Blurb: Valid Love 11

And we’re now entering the downward curve of big, life-changing event.


How does one respond in front of a man who was a husband of seven years, albeit not really in tune with the spouse, as well as a man who only has gotten to know you over a few weeks yet knows your inner self? Ain’t easy being tactful in the name of sparing their egos…

At the police station, IR steps forward as the Guardian for both HT and KJ (much to HT’s surprise) and when they all step out of the building, IR drags them to one place where the drama can be contained and allows her to speak to both at the same time: XYZ cafe.

IR: I was signing the divorce papers when I rushed out. I wanted to talk because we need to settle things. You and I just need to file the papers at court. What happened to him… is as you know. I was excited and wavered. I forgot about you from time to time. I knew I shouldn’t, but I kept noticing and having feelings for him. I didn’t know what I was saying and doing. But I never suspected you weren’t my soulmate.

Uhh… from where I’m sittin, gurlfriend, KJ is more of your soulmate than HT o_O

I knew that even though this guy excited me.

You’re talkin’ in front of KJ like that? Jjincha?! 😮

Anyways, things are settled with us. So Honey, you don’t need to fight with him. You too. I don’t know if this is important to you, But I’m saying it because people say it’s important. We didn’t sleep together. We didn’t sleep together.

SY:  Yeah!

IR:  If you’re misunderstanding…

HT:  Is that something to say to me? Don’t you have any common sense? How dare you treat your husband like a scarecrow?
Yeah, dude. You’ve been going around with your own lurid movie in your head 😡

Whether you slept together or not, you’ve crossed a line! Is not ‘getting caught legally’ everything? You already got caught in everything and did it all! It’s over when your heart goes. Let me ask you, would you understand this situation? Would you understand it if I told you I liked another woman and you both? Well? (No – IR) See?! Why ask me to understand what you can’t?

IR:  But I think I would try. If you really liked her,… a woman like that, there would have to be a reason. If you didn’t dislike me but you liked her, wouldn’t that be the case? If half your heart was with the another woman, I would go crazy and tormented. No, I might be worse off than you right now. But, you wouldn’t do that carelessly.

Awww Joonie… 😥

Maybe you couldn’t help it. There has to be a reason. I’d try once to understand.

SY:  Bravo.

IR:  I’m going to my mum’s house. So, you go home. Don’t sleep outside. I’ll get my stuff eventually.

KJ:  Sit… sit. I’m the one who’s a scarecrow. What are you doing with me here? What you said… Was it for my ears? I’m nothing? You were just playing. So, ‘get lost’ now?

In your haste to mitigate HT’s feelings, you’ve belittled KJ’s earnest intention in wanting to get closer to you. But how would you know how serious KJ was about you anyway? Who in their right mind would want to pursue a married woman? Who dresses in her trade wear most of the time? Who can cuss easily like some other contractor bloke on site? How could handsome, strapping, independent KJ see her with such adoration and drawn to such a person?

I just have to leave, right? (Are you kidding? – HT) It’s my mistake. I didn’t think it’d get this big. No… I didn’t think on purpose. I hate complicated things like multiplication. I just liked a woman. But that woman has a soulmate… And she really loves him. (Stop it – HT) Who’s the guardian here? You take care of yourself. I don’t like it either. Getting half your heart. Just give it all to Dr. Jang. I refuse.

YEAH, JOONIE!! XD You count too. Your heart is not something fickle to be brushed away under the guise of a crush or puppy love.

And in the mean time, GT and IU find the signed divorce application on the dining table in HT’s home. Cue makjang diarrhea in HT’s parents’ household…

HT voiceover:

Now it’s over. After cancelling our family cell plan, I just need to take back my bank account. Divorce might be simpler than I thought. Moving… yeah, about the same amount of stress as moving.

No. Divorce isn’t simple. There are each others’ families to deal with.

And yeah, IR’s mum beats her, accusing her of crapping in her own rice bowl. How dare she did something so unforgivable to a husband like HT?
Omeoni, you don’t know how IR’s been living as HT’s wife, arasso?

At least IU is welcoming of IR’s decision to leave HT and his energy-sapping family.

Call from MIL come through. Great. More interrogation. More beating. Only this time, IR allows her MIL to really beat the crap out of her due to the guilt she carries within. And don’t tell me three grown men CAN’T hold back an angry MIL. They’re posers who condone violence against a woman who has “betrayed” their family. My, my… I wonder where HT got his selfishness from… I have a feeling they will only realise how much IR has done for them when they can’t handle caring for HS.

Just. You. Wait…

IR’s mum visits KJ’s studio. [Aside: KJ’s drill has a voice-activated reminder about his battery power level… which is AWESOME!] It’s her first time seeing “the other man” and finds him decent, despite the blackeye and split lower lip. But how could he pursue IR like that knowing she was a married woman? Stop it. Don’t see her anymore. Promise me.

KJ:  I’m sorry… I don’t make promises. I’m sorry…

❤ ❤ ❤ BUT, if you have a different ending in this drama, writer-nim, I will walk to the cliff edge and summon the Kraken… So HELP Me God 😮

KJ recalls IR’s speech in the cafe and is hurt at how insignificant he may seem in IR’s eyes. He whisks his phone out, ready to delete the only picture he has of them together, and he does… Or did he? It was not shown, but I heard that distinct sound of a button being pressed… Yes, I have attuned my other senses to pick up such things in this drama… LOL!!

HT voiceover:

When I feel useless to the other person, when you find out you’re useless, and no different than trash. Being left by someone, that’s why it hurts. The loss you feel when you mean nothing to another. Did my wife feel a tenth of my pain?

But I missed something. That guy was feeling loss as well.

KJ drops a jar of coffee beans and he stares at his right hand, remembering the day when IR struggled to breathe into his hand. He places it under the tap, letting the cold water run all over. His hand is still hot.

That guy started feeling jealous about me.

Of course hoobae SJ enlists HT’s help in apartment hunting for her and her constant phishing for a place in his heart. And he still doesn’t want to acknowledge that he knows how she feeld about him? However, he finally tells her not to go on a blind date (ie, You have me now) and SJ tears up. Aigoo o_O But then he breaks the bubble by telling her not to date a divorcee, and he’ll help screen potential ones for her. A real cowardly numbskull this HT…

HT:  What are you doing here?… Ya! Park Min Ki! Even if you run, you live downstairs! Talk to me instead of making it hard! Stop there!… Get him! Get him!!

KJ:  What is it this time?

HT:  Give it. Hand it over. (I don’t want to. What are you doing? – MK) I saw you taking pictures.

KJ:  It was you? (I won’t take anymore – MK) What a lousy liar you are 😦 What did you tell me? What did you say when I asked you? (Taking pictures is no big deal – MK) You jerk. Don’t you know what you did?

HT:  Come. Let’s go to the police. (No. I’m sorry Ahjussi. Please forgive me once – MK) Beg at the station. (I won’t take pictures. I won’t take anymore. I really won’t… Really… what’s the big deal… – MK) I wasn’t born yesterday, twerp. Call your father.

Confrontation begins at HT’s home. Dad arrives and begs on his knees for forgiveness. His son took pictures without thinking or the repercussions. Err, he sent them and even egged HT on. Not thinking of repercussions? IR returns to the house and wants to talk to MK alone.

IR:  No matter what others say, I’ll believe what you say here. Can you tell me why you did it?

MK:  Pfft. How can I trust a woman’s words? On top of that, a woman who cheated?
PFFT? PFFT?! You’re still in middle-school and THIS is the Attitude you show towards IR who has not SCREAMED & WHACKED you to pieces? o_O

MK’s dad is still kneeling in the living room and refuses to budge until he and his son are forgiven. “I forgive you,” IR tells him, much to HT’s shock. She urges dad to bring MK home and feed him. That earned another PFFT from MK. I feel like smacking the back of his head 😡 . Anyone else with me?

IR walks to KJ’s studio, with the intention to update him on the MK episode…

KJ:  What is it? (MK… I think we should talk about him – IR) Go ahead.

IR:  He’s still a student so we’re not reporting to the police. His father is desperate.

KJ:  You’re very understanding. Why did a student do that?

IR:  There was a reason. (Really? – KJ) But it doesn’t have to do with you. Don’t worry –

KJ:  Oh… it has nothing to do with me? But it has to do with Dr. Jang? I guess everyone looks for him. But I have a right to know, since he took my picture too. Isn’t that why you came?

Sweetie, you’re just drawn to Joonie. Your heart brings you to his place. Every time…

IR:  That is… MK had a mother. We thought she was studying abroad. I thought he was an amazing husband to do that. I was envious. Before he moved here, when MK was in elementary school, he sent him with her to study abroad. But…

HT:  But what?

IR:  She met a man there. She wanted to live with him. So she sent MK back home on a plane by himself. That’s why MK thinks all women are like his Mum. He has an aversion to women. His dad got him a new cell phone. He was testing the camera out. I was caught coincidentally.

HT:  Coincidentally? (It was a coincidence? – KJ)

IR:  Yes. He likes taking pictures. (Hey! Your handphone! – MK friend) (What if I dropped it? – MK) (You caught it – friend) (HEY! – KJ) (What’s with them? – MK)

Flashback: It’s true. Why one-syllable name when you’re not Won Bin or Hyun Bin? You’re a carpenter as well. You’re handsome…

IR:  That’s what happened… I know.. it’s shocking.

KJ:  So you’re going to end it like that?

IR:  He’s only in the seventh grade. It’s unfortunate. His father promised to get him help.

KJ:  But still… how can you live with neighbors like that?

IR:  We’re not neighbors anymore.

He takes that info to heart. She has moved out. IR apologizes for her mum’s surprise visit at his studio the other day. Mums are like that. She takes her leave and KJ tells her to shut the door tightly. He tries to continue eating his jajangmyun, but his heart is unsettled.

He drives to her and offers to send her home (ie her mother’s) as it will grow dark soon. She declines, “it’s not dangerous” and  continues to walk on. He revs his engine and stops next to her again, “So let’s go. And we’ll see if it’s dangerous or not.”

IR:  Did you fix the door?

KJ:  No.

Oooh! I get your meaning Joonie! XD ❤ ❤ So SUAVE!

She quickly continues on her own and he dashes to park his truck on the side of the road and quietly follows her all the way to her mother’s place.

HT is at his mum’s because she’s sick. Actually, she is still in remorse over IR’s “betrayal” and feels pity for her eldest son. HS is developing rashes because of constipation. And no one is as skilled as IR when it comes to HS’ care.

IR and KJ arrive at the destination and she pauses before turning to KJ and apologizes for the night after the police station incident. The unbidden words that came out must’ve hurt him. Which was not what she intended.

KJ:  I know. I feel the same. Anything more?

Lawd. That hopeful look in his eyes and his voice when he asked that loaded question…

She shakes her head, bows to thank him and walks slowly towards her mum’s apartment block. KJ remains at his spot, looking on at IR with yearning in his eyes, willing her to turn to him just one more time before stepping into the complex.

She pauses just long enough to give some hope to KJ.

However, she didn’t turn around and KJ begins his long journey back to his neighborhood…

HT voiceover:

I found out later. The love my wife should’ve experienced at that age came too late.

That guy… started a real love affair.



I’m SO invested in this drama right now that if the ending turns out to be a cousin-thrice-removed from Cirque Du Soleil,

I shall DEFINITELY release the Kraken 😡





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