Blurb: Valid Love 13

Did y’all find the article on Kim Do Woo (writer of Valid Love) waxing lyrical about Uhm Tae Woong’s acting chops in this drama? She essentially was bowled over by his stellar performance, but at the end of the entry, one reads:

She continued, “I cherish all of the characters in the drama, but my heart goes out to Jang Hee Tae especially. Jang Hee Tae is the center of this drama. Although his heart understands his wife, his mind won’t let him forgive her, and he [is paralyzed trying to figure out what to do]. But soon enough the viewers will see what a great husband Jang Tae Hee is.”

HT is the center of this drama? o_O . It has been IR and KJ for me… but she better deliver a refreshing journey from ep 14 onwards… 6 more episodes to go and I want lots of HAPPY and SILLY GRINNING for us audience Soon 😮


IR mother does not appreciate KJ’s help in breaking up the chaos. She scolds him for even showing up at the hospital, “I meant what I said!” HT tells her gently to let it go, it’s fine. But it’s not fine for KJ. IR’s mother’s words and cold treatment has struck a chord within.

The Ahjummas on strike lock down the cafeteria and barricaded all doors with tables and chairs.

IR’s Mum:  You followed because you couldn’t leave IR? (Yes – KJ)

IR:  Carpenter Kim, were you not able to find your way out?

KJ:  You come in on the right and leave on the… left…

IR’s Mum:  I told you. Don’t come near my daughter again.

Ahjumma:  Here! You should eat here. Did your second daughter get married? When did you get two sons-in-law?… Who’s the eldest son-in-law? I’ll serve him first… Aigoo! You’re handsome. She always talked about her doctorate son-in-law. Goodness. He has good looks and complexion [Hmmm, she hasn’t taken a GOOD LOOK at KJ…] He could be President. President material! Goodness!

Awww… just look at KJ 😦

Ahjumma:  To be a son-in-law in a family without sons, you have to eat a lot. Here. You worled hard too, Sweetie. Eat a lot… Boon Ja, you spoke well today. If you eat this up, you can do better… But, are you the second son-in-law candidate?

KJ:  No. I came with IR –

Ahjumma:  You came with IR?  What’s your relationship?

HT:  He’s my hoobae. I was meeting him and this happened.

Ahjumma:  Aigoo! I’m so grateful. I didn’t know before. But having even one more person makes me so grateful. Oh yes.. this is called solidarity.

IR’s mum:  It’s not like that. They were just passing by. Right HT?

Ahjumma:  Anyway, I’m so grateful I could cry. Mr. Hoobae, eat a lot. Come help us out often, okay? Well… Enjoy!

IR’s mum:  I can’t believe it… In all my life… Crazy bitch. Crazy bitch! Insane bitch!! Are you out of your mind?

IR:  Mom. Do you know what’s really important? We’re all hungry. We have to eat to fight again, research and cut wood. We just happened to overlap. So, let’s eat first.

IR’s mum:  Is this what overlap looks like? Even if the world is different, how can you seat them together?

IR:  I met HT to file divorce papers. This guy – … Anyway, it’s best to have more people.

IR’s mum: What a freaking crazy sight!

KJ:  Mother! Why do you keep hitting her? Use your words.

IR’s mum:  What? You rotten bastard! Damn it.

IR leads them out after their meal, thanks them both for coming to her aid but she must stay behind for her mum. Awkward silence between HT and KJ and they both walk back to their vehicles only to find their cars have been towed away 🙂

Next scene:  Both men share a cab to get their cars 😀 😀 😀

While IR helps to clean up the place, the Ahjumma hands her an envelope apparently dropped by HT. She checks the content: Divorce Application. He definitely had it on him. She runs out to make a call…

HT and KJ are paying the compound for their cars and KJ notices IR’s call to HT’s phone. He declines the call. They walk back to their respective vehicles, start their engines in sync, but HT’s car won’t start. Big-hearted KJ gives him a lift and tells him to take care of his car especially in cold weather.

KJ:  Earlier… why did you say I was your hoobae?

HT:  Should I have told the truth?

KJ:  [Hesitates, but gathers courage] Then, as a hoobae, I have a question to ask. How can I be welcomed like you? Everyone likes you. You’re welcome wherever you go.

HT:  Why? You want to be welcomed? You didn’t care about that.

KJ:  I care now… and I’m curious…. why people live so loudly.

HT:  It’s simple. Obey the rules. Humans and animals pick mates. Whether one on one or ten, each group has rules. When hunting or mating, it becomes a mess without rules. You’ll lose in this game 100%. You’ll be insulted no matter what excuse. Know why? The rules set up thousands of years ago are like that.

IR runs back home hoping to catch HT. She tries the old door lock combination. He hasn’t changed it yet. She enters to see an unkempt house, few bulbs blown from the dining pendant lamps. Dirty dishes all over the table and kitchen sink. Ugh.

KJ drops HT off outside his building, but gets out to open the door for HT XD XD

KJ:  You said it was a game earlier… I’ve never felt I was playing a game with IR. She’s not that kind of woman, IR-Sshi… Be careful please.


HT: You’re amazing… You’re amazing, you jerk. [Woi! He drove you back home and was civil with you all the way HT 😮 ]

IR comes running out when she hears a car drive off. She asks HT why he hasn’t changed the passcode. Why he didn’t change the bulb? Or vacuumed? Or washed the dishes? He needs her! He’s fearful of losing her. That’s why he couldn’t file the divorce application. “If you can’t decide, let me decide for you,” and IR tears up the envelope along with the content. “I’m truly sorry. I’ll try harder.”

“Try?” HT says she misunderstood him. He was going to file the application, after his feelings have settled somewhat. So, she needs to sign it again.

IR. You’re worth more than a passcode changer, account book manager, house maintenance supervisor and cook…

She walks away like a zombie, not bothering to pick up the torn divorce application on the ground… but KJ’s truck is still in neutral just by the side of HT’s building!!! LOOK UP! LOOK UP! He’s in deep thought. And next we see him picking up the torn papers from the ground. Multiple questions zinging in his mind at that moment. My heart rate just picked up speed… And just when I thought he lost the opportunity to see IR, he runs down the road looking for her, hoping to catch her somehow… Lawdy, his IR radar hones in to a huddled figure on the bench, hurriedly takes off his jacket to cover her shivering body…


KJ brings her to the hospital when he realizes IR has a temperature. The doctor returns to them after running some tests saying she’s fine overall, still has slight fever but she’s malnourished. KJ looks on at IR from the back. IR’s friend and IU turn up at the hospital..

Later, he drives himself back to his studio, thinking back on his conversation with SY.

SY:  Why do you think she’s full of regrets?

KJ:  They shouldn’t make that decision then. If they decided, they shouldn’t look back.

SY:  Is it fun playing god floating on a cloud? Marriage is reality. It’s daily life. It’s dirty and sticky. It’s foul and smells bad. They lived seven years like that. Think about it with your heart. Did you ever think from IR’s perspective? [KJ stares at the torn application on his worktable] The seven years she spent with her husband and the time she’ll have to live alone. Have you thought from IR’s perspective?

KJ reads the details on the application. His heart grows heavy as he reads out IR’s. Reason for divorce: Adultery. His heart shatters.

Next day, KJ visits HT at his workplace. HT escorts him to the balcony so that they can converse. KJ became curious about how HT is at work. Are you pulling my leg? HT is about to smack his head. Then KJ asks him to treat him lunch.

IR is called out by SY for nutritious lunch at a Japanese restaurant too. I smell a plan…

When the doors to Room 5 slide open, HT is surprised to see IR and she is surprised to see them both. “What do you think you’re doing?” HT accuses KJ. He apologizes for the covert manner, but it was necessary to get them both in the same room. HT wants to leave but KJ informs him that IR is malnourished. Fine, let’s eat first.

KJ looks at IR polishing her bowl and then at HT who didn’t even spare a caring glance at her even after knowing she hasn’t been eating well. HT announces, “Okay, let’s end this quick. What’s this about?”

KJ:  In this place, I want to reach a conclusion. [To IR] If you have regret towards Dr. Jang, tell him now. You too, Dr. Jang. Be clear.

HT:  Who are you? What right do you have? Who are you to give us orders? (I have the right – KJ) You have no right. You broke the rules and did wrong. You have no right to talk. Shut up and stop fooling around!

GEEZ o_O Who’s the whiny small kid here?

KJ:  I’ll take responsibility. Now I know what I did. I have no way to make it up to you, Dr. Jang, but I’ll take responsibility for Mrs. Kim. Let’s end it here.

IR:  Leave, Carpenter Kim… Please leave.

HT:  Kim Il Ri. Let’s say our divorce reason is irreconcilable differences.

HT voiceover: How do I explain how I felt then?

HT:  We’re too different.We might have fallen in love because of that. But it’s too hard to be like you.

HT voiceover: I decided to only look ahead.

HT:  Live well whether that guy takes responsibility for you or not. Don’t get malnutrition because of an idiot like me.

HT voiceover: I decided not to have regret or anything at all. Like a lizard’s tail cut off which grows back, I wanted to cut it off for good.

IR:  I was wrong to be excited by you. It was wrong to work with you.

o_O o_O o_O How would you have known in the first place IR?
No one owns a crystal ball that shows the future o_O

IR:  Visiting even though it bothered you. Asking you to make me ramen… Fainting in front of you and making your hand hot… it was all a mistake… So, don’t come to me again.


KJ basically laid his heart bare in front of them both, and IR says thanks but, not thanks… o_O


HT voiceover:

My wife puts eggs in her ramen. I don’t put egg in mine. My wife is left-handed. I’m right-handed. We’re different. Those things that were slightly uncomfortable I didn’t think I wouldn’t be able to stand them.

Clean slate, new start. IR has another painting job, and she’s glad to be preoccupied with something she’s familiar with. HT visits HS and tells her his story post-IR and the more he looks at her, her realizes that only IR could read HS’ eyes. No one else in the family can. “You only realize that now, Oppa?” o_O is HS’s inward response.

He walks back to his building and sees MK and dad loading up the truck and car with boxes. They’re moving out. He offers to help MK’s dad, but he deflects, dropping one of the smaller boxes. Handful of old phones spilled on the ground and MK’s dad immediately lunges for the one HT picked up. Why the mystery? Why the insistence to not help? HT wrestles with him over the phone and he manages to press the “call” button. HT’s phone lights up with “The Sender” whereas the disposable phone read “Idiot.” SO IT WAS MK’S DAD ALL ALONG!

He brings the culprit to the Police Station, but in order to press charges, IR has to be there too. He calls her and keeps his conversation to three sentences. While waiting for her, he goes through her old cellphone and comes across IR’s photos with HS and the video she took when she knew she was leaving the family. He listens to IR’s heartfelt conversation with HS.

After settling matters at the station, they both have drinks at the infamous neighborhood restaurant. Apparently MK’s dad was envious of them. From that, jealousy took root.

HT:  We were the kind of couple people were jealous of. IR-ah… Kim Il Ri. Were you ever excited by me? When was the last time? You can’t remember huh? I was your husband. And your former teacher.

HT voiceover:  Teacher, friend, husband and man. What comes first?

IR:  Let’s go if you’re going to talk nonsense.

HT voiceover:  What did I want to become most?

HT reminisces the past, the times when they were teacher-student, the outrageous UFO-worshipping moments, the time she sneaked her first soju glass, the time she saved his life and ended up with a shattered body. Suddenly HT wants to hang on to the present and not worry about the future. He grabs IR’s wrist and says “let’s go home.”

IR’s response, “No, I won’t.”




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