Blurb: Valid Love 7

Ever since I saw the preview for Episode 7, I wished so hard for time to swoop by even faster! XD XD. KJ is not one to rest on his laurels, that’s fo sho’ 😮


Now I pay closer attention to the opening credit of VL. She has things from her past that have ties to HT, and only a couple of photos of KJ at the back of a notebook or album. And all of these are kept in a box of memories? What does this portend, if anything? o_O

KJ Studio

IR was about to step out of his place with so much anger within, but decides to make a turnabout and demands who in heck is he to act as though he knows anything about her life.

KJ:  You make me concerned about you. You do.

Oh? Just because they kissed once that gives him some leeway to act like he knows her? Her anger rising by the milliseconds. He reiterates the fact that she is a slave and a puppet to HT’s family – and that earned him a slap.

KJ: Because your husband is a good man… Because he loves you… are you happy?

IR had buried her years’ worth of frustration and low self-esteem so deep that seeing KJ pull out from the abyss and waving them in front of her face was too much. She screams and drops into heaving sobs. And he simply stays close by her side while she cries out her unhappiness.

HT is at HS’ bedside, ‘chatting’ with her and letting her know that his hoobae has joined his organization. From HS’ monologue, she doesn’t highly regard his hoobae.

IR and KJ are sitting outside by the window where she shares her history. She chose HT, hence she has to accept his family as they are. Warts and all. And when HS collapsed when they returned from their honeymoon, IR can’t help but feel that she is somehow at fault for that tragedy. KJ says it is not her fault and she can’t continue to think that way. IR knows, but her heart tells her otherwise.

HT’s family’s home

Dinner is underway and HS, in bed, suddenly gets up and makes a bee line to the kitchen. The food porn scenes were getting to my tummy too… yummylicious! MIL is cooking a spread as an apology to IR (yeah, you slapped and shoved her to the floor 😡 ) but no one can reach IR through her phone: Coz she left it at home. It’s fascinating to see how active HS’s mind is as she inserts herself at the dining table, wolfing down the wonderful spread, and other family members carry on their cross-line communication between each other, not minding HS’ business 🙂

HT’s mum makes sure everyone gets their fill and she’ll only eat with IR when she gets home.

HT:  Did something happen?

Mum:  Well, yes. I said some harsh things to her. You should comfort her well.

Uhhh… you forgot to mention SLAP across IR’s cheek and SHOVE her to the floor o_O

IR finally comes by, but skips dinner, “I don’t have an appetite.”  YEAH!

HT voiceover:

That night the women of our house were full of sadness.
She was sad because she didn’t mean to hurt her [Mum]
She was sad because she realized she had been hurting for a long time [IR]She was sad because she couldn’t eat, walk or talk [HS]

And that’s how everyone lived for the past seven years for that was the only way they could endure it.

This guy [KJ] said he was also sad that night, because there was nothing he could do for her. The only thing he could do was to take her outside. Just one outing. Just one diversion.


That niggling feeling is coming back. Why does HT narrate as though he’s telling a story of his “past” with IR as his wife. And the way he speaks about KJ is as though he understands the role KJ plays in helping IR overcome her loneliness/ unhappiness?

Kim Do Woo-Sshi, where are you taking us? This is agonizing! o_O

HT:  I’m here, Carpenter Kim. Wow, did you put in a stove? How long has it been since I’ve seen one of these?

KJ:  I’m going to cut the boards to be used in the chair now. This is a table saw. We use it to cut. This is a bandsaw that’s used when cutting a curve, but I don’t have any of that work today so we’re going to skip it. This is a hydraulic pressure plane and an automatic feed planer. The hydraulic pressure plane is for when you have to hold one surface of the wood. The automatic feed planer is used as a basic tool when holding another face. Still, when using the plane, you must look at the grain of the wood well. If you go against the grain, the waves in the wood can make it break.

HT: Mok ni?

KJ: Not Mok Ni, but Mok Ri (wood grain). It’s the wood grain. The growth rings. My grandfather also said it was the logic of wood.

Why do I get the feeling he’s describing IR? I’m reading too much into subtexts and all! XD

HT:  The logic of wood… Sounds so nice. Is there something without logic in this world?

KJ:  Another thing to be cautious of when using the plane is, if you continually plane the wood because the surface is uneven, the wood can become to thin, and you will have to discard it.

HT:  Of course you wouldn’t make such a mistake when this wood is so difficult to find.

Ooh. KJ’s nostrils flared. He WAS inferring IR in his explanation [fans self].

KJ:  Do you know your wife well? You love her so much. You must know how she thinks. Have you seen her cry before? When was the last time you saw her cry? She said she doesn’t cry in front of you. That it would hurt you. You make her suffer so much, and you’re going to give her a just a chair as a consolation? You are a shameless guy.


HT:  I’m joking… You’re not a novice.

KJ:  Please stay back. It’s dangerous if I lose even a little bit of my concentration.

HT voiceover:

Mok Ri. The wood grain. The growth rings. The logic of wood. I heard it for the first time, and I liked it very much. After thinking about it, it wasn’t so different from the logic of people living.

MIL is seating on the sofa, reflecting on her actions. She sends a text message to IR and sighs, “Who is the master here?”

IR’s phone:  I’m sorry. Forgive me.

MIL phone: You are cute, Mother. Cutie! Cutie! [She types her reply while fighting back tears]

IR’s phone: Baby, I love you. I am always grateful to you.

SY is determined to find out who KJ’s girlfriend is and forces DB’s hand. Poor boy didn’t have a chance to escape and his gasp was as good as a confirmation. IR! You’re SO DEAD!!

IR is cleaning the gunk from HS’ mouth when KJ texts her: His grandfather’s favorite song “Apple’s Glimmer Romance.” It’s an old sentimental song and it lulls IR to a peaceful place, and HS can feel the calmness as well.

When you long for love, beckon it
The pure love you cannot speak of is a red wild apple
You are shy, so shy, that you bow your headThe pure love lit wild apple is calling softly

And then KJ texts her: Do you have time tomorrow?

She smiles.

Next day

IR is dressed up and bubbling with joy as she walks over to Castadiva. Oh? There’s a red truck parked in front. KJ emerges from his yard carrying a wrapped chair onto the back of the truck. She averts her gaze, schools her facial expression and brushes her bangs away from her face… and he saw all that when he turned to walk back to his yard. Hee, hee, hee…

KJ:  How can you come at this time? What time is it now? (Eh?… she fishes her phone out of her pocket-) Hurry, come in. We don’t have time.

Oh dear. She thought he asked her out for a ‘date’ but he actually wanted to hire her service for the day as part of his crew. He has a delivery to make and he can’t possibly carry all those heavy furniture items by himself. He throws his sweat suit at her, just like she did to him the first time they met. He prefers to see IR in her true form, all natural and comfy. No need to be dolled up. This sneaky carpenter has a few ulterior motives up his sleeve, methinks 🙂

She helps to load the truck but didn’t expect to be scooped up and plonked into the truck as well. Did you hear a swift intake of breath just now? SWOON XD

HT is in his office and receives a dubious text from anon: I know what your wife has done [complete with blood splatters].

HT voiceover:

Who could it be? Why? Who would follow someone else’s wife and take photos of her? Even then, I didn’t think about what my wife could have done, at all. I only wondered who sent me this, what the reason was or if something might have happened to my wife. I was only crazy curious about that.

HT now enters into Suspicion Mode, and his friend’s take on tell-tale signs like phone is switched off, wears make-up, buys new clothes/ take extra effort in her appearance are taking root within. And why is he and the hoobae very gung-ho about confirming if IR is having an affair? Hmmm? 😮

IR is an unhappy hostage in KJ’s truck. First she was duped thinking she’s go on a ‘date’ then, driven waaaay out of Seoul for KJ’s delivery. He promises to get her home before sunset. He senses her discomfort and offers to tell her the reason why he can’t memorize multiplication tables. She’s not interested.

KJ:  It’s my first time going out on a picnic with a girl… It’s my first time driving with a girl too. It was the first time a made ramen for a girl. Doing that… Oh, that wasn’t the first time. It wasn’t the first time I’ve been hit.

She remains quiet, continues to look out at the passing landscape. After a while, she asks for his cellphone and leaves a messages for the Ahjumma who takes care of HS. IR certainly puts others before herself. And once she hangs up, her mood has noticeably relaxed and for once, she allows herself to enjoy the moment being away from all her burdens.

She hasn’t taken any time out for herself throughout her seven years of marriage. Ho boy. I’d go nuts o_O

In the meantime, suspecting HT goes on a “Where in the World is IR” hunt. No one knows where she is. Then, he walks over to Castadiva… but no one is in.

Once IR and KJ have delivered the furniture items, he drives out to the end of a pier where IR is totally getting bonkers due to low sugar levels. “I’m starving!! You said you’d feed me! What are we doing here?” He takes some items out from the truck and tells her his getting food ready. “Are you going to fish here?” Yes. “I’m in no mood to joke. I’m dying of hunger!!”

I can relate to the hunger pangs IR’s experiencing. You don’t wanna see me when I get hungry!

IR:  What’s all this? What if I hadn’t come? (You came though – KJ) What kind of kimbap is this? They’re all broken. (That’s… because I made it – KJ) How funny! You made it yourself? With that body and that personality… picture yourself making kimbap! What comedy. Everything else can be bought at the market. But this… this… it’s spinach instead of cucumber. Where’d you learn to blanch spinach? Did you add salt? You cleaned it all up? Look at the egg. This is fried egg. Look at the sides. What to do? The kimbap burst! Carpenter Kim! You’re so funny!

KJ:  Stop it now.

IR:  So? Are you a virgin, Carpenter Kim? You’ve never been on an outing with a woman. Your first drive. If it’s your first time for everything…

KJ:  I lost my virginity at 17… Why? Do I need proof? (No. No need for proof – IR) There was a woman who played with me. There was a square-shaped home made out of pine in Bongha. It was dismantled. The materials were brought to a workplace over here. I went there with grandfather. But that house was a vacation home of a top conglomerate. She was that family’s granddaughter… 10 years older than me. (Did you like her? – IR) I don’t know… if I liked her. (What’s that supposed to be? – IR) But I remember her body. More than her heart. I remember her body longer.

Hurry up and eat. We have to eat if we have to return before the sun goes down…

IR:  We can take our time (now that she cherishes some ‘away’ time from Busy Central) It’s my first outing in 7 years. I have that right. Let’s take our time… Let’s watch the sunset.

KJ:  Then let’s leave tomorrow. (I can’t do that! Not that – IR) We can eat this until tomorrow. (It’s not like that! – IR) Hurry up and eat. I’m going to kiss you.


Hurry up. I don’t want to kiss kimbap. Then the kimbap will pass back and forth. Is that okay?

omomomomomomo o_O

IR:  You’re teasing me again, right? If I’m fooled again, I’m a hopeless idiot…. You always trick me.

KJ:  You have seaweed in your teeth. (I won’t fall for it – IR) It’s true. (I really wont fall for it – IR) Look. Here… I think that looks prettier. Let me see again. (Really… – IR) Never mind. You look funny.

He certainly ❤ s to tease her!

IR:  Everyone looks funny with seaweed on their teeth.

KJ:  Mrs. Kim with seaweed stuck between her teeth. Mrs. Kim with – (Don’t tease me – IR)

KJ voiceover:

It’s my first time laughing like this.

IR voiceover:

It looks good on you. You should laugh often.

HT begins to put the puzzle pieces together, linking the vignettes of interactions between IR and KJ.

The sun is setting yet KJ and IR are still on the pier, with the tide coming in. She’s having fun with the simplest of games (throwing stones to skip across the water’s surface) and she looks years younger. KJ treasures this moment with her…

HT scrolls to ‘Carpenter Kim’…

IR:  You have a call. [KJ flips open – ‘phone call from Jang’] Aren’t you gonna answer?

Lord Almighty… o_O

Brace for the typhoon that’s gonna wreck their momentary bliss…


Before I leave, I just gotta…
한 번 더

[han beon deo – one more time]




Yeeesh… is it just me or did El Nino just descended in my area? o_O






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