes her time looking at the exterior of her home. Message comes through her phone, but she turns it off. HT is running all around the neighborhood searching for her. She walks into the house, peeks into every part of the Jang household, and finally enters HS’ room…

HS:  Mom, where have you been? Everyone’s been looking for you.

Mum:  HS (Call them quickly. They must be looking all over for you – HS) I feel really great today. My mind is so clear. (But then why did you disappear without a word? – HS) I had been feeling like my head was full of dishwater, and something kept on feeling disconnected. But today, my mind is very clear. So, I don’t want to become a burden.

HS:  Isn’t that weed killer, Mum? [Writer-nim, SERIOUSLY? o_O ]

Mum:  Mum came to pay my respects to my daughter. I’m going somewhere far away. Even if Mum isn’t near you, don’t worry. Your Oppa and IR will be good to you. Listen to them well. And eat well. Digest it well. Every day, happily.

HS:  Mum, if you do this by yourself, what am I supposed to do? You made an agreement with me.
Flashback: Don’t worry. If something goes wrong with you, Mum will follow you. Can someone who’s obsessive and clingy as you, Mum, can you do that? You came out of me. And we were together. We will leave together too. So don’t leave before Mum. That’s cheating. If Mum goes first, I will take you with me, to the end. That requires strength, Mum. So don’t lose strength until then, Mum.

HS:  You said you would take me with you. If you leave me alone, what am I supposed to do? Without you, what am I? Take me too, Mum. I don’t have any attachments. Don’t go alone. Don’t leave me alone.

Mum:  My daughter… do you want to go with Mum?

HS:  Yes, I want to go with you. You can’t leave me alone, Mum!

Mum:  My baby… My baby… In our next life, eating, singing, speaking, walking and dancing. Let’s enjoy it all. (Yes, Mum. You too, Mum. Don’t have a daughter like me – HS) I love you, my daughter. (Me too, I love you, Mum – HS)

OH. MY. LORD. Writer-nim has taken the route to delulu-land 😡

KJ:  She’s not at the workshop (Have you looked nearby? – IR) I have, but not beyond yet.

HT:  I will go report her to the police. Honey, keep looking around this area, and just in case, why don’t you… You should go home. We’ll take care of it, so you should go.

KJ:  I don’t want to. I will look for her too. I have more experience in this area. Also, I have something to tell you.

IR:  The gate is open. Maybe Mother came home…. Mother, are you home?

Mum:  HS, just endure it for a little longer. Just a little. We’re almost there.

IR:  Mother, are you there?… MOTHER!!! Mother! Let GO! Mother!

HT:  Mother! Why are you doing this?!

IR:  Eonnie! EONNIE!!

Mum:  I have to go with HS!

HT:  Mom! What is this?! Why would you take it?! Mom! HAVE YOU GONE CRAZY?!

Mum:  Let go! Let go!!

HT:  Is HS okay? Don’t do this! Why are you doing this? (You shouldn’t have interfered – Mum) Is HS alright? Why are you like this?! Stay still!! How can you try to go together?

Mum:  Hurry up and let me go!

KJ leaves the house by himself. Pauses just outside the gates, feeling such burden on his shoulders, his mind thinking seriously of his future with IR who comes with a baggage like so…

HT voiceover:

I would prefer the dream from last night instead. In that dream, there were no sick people. And no one whose heart was hurting.

HS seems to still be alive. HT is sitting in the dark by the dining table, with a bottle of soju. IR sees him in a state she knows very well. She simply stands next to him and lets him cry his anguish out… just as KJ did for her earlier in the drama.

HT voiceover:

I wished I could stay under the same roof with my wife. I wished it wasn’t a dream. But –

KJ:  Dr. Jang, I will leave here, with Madam Kim. From this house, and from you. The farther away,  the better.

Something petty still remained. Envy, jealousy and hate. Were they worth anything?

Next morning, IR’s mum quietly opens IR’s bedroom door and gently tells her not to set foot in that house again. In his workhop, KJ stares at his phone as he recalls the incident in HS’ room. The never ending drama IR gets sucked into without fail in the Jang household…

Aside: There are absolutely wicked scaled-down furniture models on his shelf!! Oh. Em. Gee!! I LIKE! XD

He looks at his phone again, contemplating to call IR or otherwise. Decision made. Tunnel-vision KJ grabs his awesome black jacket and walks out of his studio with determination…


KJ:  How’s your health? [He ALWAYS asks how she’s doing. Without fail…] (I’m fine – IR) You don’t look alright. (I’ve gotten better – IR) Then, will you get in the car for a moment?

Within the confines of his truck, KJ apologizes to IR for barging into the house that night. IR apologizes too for going to the Jang home even when he told her not to. Both MIL and HS are doing fine.

IR:  How are you doing? You were shocked, weren’t you?

KJ:  The bad luck was my own doing, after all…

She notices his fingers drumming on the steering wheel with festering frustration. IR reaches out for his hand and inquires if something had happened. LAWDY. FINALLY. SKINSHIP after ALL the Crises o_O It’s obvious he has given much thought to his plan…

KJ:  Let’s leave this place.  There’s a house where I lived with my grandfather. I plan to make another workshop there. Let’s go together. I will make furniture, and you can do your business.


IR: [Smiles] Then do we become business partners?

KJ:  Yes

IR:  I was born and raised here. My family, my friends are all here. The restaurants and cafes I like are all here.

EH? Andro, have you got your wires crossed somewhere? Hawt Carpenter Kim practically asked you to elope with him. Build a new life. With him. Live a new life. With him. HIM. o_O


KJ:  You can make new ones when we get there. Restaurants and cafes will be there too. Friends or family, you can make new ones again. I want to make a family too. There are already two family members. IR and Mother.

IR:  Do you know what it means to make a family? A family doesn’t get made just because you want it. And it doesn’t end just because you want it to. Even if you make it,… you saw it that day. Can you understand my Mother’s feelings?

KJ:  What do you mean ‘My Mother’? Why is it still ‘My Mother’? No, wait… that can happen [getting frustrated, taps the steering wheel again]

IR:  Do you know you’re being strange right now?

KJ:  I don’t want to be alone anymore. I don’t like it. Eating alone, working alone. Living alone everyday. So, make it for me. A family.


IR:  Open the door please. Carpenter Kim, you’re being strange. Let’s talk later. Please open the door for me.

And you can see KJ calculating the pros and cons of opening the door for his Madam Kim. He has been patient enough throughout the drama. He needs her. He wants her. He can’t let her go… So, he starts his truck and off he goes with IR whose concern has skyrocketed within minutes.

It’s night time. Looks like he has driven quite a distance from the city, and all this time he has been reigning in his anger. His deep uneven breathing very audible within the truck. She begs him to turn around. He’s not being himself.

KJ:  Then are you normal, Madam Kim?! WHO MADE ME THIS WAY?! Why can’t you let go of Professor Jang? Why are you making me feel uneasy? WHY?!

KJ almost hits the car in front and barely misses another vehicle. He pulls to the side, both breathing heavily. After a while, KJ looks calmer and tells her he will send her home. Once they reach IR’s mum’s block, he opens the passenger door and doesn’t look at her. IR turns to tell him to get go home and get some rest.

KJ:  Did you have fun? [he closes the door, turns to face her] Playing with me? Was it fun? I’m not having fun. So let’s end it. I will end it first.

And he leaves IR who is still standing on the road.

KJ sits in the darkened studio with only the streetlight streaming through the windows.

HT voiceover:

I realized it when he told me that he would leave. That not sending my wife away comfortably was hypocrisy.

Whut? WHUT? Does this portend his exit from IR’s life? Finale week is in two days.

Where in Hades is this drama headed, man? o_O
How in the world did Kim Do Woo go from writing the outstanding ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’ to THIS??!

HT voiceover:

I had been hurt, and I couldn’t forgive that, that was all. I had no confidence to live on, as if nothing had happened.

TV:  This newsflash just came in. Today as of 5:20pm, a marine exploration cruiser, it was relayed to us that there was a fire on the ship. Twenty people on the marine exploration cruiser were found to be researchers dispatched to research marine life. Fifteen of those are affiliated with fisheries, it was revealed there are twenty ordinary people from rural areas on board as well.

Mum:  He’s not on that boat, is he?

TV:  The Survival Recovery Services have been dispatched.

IR:  Yes, Mum…. Yes, it’s me Madam Park. Yes, it’s been a long time. HT is home, isn’t he? He’s not home? He went on a business trip?

SJ:  We’re in the process of looking too. Yes, please call again… This is LSJ

IR:  This is Kim Il Ri. Dr. Jang’s… I can’t get in touch with HT. He’s not on that boat, is he? He’s on leave right now, so I shouldn’t be asking. Still, I thought there might be a chance. Please excuse me for calling when you must be busy.

SJ:  There weren’t enough researchers, so he went with them. Communication isn’t possible where he is right now, so his cell phone has no signal. We’re trying to find out in every way possible. Please don’t worry too much, and wait a little while. Hello?

Flashback: HT – Has your heart ever fluttered for me? I was your husband. In the past, your teacher. I have never been a man to you from the start. I was just a person you wanted to lean on, like a fence.

IR:  Why did you get on that boat? How can you get on without saying a word?

IR voiceover: Eonnie, have I been too greedy?

HT voiceover:  We may never see each other again.


Just so you know, I’ve put in a brief for an early release of:






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