Blurb: Valid Love 16

Apologies, chingu.

Had to watch some TLC moments on Healer before I dared to dive into Valid Love 16… I seriously have no blinking idea where Kim Do Woo is taking us.

Makjang Purgatory, perhaps? 😮 … 하자

Before IR ran over to the Jang household upon ex-MIL’s insistence, MIL was at XYZ cafe where she was pleasant to IU and ordered a decaf Americano. And when she turned to find a table, she sees IR’s mother who was about make a quick getaway. IR’s mum is bewildered at how extremely courteous her in-law is until she asked about IR’s whereabouts. Does she visit you often? She doesn’t come by our place as often. It may be burdensome.

And that is when the red flags are hoisted and flapping in the wind…

IR demands an explanation on MIL’s condition from HT when FIL returns at the same time. He’s surprised to see IR there, but when his wife warmly invites IR into the dining area but gives the cold shoulder to “the old man,” IR knew instantly MIL has trouble remembering. HT tells her in a low voice to just eat and go.

HT voiceover:

My job was clear. I couldn’t burden my wife anymore.

HT see IR at the gates and tells her to ignore any future phone calls from his mother. It’s none of her business, and she is not IR’s mother (in-law) anymore. And makes it clear to IR to not think about reconciling with HT as well. It was a mistake on his part to bring it up before. IR’s reply was a quick, “Understood.”

Next day, IR stands outside Jang’s household probably wondering how the men are handling HS and MIL’s health issues. She turns away and walks downhill but hears the main gates open. MIL is dressed prettily and takes a walk in the opposite direction. Curious, IR follows her.

As MIL approaches Castadiva, she primps herself before entering…

MIL:  Last time, you gave me a cup of tea and I was so grateful. This time, I –

KJ:  You didn’t have to… Thank you. I’ll enjoy it.

MIL:  Can I try that? (This? – KJ) Yes.

KJ:  Put in on like this (Behind the neck? – MIL) Yeah, like this.

My, my, my… looks who’s dialled up her Flirt Mode to the max? o_O

MIL:  Oh my. I feel like I’m in outer space. It’s weird… So wear this and… (This is for cutting wood – KJ)

MIL:  I thought this was an odd house initially. But I like it the more I see it. The furnace is interesting. Wow, there are two birdhouses on the bamboo deck. And there are so many trees even though it’s in the city. Wow! They’re so big! In spring, the flowers must bloom beautifully.

IR:  Is my mother-in-law there? (It’s like being in a fairytale – MIL in the background) I’m in front of your house. (It’s so nice – MIL)

HT:  I don’t want IR to know. Don’t tell her. She can’t know.

IR:  Come out. Can you? Without being caught?

MIL:  It’d be great to plant lettuce here in spring. Over here and over there…

IR:  What’s going on? Why is Mother here? (It happened – KJ) Why are you saying that so easily?

KJ:  It’s the second time. I think she’s sick. I’m just humoring her.

IR:  Do you know how she’s sick? (Somewhat… – KJ) Why didn’t you tell me? (Why do I have to? – KJ) Can you say that knowing my Mother’s state?

Hmmmm…. KJ should’ve not taken the noble idiot route of protecting HT’s request.
Ugh… Writer-nim, WAE? WAE you WRITE LIKE THISSS?!!

KJ:  I thought you’d worry. See? You’re already worried…

Before their squabble escalates, MIL steps out of the gates and is glad to see IR. Her infatuation with KJ is palpable when she introduces her “Mr. Jang” to IR… This is Jang Min Ho. Both IR and KJ look meaningfully at each other before MIL drags IR away, all the way back to her house. MIL playfully warns IR not to go to Castadiva again. He’s MY man. LOL!

KJ tailed them both and remained outside until night fell, and that is how HT finds him when he walks to his parents’. Why are you here? KJ is an annoyed Hawt Carpenter…

KJ:  Your mother… (By chance did she – HT) Yes. (Did you bring her home? – HT) Mrs. Kim did. She’s inside right now. Send her out. (Did you forget what I asked? – HT) No. It just happened.

HT:  Why’d you call me instead of IR?

KJ:  It just happened. Do you think I like this? [getting extremely annoyed]

HT:  Okay. Leave. (I’m not leaving until she comes out – KJ) Then go in and get her. KJ walks up the stairs impatiently and noisily shakes the gates. (Open it – KJ)

HT voiceover:

Suddenly, I had a strange thought. That being able to hate is happiness.

HT:  Kim Joon, let’s make a rule. (Just open the door – KJ) She might go to you again since she went twice. I’ll stop it as best I can. If it happens again, then you – (Stop speaking unnecessarily – KJ) become Mr. Jang. My father is Mr. Jang. My mom is Miss Go. They called each other that. Can you do it?

KJ:  I don’t want to. (In this you’re the Sunbae, I’m the Hoobae – HT) I don’t want to get involved with your family.

HT:  You said you’d take responsibility for IR right? Stand by your words. IR, you take responsibility. All by yourself.

HT voiceover:

That was my best. Rather than drag my wife back into a bottomless pit, it’d be better to give her up and hate her forever.

HT:  But in exchange, don’t let her come here again. I don’t know what IR might do. That’s why I told you not to tell her. The chair is a divorce gift. Give it to her when you’re done. Throw it away if she hates it.

Inside the house, HT practically has to shout at IR to let the message sink in that he’ll handle his family’s affairs. Go outside. Carpenter Kim has been waiting for you. When Dad enters, HT’s fuse vaporized and he verbally pulverizes his father for his poor choice of priorities. If only he had stayed home during the day as they had discussed before, Mother would not have left the house and who knows what trouble she may have caused. HT is spent and so alone that he enters HS’ room and sits by her bed, holding in his rage.

Next morning, HT’s mum is dressed up, hurries out of the house with a bundle in her arms. HT rushes out to stop her from going to KJ’s again. She puts up a fight, stubbornly deflects HT but is finally overpowered on the cold streets. IR’s mum witnesses the scene from the corner of Jang’s home.

She rushes back home, gulps water straight from the bottle and when she sees IR, she tells her to go through with the divorce and end relations with that family.

IR Mum:  Even though I love HT, I can’t permit his mother too. I understood your sister-in-law. You liked her. But, to take care of a MIL with dementia? I can’t. Loyalty aside, even if men like HT came by the truckload, my daughter’s more important to me. I won’t let you go! When we met at the cafe, she said strange things and invited me to a meal. It was so strange. I just went along with it. But (sneers)… the two of them were rolling on the street.

IR receives yet another call from MIL. She tries her best to not pick up, but this is Omeonim of 7 years past. She goes to the house and sees MIL who truly is scared when she is lucid and realizes there are pockets in her memory bank that are completely blank. IR goes into HS’ room and sees HT passed out on HS’ bed. In a business-like manner, she makes simple breakfast and wakes him up to start the day with nutritious meal. HT is uncomfortable seeing IR in the house and wants her to leave soon.

After cleaning his bowl, IR drops the bombshell: I’m going to live here.

HT:  What? Don’t take this as a way to reconcile…

IR:  Who says I want a reconciliation?

Flashback –  IR hugging a crying and scared MIL:

MIL:  Sweetie, for the time being, can you come live here? I’m scared. Watch over me. If the time comes when I can’t remember my name, tell me. My name is Go Jung Hee. Jung means righteous. Hee means female. I can’t stand to see nasty and foul things. I used to be that kind of person.

IR has decided to take care of the Jang women, “So, whatever I do, don’t concern yourself. You do the dishes.” And she leaves the table. “Why are you so confident? Did you forget what you did because Mother forgot?” HT still pushes her away.

IR:  Stop talking about that. It’s like a broken record.

HT:  What about Carpenter Kim? Does he know?

IR:  I’m going to tell him now.

HT:  I’m sure he’ll understand [sarcastically] What man would understand that?

She turns around and looks him squarely in the face. Dares him to say one more word. Thankfully HT remains silent.

IR:  You smell like a widowed man. Go wash up.

And IR has left the building. Snap, snap! Gurl’s spine is back 😀

At Castadiva, KJ is understandably not elated with IR’s decision to move into the house. IR assures him she will not stay long there.

KJ:  How can you guarantee that?

IR:  I wanted to ignore it too. Close my eyes and ears and not answer the calls. But I can’t do it. I see even when I close my eyes. I hear her voice even when I close my ears. I can’t help it even if you say I’m acting kind. I don’t feel at peace. I’m doing it for me.

KJ:  Then say it’s for Dr. Jang instead. Then I’ll understand.

IR:  No… it’s for you. I’ll do what I can. They were the people I had chosen. I don’t want to avoid them because of you. I have to be clear in conscience with you to feel confident with myself.

KJ:  My grandfather was like that too…. My grandfather had the same disease. So, listen to me.

IR:  So you know how I feel… Good night. I’ll call you.

Yes, he may understand, but he’s definitely NOT happy with IR’s decision.

When IR moves her stuff to her in-law’s (much her own mother’s dismay), she finds MIL missing again…

MIL:  You startled me!… Oh my goodness! Your hair is like a magpie’s nest. It’s nothing much. You’ve lost so much weight and are so thin lately. It won’t do. Let’s go breakfast together. Breakfast… (But I – KJ)

HT:  She’s not there? (Yes… What about over there? – IR) She’s not. Ah! GT should’ve checked her room before leaving for work.

IR:  He thought she was in the bathroom.

HT:  Where would she go in the morning? The mineral springs?

HT voiceover:

What in the world… The women in my family… Who the heck is that bastard?

MIL:  Why are you guys out? Say hello… It’s Mr. Jang.

HT voiceover:

What did I do wrong?


Can I say how incredibly, ludicrously BEAUTIFUL Carpenter Kim is fresh out of bed? o_O




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