Blurb: Valid Love 14

While waiting for IR to turn up at the Police Station, HT plays the video IR had recorded earlier when she said her farewell to HS. He tears up when he realizes how much IR intrinsically knows what goes inside HS’ mind when the rest are clueless.

IR arrives and almost switches to Rocky Balboa mode when she sees the culprit sitting at the officer’s desk.

HT’s explanation:

He was envious of us. He was envious so he felt jealousy. He was envious of how we never changed. So he wanted to show us that nothing lasts forever. Our happy time was just longer than most. And love doesn’t exist.

Apparently MK’s dad links his son’s phone to the Cloud so he could keep tabs on MK’s activities. That was how he stumbled on the photos MK took of IR and KJ. And then the evil idea came to mind, messing with HT’s mind about those coincidentally-taken photos.


Over drinks and side dishes, HT asks IR if he ever excited her. Perhaps he was only “teacher” to her. Someone to lean on. Like a fence. She asks him in return when has she ever excited him. How long was she a woman to HT?

IR:  Who cares? That’s how married couples are. A man you want to lean on. A man you want to make a fence. So what? Isn’t that love? Who says it isn’t love? You’re right. You were a teacher to me. A friend, a husband, and fence. And… a man.

HT:  Let’s go home.  (No, I won’t. – IR) Yeah, it’s shocking for me to act this after all that. I understand.

IR:  No, you don’t understand how I feel. I don’t want to go home.

HT:  You and I… it’s our home.

IR:  Yeah. The home I swept and wiped for seven years. I left on my own. I should come back on my own, but there’s no reason to.

HT:  Why not? I’m saying let’s go. You have me.
Sheesh. HT, you not listening to what she’s sayin’ dude o_O

IR:  You’re right, Honey. I’m not going because of you. Have you changed? Is anything different? If I go home like this, you’ll blame, hate me again, and be disappointed.

HT:  I’ll forgive you. I forgive you. What more is there? I forgive you.
WHUT? That easily? Wae? Jigeum Wae? Lordy, you are still clueless! o_O

IR:  You couldn’t then, but you can now?
Precisely 😦

IR:  How? Does it end if you forgive me? Have you thought about how hurt I am? See? You don’t know anything.

HT:  I’ll try. It might be hard right now. A person can’t change suddenly. But I’ll try. Like you said, “I’ll try.” It’s too cold. I don’t want to go under the blankets. The electric mat is broken.

IR:  That’s better. That was the most honest thing you said so far. There are lots of good electric mats lately. Buy a new one.

HT voiceover:

The hurt my wife feels, I’ve never thought about it. I had the sudden thought. The reason I had to forgive my wife… Why we became like this… That itself became unclear.

IR is on familiar ground, working alongside with other contractors at a new site. A few of the guys have worked with her on previous projects and are respectful of her strength and professional work. She receives a call from a pharmacy regarding HS’ meds. Out of habit, she begins to make plans on picking them up but tells them to contact HT from now henceforth for anything regarding HS’ medications.

IR’s mixing paint in a bucket when a familiar sight meanders into the construction area…

KJ:  Is Director Park here?

IR’s ears picks up that oh-so-familiar timbre that can only belong to Hawt Carpenter Kim. She turns towards the entrance and their eyes meet. The boss then walks back to the site and is happy to see KJ there. KJ is asked to build furniture pieces for the conference area. Conveniently, the boss calls out to his men to help him carry some stuff outside. That leaves the atmosphere pregnant with mucho expectancy ❤ Hee Hee Hee… XD

IR busies herself with paint codes and KJ takes measurements by the windows. Usual tasks resume in awkward silence.

KJ:  This happens because we work in the [same environment]. I know you told me not to be seen by you. But this isn’t my fault.

IR:  It’s not your fault or mine. Stuff happens in life [ KJ looks at her and she smiles at him… a first real smile after all that angsty phase]

KJ:  It’s so like you to be so brazen. Work hard.

And he walks out of site like nothing affected him at all. It’s the end of a workday and IR enters the ladies to change out of her work clothes. She walks down the stairs, bumps into The Boss and they exchange farewell, but IR realizes her phone is not with her. She goes back to the ladies’, and Boss locks up the site. No phone in the ladies’ either and this time, the door doesn’t budge when IR attempts to open it. Dun, dun, duuuuuun!

Boss walks out to his car… and KJ is sitting in his red truck. AWWWW! He’s waiting for her to emerge from the building. Where could she be? The boss has left for the day, which means EVERYTHING is locked up already.

Night has fallen. A phone rings in the construction site. KJ is calling IR, but she can’t answer of course because she’s locked in the toilet. He texts IR’s phone:  I waited for you, but I guess you must’ve left. I’ll just leave then. Meanwhile IR continues to pound the door and shout for help. She even shouts for help through the window to passers-by… but to no avail. The night grows deeper, and temperatures fall drastically.

HT is at XYZ cafe, hoping to glean some headway into IR’s mind via her good friend. She said the KJ came to her on the same issue as well so she told him to “think from IR’s perspective.” HT, the ever blur-and-very-low-EQ man asked SY what would IR be hurt most about.

GEEZ MAN. YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO ANALYZE AND REFLECT ON YOUR FINDINGS. You’re reaching out for Cliff’s Notes, man! 😡

SY retorts how would she know since she’s not IR? (Good on Ya, babe!) “Then what about you? What would be the hardest for you?,” he rephrased his question.

SY:  That Carpenter Kim came to ask me that before you [ie, you were so into your own misery that you refused to see the other person’s stance]

IR:  Excuse me… Excuse me! Excuse me!! There’s a person here! I’m trapped! Call someone!! I’m saved! Is that you, Director Park? A guard? Thank you anyways!! Thank you! Thank you!! I won’t ever forget this!

KJ:  Why do you always make me wait?

DAYUM!! HOW SWAG IS THAT?! (note: I need to take five… LSH is just SLAYIN’ IT! XD XD)

KJ:  Don’t ever forget your gratitude.

IR:  How did you know to come?

KJ:  Telepathy? XD XD XD

Flashback:  Uhm, Director Park, you’re always the last to leave right? I thought you might have left without me noticing. But there was no way I would’ve missed it. I came just in case. (Excuse me! There’s a person in here! Open the door! I’m trapped! – IR)

KJ:  Isn’t that telepathy? (I thought you were a ghost – IR) How will you repay me?

IR:  With words… You can pay a major debt with words [You are coy IR] Thank you, Carpenter Kim.

KJ:  Then… say those words again. I was excited by you like crazy… Not just ‘excited’… But like crazy. I loved hearing that ‘like crazy.’


And the magic bubble was burst by an unexpected call from HT. She doesn’t answer his call. KJ asks her what is it about HT that she likes.

IR:  If I tell you, would you be able to understand?

KJ:  What I said… still stands. When I said I’d take responsibility for you. And… wanting to start over. Isn’t it unfair? We didn’t even do anything.
Smelling salts… I need my smelling salts to continue typing… o_O

IR:  It’s too late. Let’s go.


KJ:  You’re a coward, Mrs. Kim.

KJ sends her back to her mum’s and both notice HT standing just outside the block. “Is there still something left?” KJ asks. IR stays silent. Gurl, that ain’t fair to KJ who sincerely wants to have a relationship with you. Do NOT toy with this namja’s heart, or else…

HT tells her that he has given much thought since they last met, but before he goes into that he wants to know why she didn’t discuss the “baby matter” with him. Because of HS you alone decided Not to have a baby?

IR:  That’s what I wanted and that’s all I could handle. I thought she’d get better soon. She’ll get up if I care for her. One year passed. Then two. Who knew it would turn out like this?

HT:  Why handle that all by yourself? What about me? Who was I? [feeling a tad exasperated]

IR:  Is that all you can say?

HT grabs her arm wanting to continue the discussion with IR at their home. She stays put, and KJ joins in and courteously tells HT to let her go.

KJ:  How long will you be doing this?

IR:  That is what I should be asking him. [However, IR uses this opportunity to ‘use’ KJ as a means to hurt HT] You can talk in front of him. [KJ turns to look at IR – is she fer reals? o_O ] Leave if you can’t.

HT:  Okay. Meet him. Meet Carpenter Kim.

HT voiceover: What am I saying?!

HT:  Do as you want. Just come home.

HT voiceover:  What kind of crazy nonsense is this?

KJ:  Are you being serious? o_O

HT:  You’ll find out if I’m serious in time… You said so [to IR] You like us both. Teach you what to do. I think this is the only way.

HT voiceover:  That was the only solution I can come up with.

KJ:  What are you doing? (I’m not talking to you – HT)

HT:  Do as you want. You can meet him. I won’t care.

IR stares at HT as though his marbles had exploded into smithereens. WTF did he just say to me? You give me permission to see KJ but go back to the house and do the chores, take care of HS and entertain the in-laws?

IR:  [to KJ] Stay for some tea.

But when KJ and IR reach the staircase landing, she apologizes to him and bids him good night. Be safe on your way home, Carpenter Kim. He knew that she used him just to irk HT. Honey, that was Not Good 😦

KJ visits the site and repairs the toilet door. He tells Director Park that he broke the door down, so it’s only fair that he repairs it. My namja ❤ XD XD After work, he gets on the same bus as IR…

IR:  Why follow me? You don’t even know where I’m going.

KJ:  You’ll stop at wherever that is… Is there someone else who’s sick at that house? (What? – IR) Never mind. They’re strangers anyway. (What do you mean? – IR)


EEEEPss!! ❤ ❤ ❤

And somebody’s following the bus they’re on…

Turns out IR needs to replenish her supplies 🙂


IR:  Oh? (This is it – KJ) Why do you keep doing that? (Let’s go – KJ)

HT voiceover:  My wife seemed unfamiliar. The girl I knew… the woman I knew… She wasn’t the wife I knew.

[$3.50 Mackerel]

KJ:  I heard you were like a Mackerel in high school. Unpredictably jumpy and fresh and lively. That’s what Doctor Jang said. I was really upset. That he knew something I didn’t know. I wanted to see. But it couldn’t be helped. It made me really angry back then.

IR:  Do you like curry?

HT voiceover:  A stranger who turned her back to me, she was showing me we were strangers with her whole body.

Back in KJ’s studio, they both are preparing and cooking mackerel curry. IR teases KJ for being slow despite grumbling for food earlier. Sweetie, you should know by now why KJ does things s-l-o-w-l-y when you’re around 😀

IR and KJ share a simple meal at his worktable.

KJ:  I feel strange. It’s been so long since I cooked and ate with someone.  (When was the last time? – IR) Before my grandfather died… ah, before my grandfather got sick.

IR:  Was he really sick?

KJ:  A bit. Even when I got old enough to cook, Grandfather always cooked for me. After he got sick, we couldn’t eat together anymore. Grandfather ate alone. And I ate alone.

IR:  I’m curious… about your grandfather.

KJ:  It’s nice… to hear that.

IR:  Are you being sentimental? Over mere curry?

KJ:  Thank you, Mrs. Kim

IR:  Eat up. It’ll get cold.

KJ:  I know you’re trying. Just… come to me slowly. Don’t rush… [IR stares at him, and he looks into her eyes] Come slowly… and stay a long time.

tumblr_lw6rkieD0C1qln7elAnd Mr. Stalker sits outside Castadiva thinking of god-knows-what, huddled in the backseat of a cab. A cab! o_O Well, safe to say HT’s NOT thinking from IR’s perspective.

HT voiceover:

Between the injustice I felt over doing nothing wrong, to the regret I felt over making mistakes, the winter was passing.

MK waits for HT to return home and he begs for forgiveness on behalf of his father. HT stands firm, No. A college professor to boot and he still did what he did? No. Go to my wife and beg for forgiveness.

Move on to HT’s parent’s home. His mother calls up IR and asks why she hasn’t dropped by with HS’ medications. GT senses something is amiss with his mum. HT enters HS’ room and mum asks for IR too. When father returns with a bag of freshwater eels, mum doesn’t recognize him.

Oh for heaven’s sakes writer-nim, are you taking the double-health scare angle at this stage of the drama? Like, SERIOUSLY? o_O

IR’s MIL has dementia. IR visits HS, “Is there something going on?”


I am NOT gettin Good Vibes with this sudden left curve.
What the *#>@+! 😡




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