Preview: Valid Love 17

KJ: What am I (to you), Madam Kim?
IR: I followed my heart and came all the way, to this point.
KJ: Don’t talk to me!
Jung Goo: Let’s go out!
HT: I can’t. My wife is doing all the work today.
Jung Goo: Did you guys get back together?
IR: Wait just a little bit. I’ll be there.
KJ: You said you’d come. Then you should have come, even if it was late. How can I not get angry? Why are you still here? Is it me or Dr. Jang?
IR: I know you’re mad, but you made a mistake today.
Translation: chickfactor of soompi forum (Kamsahamnida!)

I just can’t…
Think I need to watch Healer first, yet again…
and then grab my pillow while watching ep 17 with much trepidation…


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