Blurb: Valid Love 6

How is it possible that working for four days with someone who is practically a stranger at first becomes the only person who can see through you and know just what to say at moments that can change your life path?

How is it possible to make such a connection within four days?



IR cries by herself as she nurses a cup of soju she stashes at the laundry room after reading KJ’s text. The only other person she talks to is HS, but those sessions are deemed one-way conversations.

HT and KJ make a trip to a Paradise stop for carpenters where one can choose different types of wood shipped in from all over the world. It is also an opportunity for HT to get to know KJ better and he finds himself genuinely liking the young carpenter even more when he sees how passionate he is about his trade and specialty. Not a smart idea, dude o_O . They both chose the same wood for the chair that KJ will make as HT’s gift to IR.

The incriminating laptop is still with KJ and he reminds IR to pick it up from him soon.

After work, IR ransacks her closet and spends time selecting the right sartorial combination for picking up the laptop from Hawt Carpenter that evening…

IR:  I have to cook at home… give me the laptop.

KJ:  Spicy blood sausages and rice cakes please… You looked in the mirror earlier. Know what it says on your forehead? Idiot.

Ehrmerhgerd. I just FELT the HEAT from his fingertips ON MY FOREHEAD XD XD

KJ:  You’re dressed nicely too.

IR:  My clothes didn’t dry. I only had this to wear. (All my clothes dried last night… thank you – KJ)

KJ voiceover:
My palm is hot ever since… Like I touched fire. Hot and painful.

KJ:  Just stay until you finish eating [tried hard to tamp the grin that is close to breaking out]… You’ll eat slow, right?

URGH!! I just DieD! It’s their first ‘date’ XD XD

IR:  I ate an afternoon snack earlier. I’m still full.

Their earlier scenes from episode 3 have been cold and strictly business, but the moment she pulled his hand to help her recover her breathing, KJ’s fort had been breached. And we see KJ looking forward to any interaction with the lovely, generous-to-a-fault IR and cunningly finds ways to prolong his moments with her.

IR becomes more preoccupied with texts from KJ and an unfortunate incident happened as a result of that. She took HS out to the balcony for some fresh air, but as the temperature dips, she offers to draw a hot bath for HS. However, IR got distracted by KJ’s message that she accidentally drops her phone into the bath tub. More concerned with getting her phone to work again, she totally forgot about HS who was by then drenched under the evening shower.

Mother-in-law is enraged, slaps hard across IR’s face and shoves her to the floor as the maid helps HS get into bed. IR is understandable horrified at her memory lapse and feels utterly alone in her MIL’s treatment. In a daze, IR walks out of the house, to no where. But her feet somehow brings her to that one place where she can find some solace…

KJ:  [tries to cover his happiness seeing her at his place] It’s time for my girlfriend to come. Can you do this? (I’ll just rest a bit – IR) You can’t run into my girlfriend. So drink up and go.

He ❤ s teasing her about the supposed girlfriend Duk Bae saw through the window the other day, but she doesn’t realize KJ refers to her as his girlfriend.

KJ:  I found out who Duk Bae is. He must’ve seen something by mistake. So, I’m innocent… Cry if you want.

IR:  Want to know a secret? I… never cry in front of my husband. If I cry, he feels so bad. I don’t cry in front of my mum either. It upsets her. And Hee Soo eonnie too. If I cry, HS doesn’t sleep all night. I know it all.

But before she leaves KJ’s studio, he asks her if she is their family’s slave. Why must she be at their beck and call? Why does she have to be nice to everyone except herself? She gets extremely mad at his on-point questions which she dared not ask herself. KJ may have chosen to spend more time with inanimate objects than human beings, but at least he stays true to himself and not be subjected to others. Can IR honestly say the same thing about herself?

She erupts in a gut-wrenching wail, all her pent-up frustration and years of mistreatment is released in the quiet, bare-to-the-bones studio of Kim Joon.

KJ:  You can cry in front of me.

HT voiceover: 
My wife never cries in front of me…

I’m just waitin’ patiently for episode 7 peeps, coz…


Ep 7 Preview


‘Nuff said XD



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