Blurb: Valid Love 10


Mr. Petty does his utmost best to shorten IR’s presence in his parents’ home. Not only does he tell her to get Mrs. Park to tend to HS, but he practically “shoos” IR off by saying to his mother there is no need to feed IR. She has a lunch appointment somewhere.

His mother is not one to blindly follow HT’s orders, and she reasons with him that the hour had passed beyond lunch time, so how is it possible IR has to rush off ? Sit. Enjoy the fried freshwater eel I know you like so much, IR.

MIL brings up the matter of having a grandchild around now that IR has sacrificed 7 years of her young life taking care of HS. Awkward silence between HT and IR. And to make matters even more awkward (I even went “Eh?”) MIL brings IR into her bedroom and gives a gift to help with the babymaking process that has to happen that night because of feng shui reasons. IR opens the giftbox: Red Lacy Lingerie. Like I said, “Eh?” o_O

So why did Detective Lee turn up at KJ’s studio? Gracious KJ allows the officer to walk around his premises (without a warrant I might add). This is the first time KJ learns of the blackmail photos HT has been receiving. Who would do this to both of you? However, they did get a brief trace yesterday and it came from that neighborhood.
Methinks it’s either that dodgy dad or that dodgy son 😮 …

KJ asks if IR is safe. Do they have a backup plan if the situation turns out to be a serious one. How telling the priorities are between HT and KJ. The former wants to get to the bottom of things for his own sake, the latter wants to make sure IR is protected for her own sake. The detective just ups and leaves after simply looking around KJ’s studio, and not even questioning him. KJ is concerned at the lack of earnest pursuit of leads and how can an officer not diligently do his job? From the officer’s response, we see that he has stereotyped pretty-boys like KJ, stamping “home-wrecker” on his forehead just because of his looks and physique.

HT voiceover:

This guy. He had no idea. He said that he realized it for the first time at that moment. Something you shouldn’t have done, and the price of having embraced the unallowed. Ridicule. Contempt. Jeering. This was just the beginning for you too.

HT and IR finally leave his parents’ after dinner…

HT voiceover:

You’ve offended me, and you smile in front of my parents. How despicable can you be? I had that thought for a moment. But once I decided to throw my wife away, I no longer even feel sorry. But then…

HT receives a text message: Haven’t you divorced yet? Ha. Ha. Moron.

The bastard who let me know about my wife’s infidelity, I could not be cool towards.

HT becomes so mad he almost throws his phone to the ground, but IR stops him and takes his phone away. And read the text. She looks at HT with eyes that questions his blind trust in a stranger, rather than in IR.

At home, she told HT he should’ve come to her first and ask about the pictures because that is what she would’ve done instead of stalking, doing amateurish detective work and believing in the words of a stranger. HT brushes her off saying that it’s easy for her to spell it out like so for she is the one involved in the affair.

IR:  Is this all I am to you? You suspect and try to trick me. Is this the kind of person you were?

HT:  Yes. It turns out I’m that kind of person.

IR:  So what do you gain out of this? Being suspicious, feeling me out, and exposing things. Every time Mother did that, what did you say? ‘What do you gain from this? Please stop.’ So what do we gain from this? What do you gain from this?

HT:  The true nature of your DNA…

IR:  You said so yourself, that we are all controlled by our DNA. My DNA was just bad, not me.

HT:  It’s all the same. How would you know? You didn’t learn much.


HT voiceover: I was surprised that this feeling was inside me. How much of me that I have never known, is still left inside?

IR:  Were you thinking about me like that all along?

HT:  Yes! Because it’s true… Let me go!

IR:  Why are you acting like a child? Is leaving the house going to solve this? (Since you’re not leaving, I will! Let me go! – HT) You want to have a fight, we should fight here. And if you want to get mad, get mad at me. Not outside. There isn’t a place that you can scream and get mad as much as you want.

HT:  We won’t be fighting again. Let go!

IR:  Just forgive me once!! Just forgive me once, Honey. Please, HT-Sshi!

HT:  What do I forgive you for? How can I forgive you when you like him? Is that something to forgive? Just live like that! According to your DNA!

IR:  Then you should take me. You know that you’re etched into my DNA! So don’t go, or just take me!

And right at that moment, MIL calls to find out if the couple are “progressing” with producing the next generation o_O WHO BLINKIN’ DOES THAT? And MIL misreads IR’s breathlessness for Operation Grandchild is On.

When HT opens the main door to leave, IR’s mum stands there, frozen in the spot. She had heard their entire argument. Over cockles and makgeolli, HT takes this moment to pay his last respect to his MIL and states his intention of ending his marriage with IR. IR cannot believe HT had announced his decision without even discussing with her. He is hell-bent on ridding her from his life. IR who saved his life years ago from an oncoming vehicle, who went through such ordeal in the ICU, who had to forsake her dreams of further studies so she could take care of her family, is casually flicked off like a lint from his tweed jacket.

When IR drops by to visit HS, she is surprised to see a new Ahjumma changing HS’ bed linens. She finds out from MIL that HT had interviewed and hired her to take over IR’s job, which he had explained to his mother it was getting too taxing for IR. MIL even found it odd that HT didn’t include IR in the hiring process. Yeah, your son has blinders on and only HIS way is the right way because he isn’t the one who started an affair.

After going through the details of how to take care of HS with the new minder, IR sits on her small chair by HS’ bedside. Still not making eye contact with HS. A “conversation” between IR and HS ensues. The latter wants to know what is going on. Who is the new Ahjumma? Why is Oppa talking weird things? Why won’t you look at me in the eyes?… By chance… Did you get caught?

IR:  Eonnie, shall we go for a drive? It’s been a long time.

IR turns into such a chatterbox as she drives HS around town. However, HS can sense that the jovial mood IR creates is somehow forced. As the day grows dark IR realizes she has to make one stop before returning home. She parks in front of a DIY store with a drill box in hand.

No one is at the counter. She looks around for a sales person. And sees KJ standing across the floor, looking at her too. She may have forgotten her resolution to say hello with her eyes, for she quickly turns to mask the palpitating feeling. She has feelings for him, but can’t afford to show.

The first thing that comes to KJ’s mind when he sees IR…


KJ voiceover:  Because I’m not.

This scene in the shop is so charged with unspoken emotions. Both of them are fighting so hard to keep it within themselves and IR feels very conflicted that the person who is involved in her marriage breakdown is within a few paces. The only person who could give her comfort and solace in this time of need, but she can’t simply go to him.

But she questions him why he continued his project when he knew HT was her husband? Did he think she’d feel grateful for the chair to sit in after a tiring day? Why would you send photos to HT? IR basically had her boxing gloves on and gave a few knocks to the unsuspecting KJ. She walks away in a huff, and he follows her to the car.

KJ:  I sent it? Do you really think that?!

It’s rather cute to see KJ also gets that surreal contact with HS, albeit his is a thwack on the back of his head 😀

HS:  Are you the one who ruined my brother?

IR:  I’m sorry. I was so mad that my words came out wrong. Go home now. (Come out to talk for a moment – KJ) Eonnie is tired. (It’ll only take a minute – KJ)… I’m really sorry. I’ve become so sensitive, so without thinking I just… Don’t take it to heart.

KJ:  Be careful from now on. Don’t get spaced out, and always look behind and in front of you. And if possible, don’t go out alone. And return home before sunset. If the sun sets, always stay where there are lots of people.

IR:  What are you doing right now?

KJ:  If you get a delivery, don’t open the door just for anyone. If you see a suspicious person, make sure to call the police right away. Just do that until the criminal is caught. I don’t know who’s doing this and why, but this shouldn’t be taken lightly. You know that, right?

This is what a namja who cares for someone does. Teach her how to be vigilant when he is not around to protect. Le sigh… sniff, sniff…

KJ:  Do you understand? (Yes – IR)

IR:  You didn’t put Vaseline on your hands every night, did you?

KJ:  I’ll start putting it on.

And the charged silent moment emerges again…

IR is sobbing in HS’ bathroom. After a while, she emerges with a smile and asks HS to take a welfie with her. IR lovingly adjusts HS’s hair as she takes a few shots. She then proceeds to take a video so that she can watch it again in the future. She kids with HS saying that she’ll leave a copy of it on her computer so that she can view that later too.

As she holds up her phone to record her farewell…

Honestly, I… maybe… I might not be able to visit often. No, I might never come. Honestly, I… I’m kicked out. Mom called it something like “desertion”? Eonnie, you must be shocked.

And in the magical world of mobile HS, she gets up from bed and begins to rant at IR:

That’s right. Don’t come. Don’t ever come. If Oppa didn’t kick you out, I would’ve pulled out all your hair and kicked you out myself! Shocked? No… This just SUCKS. You and me… we were strangers, after all. You just turn your back, and we are strangers. How did I forget that?

So don’t act like you’re pitiful! To me he’s my one and only older brother. You are a stranger, but he’s my Oppa. He’s part of my bloodline and family! Don’t make my brother suffer!!

IR is crying into HS’ shoulder…

But Il Ri, I’m not confident. I want to yell at you and kick you out, but… Have you begged Oppa? You should get on your knees and beg him. As much as he is hurt, no,… ten, hundred, thousand times more than that, you should try to plead with him. Then, wouldn’t he forgive you? He’s a good guy, right? When we were young, even when he had things taken away from by me everyday, he always said it was okay and smiled and coddled me. So try begging him some more, Il Ri!

Just beg him some more and try harder. Let’s do it together. I will try too.  I will pee just a little bit and I won’t get diarrhea, I won’t catch colds. And I’ll digest everything well. I won’t get irritated when you change my pads a bit late.

If I have determination, then maybe I could really do it, right? I will really try hard. I will try so hard! So… don’t leave Il Ri! Stay together with me!


KJ enters XYZ cafe and makes a beeline for Duk Bae. He asks why he took those photos and sent those texts. DB doesn’t know what KJ is referring to. IR’s friend steps in and asks KJ why not ask her? Why IR? She is much younger-looking and has more money (LOL Good Lord this Ahjumma!) So why not me? Why must it be her? KJ is no mood for such talk. So is she: IR is likely to go through a divorce. KJ steps out in bewilderment…

As he walks back to his studio, he sees a suspicious figure lurking outside the window, peering into the studio. But the person runs of when realized KJ was within reach. Too bad, our Hawt Carpenter is just as fit and catches the culprit: The Dodgy Middle Schooler. HAH!

KJ drags that sorry ass into his studio and begins a polite interrogation. However, the boy states that he wanted to learn the trade because school sucks. KJ tells him there’s no point taking something up just because he hate school. It won’t last and he will end up looking to do something else. My antenna is sending different signals to me though… this boy remains on my Dodgy People list 😮

HT visits the police station for latest developments on the elusive stalker. Detective Lee can offer nothing new, but he did visit KJ and from that event, he can tell that KJ is also a victim, but he could also be a suspect. But he still doesn’t have much to go with.

It is night time, and HT looks over at the city scape…

HT voiceover:

I left home. I have nowhere to go. I don’t have anyone to go out with. No one to put me up. They say that Korean men have nowhere to go once they age. In the end, it’s alcohol.

KJ:  Dr. Jang. Dr. Jang! Come over here… Here. (That punk – HT) It’s nice yo see you, Dr. Jang. [OMG KJ is an adorable drunk! XD XD XD] I’ve been thinking about you, Dr. Jang. While sitting over there. And then we meet. Should I pour you a glass? No, just one shot isn’t enough. So have two. Two shots –

HT:  Go. Before something horrible happens to you. (Then just accept one glass and I’ll go – KJ) I told you to go.

KJ:  I’m sorry. I’m sorry Dr. Jang. Please take good care of Madam Kim.

HT:  What do I look like to you?

KJ:  I liked you too, Dr. Jang. It would have been better to meet sooner, of course.

HT:  Met who sooner? Madam Kim? You guys can do whatever you want. I don’t care anymore.

KJ:  Really? You don’t care? (You’ve been drinking too much, so give it a rest – HT) Really? Are you really divorcing her? Then… (I said to stop, okay – HT) Then is it okay if I see Madam Kim? Can I really see her?

IR is at home, calmly looking at the Divorce Application and ticks the box: Infidelity to Spouse as a reason for their breakup, and minutes later receives a call from the police… She comes in aghast that someone would hit her husband. She demands to know who else was involved in the brawl. The police officer nods to a covered-up person across the room but he explains that it was HT who hit someone, not the other way around.

IR:  There’s no way my husband would hit someone! He lives with the law.

Officer:  I think this time he needs the law…


And when she sees the damage HT had inflicted on KJ, only then does IR realize what a different person HT has become. The office asks who is the Guardian for Jang Hee Tae. “Both of them,” IR answers.

HT voiceover:

Guardian. Under the civil code, a family member or a relative who a person is dependent upon. Essentially, someone who has taken responsibility of that person. My wife claimed to be his guardian.

And IR looks at HR as though saying “I dare you to stop hurting someone else just because you have issues with me. Man up. Deal with ME.”



How I feel right now towards HT…


What a self-righteous, self-centered, pompous *@*+^#>




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