Thank God Weekend’s Here 15

Anyong Yarobun!

It is four more days to 2015 in my neck of the woods. How astonishingly fast this year has been. Memories are checkered with joyful and sorrowful ones. As it also should be in the coming year.

However, what our future may be is still within the locus of decisions made today. And I wish for everyone of you many days of infectious enthusiasm and innumerable steps closer to living the life of your design.



light a candle

light a candle.
let it glow with hope.
let its thin film of smoke disperse the dark clouds.
let it drizzle and frizzle out your stress,
let it wash off the stench of sweat.
let your pregnant hope deliver twins and triplets;
multiple tales of success.

By Jide Badmus


Wishing all of you a joy-filled 2015.


Have a blast of a weekend, peeps 😀


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