Blurb: Valid Love 8

HT is directed to KJ’s voicemail and says he’s calling to find out the status of their project. And leaves it at that. But his heart is thumping wildly, telling him otherwise.


IR:  Why can’t you memorize the multiplication table? (I don’t know why – KJ) You were going to tell me why. (I don’t know the reason – KJ) You don’t know the reason?


Young KJ:  2x 7= 14, 2x 8= 16, 2x 9= 18, 3x 1=3, 3x 2=6, 3x 3=9, 3x 4= 12, 3x 5=15, 3x 6= 18, 3x 7… 3x 7…

Harabeoji:  Is that so difficult? You don’t know 3x 7? (KJ repeats) It’s fine. You can stop… Just because you don’t know the multiplication table, that doesn’t mean you can’t work, or that you can’t get married. These days, electronic calculators are very well-made. (YES! – KJ) Are you so happy?

IR:  So you can’t memorize it from 3x 7? (Yes – KJ) They say everyone has at least one thing that bothers them. For you, it’s 3x 7.

KJ:  If grandpa said mean things to me, or nagged me, I may have found some way to memorize it. (But he didn’t? – IR)  Yes. He’s never said mean things to me, not once. If he did… I could have become a better person.

IR:  But… did your grandpa really find you?

KJ:  He said I was at his doorstep. I was an infant. Grandpa didn’t know who left me there.

IR:  When did grandpa pass away?

KJ:  Two years ago… Everyone dies, someday.

IR:  My father said that too. That everyone dies, eventually. So, I should not cry. So I cried every night. I worried that my mom would die too. If she dies too, what will Il Ui and I do? How will we eat? How will we go to school? And we couldn’t see them, even if we wanted to. What if I die because I miss them so much? Then Il Ui will be left along. What should I do?

KJ:  You said you don’t cry, but now you cry so much.

HT voiceover:

Once the storm had passed, rationality showed up. How can I suspect my wife over just a few photos, after being married to her for seven years? Then I had this thought.
That those two could have known each other for a long time. They are the same age. They could have been classmates from grammar school. Then it could be natural for them to hold each other’s hands.

I shouldn’t suspect so easily. But perhaps this was the person’s plan all along. I should ask my wife directly. Then she could laugh heartily and this all a remarkable coincidence. You never know.

Thanks to the sleeping Ahjumma, HS collapsed and she is rushed to the hospital. Everyone is alerted and make a beeline there. KJ and IR finally enter city limits and he holds her hand as the return to reality. She asks for his cell phone, wanting to check on HS and sees a few missed calls from ‘Jang’. Who is Jang? “Someone I know,” is all KJ says. IR is shocked to hear of HS’ downturn and KJ steps on the gas to send IR to the hospital.

HT and his brother are by HS’s bed and when IR comes running, the first thing that comes out of HT’s mouth “Where have you been? With you phone off?” Priority has shifted to finding out about IR’s whereabouts rather than his sister’s condition? o_O With accusing eyes, HT looks over IR’s attire: fleece tracksuit with a Parka over and rubber shoes.

What’s racing through your mind now HT? What happened to that rational voice you had when you thought of all the probable causes?

While seated at the waiting area, IR’s is likely to be shrouded in guilt, worrying sick over HS’ prognosis while Mr. Cool can only think about his wife’s supposed affair. When doctor comes to see them about HS, he asks if there were signs that could’ve hinted at her condition. And HT just turns to look at IR.

So, you’re demonstrating that only IR knows the details about HS? Because she’s the ‘supposed’ appointed caretaker? I mean, who else in HS immedate family would know about such details apart from IR? Great Balls of Fury I’m sending from my eyeballs to HT 😡

And what does HT ask (ie accuse) after IR’s detailed update? “What about today? What was her temperature today?” He scolds IR for having the audacity to think HS’ condition can change drastically overnight. Ask Mrs. Park, dude! She’s the one who was with HS the whole day! Doctor refutes him and says it is very possible in HS case because her immunity has been compromised.

IR stands alone at the end of the corridor while the rest of the family sits at the opposite end. HT gives out drinks to everyone, and when he offers one to IR, she asks herself could this incident have started on the day HS was left out in the rain? MIL walks over to IR and tells her it is not her fault. It is not anyone’s fault.

KJ returns to his studio and sees IR’s pretty coat and handbag hung at the coat rack. With a sigh, he texts her asking if she was alright… and then an angry drunken HT barges in. He reaches out for what he thought was a leg for a chair, wielding it as though it is a weapon to fight against the supposed third party. Have you listened to the voicemail I sent you? Not yet.

Too busy to even pick up your phone? KJ says he had to deliver furniture, to a church in Gapyung. Oh how nice, beautiful landscape, was the foliage breathtaking? KJ is still connecting the dots as he warily assesses HT’s accusing tone. HT walks around tampering his rage and he actually stops within line of sight of IR’s coat. But he doesn’t look in that direction.

HT lies saying he came over wanting to talk about their project, but seems to be too late to do so. Isn’t it too late? Double-edged sword you have there, HT. To KJ, the time is rather inconvenient and agrees it is too late. HT asks him directly, ” Do you have something you want to say to me?” KJ earnestly thinks what his answer should be and calmly replies “I wish you would contact me before you come next time.”

Next day HT, under the guise of wanting to know how his mum tracks her philandering husband, uses the same tactics on IR. He coyly asks IR to unlock her phone so that he could call his MIA phone. But he quickly browses for incriminating calls and texts from Hawt Carpenter Kim. Nothing.

His mother even enlisted IR in the past for stakeout at restaurant. It’s rather sweet to see a MIL who warns IR not to be so trusting of HT as well. He is a man after all. If he cheats on you, let me know.

IR:  Why? So that you can break his legs?

MIL:  What for? I’ll just move all his assets to your name, and then divorce. And then I’ll kick him out of the house.

IR:  Then I’ll be alone?

MIL:  Aigoo… don’t worry. I’ll keep you with me, and finds a man who loves only you, then get you remarried.

But HT’s mum leaves him with a warning on all the recon work she did on her husband, “It just eats away at my soul.” HT actually tails IR as she goes into town by bus, only to realize that she got off at the stop closest to the hospital where HS is at.

IR cries as she sits next to HS, “I’m sorry. But you know, I’m only human… So, eonnie, please don’t die.”

HS voiceover:

Do you know what it’s like to be lying down for so long? Delicious things, things I want to eat, I don’t need it. You just pray that your digestive system doesn’t fail. Hope? Give that to the dogs. You just pass the day, day by day. But there is something I want to eat, for the first time in a long time. I want to walk and speak. And I want to dance. With my skin, my bones and with my muscles I don’t know how long this feeling will last. It comes and goes, many times. But anyway, now, I want to dance. I want to eat and I want to call out to you.
Il Ri, are you looking at me?

Stalking session #2. HT tails IR after learning that she will be at his parent’s place. From a distance he sees her walking at snail’s pace, looking up at the potted plants on the rooftop and smiling to herself, walking into a bedlinen store and then a DIY shop. IR plans to spruce up HS’ room while she recuperates in the hospital. During this time too, HT purchases a pair of binoculars, for effective stalking/ stake out events.

When IR stops by XYZ cafe with her shopping bags, her schoolmate practically drags her into the women’s restroom and confronts her about KJ. DB saw you through the window! Both of you kissing! What were you thinking IR?! Methinks this friend is more irked with the fact that the hawt carpenter finds the married IR more enticing than her.

HT and KJ Confrontation

Once again, Mr. Who-Thinks-He-Has-The-Right-To-Barge-In walks into KJ’s studio, this time with a bag of bottles of soju. After a couple of swigs, HT asks if KJ knows IR.


KJ:  Yes, I know Madam Kim. Madam Kim painted this place for me. That was when I first met her.

HT:  You knew I was her husband.

KJ:  I didn’t know at first. She praised her husband a lot. But I didn’t imagine you two were a couple.

HT:  So when I first came here, you didn’t even know who I was, yet you kicked me out?

KJ:  That day I was very tired. (Tired? – HT) I found out you two were a couple when Madam Kim’s face appeared on your cell phone. I was surprised. The the person she praised so much was you.

HT:  Then why didn’t you say anything? That you knew my wife?

KJ:  Why do I have to tell you? That I know your wife? Do I have to tell you?

HT:  I said many times that I am making a present for my wife –

KJ:  Why does that matter? Is that so important?

HT takes his phone out and wants KJ to explain the photo. KJ takes a look. It was the day he pulled her into his yard and teased her about turning at a time his girlfriend is likely to arrive.

KJ:  I wondered why you were being this way, last time. You must have misunderstood things because of this. I needed someone to do odd jobs. When delivering furniture, I can’t do it all by myself. Someone helps me out for deliveries, but he is busy these days. So I asked Madam Kim, and we were negotiating her fees. We went to Gapyung together for a job. I needed her that day.

While we were coming back, we heard that there was an emergency in you family and I dropped her off at the ER. Is your family member alright?

Is your misunderstanding solved? I will make you the chair as planned. The only type of chair in the whole world. Like you two’s relationship.

KJ offers to toast, but HT decides not to and tells him their project is done and he won’t ask for a refund. HT takes off in a huff, and only then does KJ let go a huge sigh of relief and downs his cup of soju.

Next day HT visits the police station to lodge a harassment report. The attending officer says the perpetrator uses a disposable cell phone, so it won’t be easy to trace. He asks HT is there is someone who might hold a grudge against him. At work, he receives yet another text telling him now is the time to confront KJ.

HT voiceover:

This is the place. I’ll be watching you guys over here. Let’s see if what you say is true or if was being suspicious for no reason. After this darkness passes, everything will be revealed.


Now we shall see how HT responds. It’s interesting that he sees it as IR/ KJ’s fault, and doesn’t ask himself at all if he has contributed to this “affair”.
Is he Mr. Perfect? Will he punish IR by starting an affair himself?

Questions, questions… Thank Gawd tomorrow’s Monday! XD


Ep 9 Preview:



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