Blurb: Valid Love 15


HT and dad are in the doctor’s room, listening in closely on the question and answer session between the doctor and HT’s mum. Seems she has trouble remembering current information such as dates and her work. She thinks she still works at a furniture company where HT’s dad first met her.

IR has her usual “chat” with HS, only that she managed to figure out what has been bugging HS all the while she has been away. It’s about HS’ heart. Her will to live on is waning, especially with the recent discovery of Mum’s illness. IR promises to bring her out more often to enjoy the blooming flora and fauna when spring comes.

On their drive back home, HT’s mum denies she has dementia, which the doctor had warned HT earlier. Second stage would be anger when she realizes she’s no longer able to function normally. “Want me to show you how healthy I am?” mum says from the backseat and proceeds to recite a poem, demonstrating her mental strength in memorizing something from the past.

Flashback to doctor’s one-on-one session with HT: He explains her memory will begin to deteriorate, and it’s common to forget recent events. However, she may demonstrate remarkable memory for special events that have taken place or certain people. Doctor also recommends doing activities that are mentally stimulating like Hwatu (Go-Stop). The red card backing and pictures on the opposite side help the gears to constantly move within her mind. The moment she stops thinking, everything will begin to slide on a slippery slope.

IR visits the same doctor at the hospital, but she’s there because of HS. She is concerned with the depression that seems to have taken over HS and wants to know what she can do to help. Awww, IR really REALLY knows HS and looks out for her even though she may not be ‘family’ anymore.

O-Kay… I have a feeling doc is gonna blurt about MIL’s condition. The one K-Drama trope that can never change: Doctor-Patient confidentiality Begone!


And then, enter flashback scene: HT had indicated to the doctor NOT to reveal his mother’s condition to her should she drop by to see him.

Pffft. So, the trope still stands.

As IR walks through the hospital corridor, KJ calls her. “Dating” time! YAY! XD

Within the confines of his red truck, she shares with KJ HS’ situation. IR is concerned with the downward progression HS seems to be experiencing. What could have been the trigger? KJ tells her to think of the issue in the simplest form, for instance; the recent ‘pain’ IR had experienced herself. She glances at him and gives a slight, “Pfft.” “Because of me?” KJ teases. He theorizes it could be the same for HS as well. A man she has met in the past perhaps?

How can this HAWT Carpenter be THAT Astute as well? LAWDY. Writer-nim, please, please, PLEASE do a REAL unconventional ending of a story by making him the covert Lead.

IR:  By the way, where are we going?

KJ:  You’ve never skied before.

IR:  What? You’re taking me skiing?!

KJ:  Madam Kim! Madam Kim! Aren’t you gonna ride? It’s fun!

IR:  I’m not a kid. Ride by yourself.

KJ:  It’s fun. Try it.

IR:  Should I do a fashion show in the snow? You should’ve told me we were coming here. You always do whatever you want.

KJ:  Let’s go now!

IR:  Awesome!!

KJ:  Ugh… that Ahjumma… LOL!! XD XD XD

It’s nightfall and KJ is under the hood of his truck. They have trouble getting back to the city now (hee hee hee 😀 ) IR is miffed that they are stranded on a trunk road and gives grief to KJ about his choice. KJ goes through the process of elimination of what might be the cause of his vehicular problems. IR is growing grumpier by the second. One look at her and he asks, “Are you hungry?” YES! Warms my heart how well he reads her ❤

It is quite sometime walking on the country road and IR becomes restless about not seeing any convenience store along the way. However, she spots something hopeful and makes a dash for it. Both of them stand in front of a Bed and Breakfast. So, this spot is not a cafe…

KJ:  We can go somewhere else…

IR:  This is your fault. I’m so gonna kill you. I’m SO HUNGRY! But they don’t sell food 😥

Ahjussi:  We do! We do sell food!

At that declaration, IR is the first to dash into the establishment…

IR:  Now THAT’s what you call a meal… Don’t you have to call the emergency dispatch?

KJ:  Oh yeah… Yes, I called about the broken down car earlier. We called so long ago, why aren’t you coming? Yes, hurry up and come.

IR:  Does that phone work when it’s turned off?


IR:  Keep it where I can’t see if you’re trying to fool me. It was under the table the whole time. Tsk, tsk, tsk… So clumsy… How far did you go? Did you look up this place?

KJ:  No. I just stopped the car.

IR:  Just stop the car? Then what?

KJ:  After that… then… I figured something would happen…

AUGH! He’s SO BLOODY ADORABLE wanting to whisk her away and spend time with her!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

IR:  Tsk, tsk, tsk… clumsy. You’re clumsy even when it comes to being naughty?

KJ:  Who’s the naughty one? You came in here first.

IR:  Wow. You’re blaming me?

KJ:  Forget it. I just wanted to be with you all night. I didn’t expect anything else. Let’s go then. We can just go… (mumbles: You came in first)

FanboyingIR:  Sit down. It’s cold outside. The room will get chilly. Close the door.

They end up playing Hwatu in the room, and IR’s hidden skills at this game comes to the fore. KJ says “What a housewife gambler…” LOL! XD

IR:  I had fun today. You know… in dramas or movies, they take a boat to an island. They miss the last boat out. Or the last train. Actually… I always wanted to do that.

KJ:  You’re naughty as expected.

IR:  I met HT again after seven years and got married in three months. We never dated. I was busy preparing for the wedding. After we got married… I felt bad every time I thought of things others did I didn’t get to.

KJ:  Is there anything else you want to do?  (Ummm…. I did a lot today – IR) I did a lot of new things today too. (Liar – IR) I thought my head would explode trying to think of ways not to get home. (You just stopped the car – IR) Anyway, I succeeded. (Hey. I gave in – IR) You didn’t give in… You’re naughty.


IR:  You’re right. I’m naughty.

That exchange of blinks! I KNOW what they intrinsically mean! I LIKE YOU XD ❤ ❤ ❤
And Joonie is being a patient namja, letting IR find her pace to move towards him…

HT voiceover:

The snow fell that night. It felt different though it was warm from the boiler. My mom was sick, but I couldn’t share it with my wife. There were endless traces of my wife left.

[HT finds the soju hidden in the laundry room]

Did she feel this way? I felt like I was standing alone blindfolded in an unknown place. My heart felt numb. I couldn’t even cry.

IR voicever:

I always wanted to do this. Sleeping with my boyfriend just holding hands.

KJ voiceover:

I wanted to do this too. Waiting for someone.

Next day, GT is quizzing his mum about his past starting from kindergarten. He’s hovering all around her until two ladies step into the showroom. She greets them warmly by name but doesn’t recall meeting them just last week. After a few hours, GT asks one of the the salesperson of his mum’s whereabouts. She stepped out for lunch it seems… but it is now waaay past that. He calls home. She’s not there. Panicking, he calls HT at work and he calms his younger brother down painting a probable scenario that she’s simply running a little late.

KJ is working on one of his pieces when he hears someone entering his studio…

She sees him and cheerily calls him “Mr. Jang! Oh so this is where you live…” but the way she looks him is as if she’s smitten by him. Who isn’t? LOL!! XD She continues yapping away and KJ just looks on in bewilderment.

HT receives a call from KJ: You’re mother is here.

When he enters KJ’s studio, he couldn’t believe seeing his mother in apron, sanding down a piece of furniture part, talking in a coy manner to boot. But KJ maintains a formal conversational tone which she encouraged him to drop immediately… HT remains slack-jawed.

Both men step outside to the balcony. HT wants to know how his mother made her way to KJ’s studio. And how does she know KJ anyway? KJ is in the dark about her homing ability, but he has bumped into her a few times at the neighborhood convenient store. KJ is curious about the “Mr. Jang” she always coyly refers him as. HT hesitates before letting up, “My father.”

When HT brings mum home, she doesn’t recognize her husband, referring him to “old man” who turns up at her house for food; and now clothes. Oh no. Bad sign. He feels slighted that she doesn’t recognize him and starts shouting at her. She retaliates. Both brothers hold each parent back.

Later, HT visits KJ’s studio and personally thanks him for taking care of his mother when she turned up unexpectedly and referred to him as her peer, “Mr. Jang.” KJ assures HT he has some experience in handling elders with dementia. His grandfather had that as well. 😥

But the reason for HT’s visit was to ask KJ to keep his mother’s illness hidden from IR. KJ takes a deep breath. He knows she will somehow find out about this, but agrees to HT’s request.

HT voiceover:

How cruel. To get involved again like this, it’s mockery. Heaven’s mockery. What did I do so wrong?

HT helps his mother with the meds and she asks him if she did something strange that day. Her memory seems disjointed. She really cannot recall the day. Perchance did she not recognize HT? What if she can’t recognize her babies? How can I forget when I have HS? I have to take care of HS! HT help me. Bawling session for both mother and son.

IR helps KJ carry a huge piece of hard maple into his studio. She wheezes and demands a pay hike for such hard work. He says he will with additional job: putting Vaseline on his hands. She looks at him a tad longer. This is a job? That’s okay, I’ll do it for free. So would I XD She tells him to wash his hands before she slathers the wunder-ointment. As he washes up at the sink, his inner voice is debating whether to stay loyal to bro-code or tell IR anyway…

HT is walking back home after a very long day and stops by Castadiva just because o_O

He sees KJ and IR being chummy at the work table…

IR:  [While still holding KJ’s left hand] I was kidding. Why shampoo with toothpaste?

KJ:  You said it was good. [IR gasps]. It’s invigorating for the scalp, prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth. I kept using it with shampoo because it felt refreshing.

IR:  [Puts his hand on the worktable] Are you stupid? I was just kidding! How could you really shampoo with that? You did it for a month? Your hands aren’t the issue. [IR runs her fingers through his hair]

KJ:  What? [deflects her hand away from his scalp] You can’t joke around with someone who’s sensitive to Kim Il Ri like me. Each and every word of yours is so important.

IR:  It’s because you always tease me… What to do? Your scalp is probably flaky.

KJ:  It’s already flaky… I think my head smells too. (Smells? – IR) Like bad breath. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow. The dentist.

PAUSE while IR processes his dry humor…

IR:  What is this?!! Really! Why would your head smell like bad breath? Gimme [she takes back his left hand and continues her ministrations]

HT voiceover:

My wife was beautiful. She was curious and surprised. She frowned and giggled. Like a young girl enterinf puberty. Is she experiencing first love like my mother?

HT calls KJ, whose hands are encased in plastic gloves. KJ is rather surprised.

HT:  I forgot something. The chair you were making before, what happened? Can you still make it?

KJ:  If you say so.

HT:  Complete it but don’t ask why.

KJ:  Okay, I’ll do that.

HT:  Are you together? HT, like.. Wae? o_O

KJ:  No

HT:  You’re lying!!

And WHY did you ask him that insanely wise question, Dr. Jang?

HT gets a call from GT. Run back fast, hyung. Mother is looking all over for IR. Get here now! But too late, MIL called IR who is running to the Jang household. When she sees MIL, she looks like she’s spent most of her time in the kitchen. Where have you been? It has been so difficult to get you. Come in and have dinner. I made your favorite bulgogi. Come in.

IR’s expression is basically: What the Fishball is going on here?

HT enters the house just a smidge too late. She wants to know what is going on with MIL.

HT voiceover:

My wife found out.


Five more episodes to go.

Writer-nim, please refer to this equation when tying up this drama with a convoluted bow:

IR + KJ + more ❤ IRKJ scenes = unprecedented happiness WORLDWIDE.

Arasso? 😀



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