Blurb: Valid Love 12

If only you turned back and looked at KJ one more time IR, you’d see his heart in his eyes…

KJ:  IR, let’s date. Let’s officially go out. Let’s… start over again.



KJ:  It’s cold. It’s perfect weather to date.  XD ❤ ❤

IR:  It was around there. I kissed my husband there first. When I was eighteen. But I hurt him so badly. He must be so hurt. He must be suffering so much. Did you know? That you can only feel your own pain? How could he have that face hiding in him? Is he the person I knew for 10 years? Knowing that is hard enough.

Ummm… are you on a campaign to remind him of how unsuitable you are for him? That he should pursue a woman who befits his status as a bachelor, deserving of untainted first love?

잠깐만, Wait a second… IR, you ARE very likely his first love, unlike the first woman…

IR:  We won’t meet again.

KJ:  Don’t you like being together? Do you dislike it?… Look at me. Do you dislike looking into each others eyes?… Even if we won’t meet again?… That’s how I was. In my head. But it didn’t work.

Awww IR is tearing up. She’s hiding the truth, but we can see she’s trying her darndest to push KJ away. Her heart has been trampled on too much…

IR’s mum:  Hi Hee Young… yeah… (OMO!! Come here! Come here! – IR) You’re saying it’s true that the catering company is coming in? Let’s not do this… Let’s meet and talk…

IR:  I’m going crazy…

KJ:  I’m going to do as I feel. You too… do as you feel.

Aaaand IU’s presence breaks the spell… Aish! She demands to know who much does KJ like IR. Well… to heaven and earth? (Swoon!) It’s a first time he is asked that and he says he will answer her once he has thought of an answer. XD XD XD

HT voiceover:

It was strange. It was only three days since my wife went to her mother’s. But the distance between us felt like three years had passed. I felt that much more at peace and unconcerned too. It’s painful being together. We have to be apart to be at peace. Like an unrelated person. We’re strangers now.

FIL calls IR over the next day. They realize only IR can take good care of HS, and is she ever excited to see her cool eonnie again. She cleans her up and takes her out for ride. And a movie even? IR stops by the neighborhood convenient store and KJ happens to see her cross the road from afar. He hones in like a moth to a flame… he knocks on the front passenger window, “You seem to have lots of regret, Kim Il Ri.” And he looks at HS who is staring daggers at him from the back. IR warns him to be mindful of his words. He tells her to be careful with her heart, and gets into the car o_O

IR is shocked and naturally wants him out of the vehicle. He turns to face HS first and apologizes for his rudeness the night before. Then, he turns to face IR and suggests that they all go out to watch a movie. ‘You have GOT to be Joking, man!’ expression etched on IR’s face.

IR:  I’m sorry eonnie… [HS stares at IR] Eonnie… Do you want to go to the movies?

HS blinks ONCE. OMO! She does!!

At the movie theater, KJ queues to get the tickets and popcorn while IR fusses over HS.

IR:  Are you okay having him here?

HS:  I do want to slap you. But I want to watch a movie on the big screen, so family ties are not as important today. [HS blinks once.] I was curious about him too… He’s got nice proportions. XD XD

He joins them with a tray of popcorn and soda, but IR hints at leaving them at the movies. I can watch with you guys too… I’ll sit far from you. And during this cute banter IR finds out that she is only a year older than KJ. Good lord, he’s younger than her but acts like an adult! XD XD XD

When IR scoots off to the ladies’, KJ has his own conversation with HS, “I’m a carpenter. I make furniture.” And when IR walks back to them, she sees KJ crouching on the floor with a piece of paper in his hand explaining his next project to HS, carpentry work that involves old Hanok. IR appreciates the effort KJ puts into getting to know persons who matter to her.


ep12_movie1ep12_movie2ep12_movie3ep12_movie4ep12_movie5ep12_movie6ep12_movie7“You’re no match for my brother.”

However, IR soon remembers her first movie date with HT when she still a schoolgirl. Her carefree laughter dissipates, which KJ notices.

HT voiceover:

Excitement. Trembling. Expectation. Disappointment. That day on his face those typical expressions flitted by. There were certain expressions on my face that day too.

My sister HS had a special expression too.

IR pushes HS by a man standing in the movie foyer for his date with popcorn and soda in hand. He stares at HS in shock. They must’ve shared a past…

It’s night time and IR begins her walk back to her mother’s, only to see KJ waiting for her at the top of the hill. Sweet Joonie is working hard to spend time with her, but why do I sense ‘burdensome’ on IR’s part? Does she really want to  push him away from her life?

He cajoles her into having dinner with him since he didn’t get to eat the popcorn he bought.  And as fate would have it, the foursome meet at the one cafe in the neighborhood that has seen much action, thanks to HT and KJ…

IR and KJ had placed their orders when HT and SJ walked in. IR stands up as if to leave, and KJ follows suit. She then changes her mind and tells him to have dinner first and then leave. “Are you okay?” KJ asks IR. Yes. SJ whispers to HT to go elsewhere, and he purposely speaks loud enough for IR and KJ to hear “Why should we? I’m a regular here. And I wanted to bring you here too.”

After food and soju, KJ helps a sussed IR out of her chair, ready to leave the stifling restaurant…

SJ:  That’s enough for today.

HT:  Okay. Let’s stop. Oh yeah… You have to drive… (I’ll call a cab – SJ) Are there female drivers? It’s dangerous. (It’s nearby – SJ) Have you called a driver before? You never took taxis because you were scared. (I can ride just fine now. I’ve called drivers too – SJ) But you still can’t. I’ll go with you. I’ll escort you home and take a taxi.

IR:  That woman is pretty, right? She’s my husband’s first love. (Let’s leave – KJ) After I finish this. That’s like my blood… (Get up – KJ) This is left… (Let’s go – KJ)  Okay… I couldn’t say hello earlier. I’m sorry. My sister was rude last time, I’m sorry about that too. I thought only your face was pretty, but so are your hands. Please take good care of my Dr. Jang.

KJ;  I’m sorry. She’s drunk.

HT:  Why let her get that drunk? Hurry up and go.

IR:  You taught me how to drink. The man who taught me how to drink soju. You took all my drunken antics.

HT:  SJ-ah, you think you said you misundertood her? That it’s possible. What do you think of in-person Do you understand?

IR:  Liar. Who could understand me? You who lived seven years with me can’t understand me. Who could understand me? Who cares who it is? It’s not you. That’s why I’m not sorry at all. I’m NOT sorry at all. You know why? You don’t know do you? You don’t know because you’re stupid. I’m not sorry. Why should I be? You don’t know anything! Nothing!! Why should I be sorry?!

HT voiceover:

After that ordeal was over, I felt bad about her humiliation.

KJ pats IR’s back as she throws up by the street…

Where did she go? My small minded imagination.

KJ tucks her into his bed and listens to her mumblings, I’m not sorry. I’m not sorry at all…

And a new relationship was coming to me…

SJ slips her hand into HT’s as they leave the restaurant. And he holds her hand tight in his.

Next day, HT and IR meet outside the Incheon Courthouse but she asks whether he brought the papers. Oh. They must be in the car. While he searches high and low for the document, IR’s mum calls and requests for her presence at the hospital urgently. Just bring more people with you! Quick!

In the car ride to the hospital, KJ tries a few times to talk to IR and when she finally picks up, he experiences stabs of jealousy when he overhears HT’s voice in the background. Where could they be headed too together in the car? KJ grabs his jacket and heads out of his studio.

IR Sweetcakes, if only you can see beyond your pain what KJ goes through to have you as his companion… aigoo…

Demonstration: Guarantee our survival! Guarantee! Guarantee!

Officer:  There are about 10 people striking in front of the hospital.

IR:  Mom! Mom!!

Mom:  You’re here! You know that Twist or whatever? Take pictures and upload it there! Goodness! HT, you came! Thank you. Don’t go and wait, okay?

Hospital Rep:  Now, now, now! The hospital and company are reviewing right now. There’s no benefit in doing this.

Mom:  Do you take us as fools? We read the news on smartphones. Reviews always end up being pointless. We’re not moving until a deal is signed. Tell the hospital director to come out! Come out!!

IR:  What to do about my mom?

KJ:  You can go now… Somebody’s Reeeeallly jealous!

HT:  I have to see Mother.

KJ:  She’s not your mother anymore.

HT:  You have… no fear, huh?

KJ:  I’m only afraid of one person. Her [IR’s mum]

IR:  This isn’t the time! Don’t you see that? Both of you leave unless you help my mom. Go Honey. You too, Carpenter Kim.

IU:  Eonnie!! She’s doing it?! Where’s Mom?

GT:  Why are you here, hyung? (What about you? – HT) I… Huh? Who are you? (Leave. You shouldn’t be here – HT) Hold on. Haven’t we met? (We’ve never said hello – KJ) Right? You know me right? (Hurry up and go. Hurry – IU) Oh… oh… you’re the bastard who blindsided my brother.  (Why are you doing this? Let go – HT) Hold on! How dare this asshole –

IR:  MOM! (MIL – HT)

GT:  I’ll see you later, okay?

IR:  Let go of my mother! (Let go! – HT) You have a mother too! Let Go!! Let GO! MOM!

HT:  Let go! Talk it out! … You stop that!

HT voiceover:

I thought it was all over. But I still had feelings left.

HT:  I’m still her guardian.







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