Preview: Valid Love 16


IR: What happened? … Why did Mother come here?

Joon: She’s not your concern anymore, is it?

HT-mom: This is my daughter-in-law. (to IR) You must not go there again.

HT: You said you would take responsibility for IR. Then take responsibility for those words. But you must make sure that she will never step foot in my house again. The chair is a divorce gift. When you finish it, you can give it to her yourself.

Joon: (to IR) Don’t go.

IR: It’s because of you. I have to be honorable to you, so I can justify myself

Translation cr.: chickfactor of soompi forum (Kamsahamnida!)


What the Kraken is this “10-steps-back” about? Going back into the Jang household to be their personal care taker? Is this the “unique” ending the writer has planned all along?




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