Blurb: Valid Love 5

Dang it. :/

Valid Love has REELED me IN!!  But I shall stick to my Blurb format as my mental capacity can only do so much during weeknights 😀



At the end of episode 4, IR and KJ have taken a step across that invisible line. She may not have seen it coming, but KJ’s patience has runneth over. It’s interesting to see that IR didn’t go into the typical female protagonist mode after a lip lock. She actually remained rooted to the spot, unable to move an inch until KJ places a stool next to her and helps her to sit down. What in Hey Just Happened? o_O

He looks down to the floor and she stands up as if in a trance, paces towards KJ and lightly slaps across his cheek. OH! She startles herself. He’s really here o_O . LOL! She thought she had dreamed that kiss with Hawt Carpenter.

He quietly tells her she can come and visit him anytime, Kim Il Ri-Sshi. She says he shouldn’t say that to her. He is supposed to push her away and remind her how annoying she is.

She excuses herself and runs out of his studio and into the rain. But seeing the forgotten laptop that had landed on the concrete floor, she will have to return to KJ’s lair 🙂

One evening, HT drops in at KJ’s studio with the intent to place an order for a vanity for IR. KJ flat out refuses to converse much with him, and will not take his order for IR. “I’m booked this year through next.” However, one can see KJ does not want to associate with the man whose wife he covets… This bears a striking resemblance to Lee Seon Jae’s jealous reaction towards Oh Hye Won’s husband in Secret Love Affair.

Naturally she avoids any possible confrontation with KJ, but life simple doesn’t work that way. They cross paths one day but she she turns around and walks aimlessly with KJ following her close by. Before things got any sillier, she stops and asks him if he’s following her. No, I’m just taking a walk. Fine, you go ahead then. My legs are tired, so I’m resting now.


He reminds her about the laptop she has to pickup from his place anyway. Not skipping a heartbeat, she walks in the direction of his studio. And he’s a happy puppy…

One cute move KJ did when they arrived at his place was to use her handphone to find his. Previously he had contacted the owner of XYZ cafe for IR’s number under work context, but didn’t get any info as he waited throughout the entire day. IR asks him if this was his devious way of getting her number. “Are you saying I planned to meet you when I came out of the convenient store and have your phone locate mine in the bushes here? You’re rather presumptuous.” He walks off and has a huge grin on his face XD

Again, she declares her intention of not stepping foot into the studio ever again until he invites her to have ramen with him… and he waves a small carton of eggs in front if her too (she absolutely ❤ s ramen with eggs) She sighs her defeat and asks if he can do something about his hands. She couldn’t stand to see how uncared-looking his hands were.

Night has fallen…

IR:  More. A lot… Backs of your hands. Palms. Thoroughly. Especially your nails. Massage it in.

KJ:  Do it for me.

IR:  Are you being cute? I’m the neighborhood Ahjumma. You’re the neighborhood kid? Your nails got cleaner. Let me see… After working, my nails break and get brittle. It was tough. I tried everything. This is the best. You work everyday. So, sleep like this every night. The weather’s cold and dry. (It’s suffocating – KJ) They’ll come off while you sleep anyway. Endure it before falling asleep. Okay? Do it everyday.

KJ:  Wait… stay a little longer… until I take these off.

IR:  Carpenter Kim. By chance, shouldn’t you apologize? … How frustrating… So, what I’m saying is… Don’t you think you made a mistake? It was a mistake. Right? Am I wrong?

KJ:  Do you kiss by mistake?

IR:  Omo! OMO!!

KJ:  Was that a mistake? (Are you teasing me? – IR) Why would I tease you?

IR:  Forget it. I’ll never come back. I won’t save your number. I won’t say hello if we meet. No, that’s too much. Say hello with our eyes. Anyways… nothing happened, okay? End of story.

KJ:  Go ahead.

IR:  Yeah. Let’s do that. You’re cool as expected.

IR gets a phone call from her mother-in-law who has always depended on her to sort out family crisis. Dutiful daughter that she is, she assures she will be over in a second…

IR:  I’m leaving. Don’t forget to do that every night.

KJ:  Don’t go. Stay here. Nothing bad will happen if you’re not there.

IR:  Didn’t you understand earlier? Must I repeat myself?

KJ:  So try it. See if anything happens if you’re not there.

IR:  I’ll apologize. What happened, I apologize. I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have done that. So, stop now.

KJ:  It’s just the start for me. You made a mistake that day. You shouldn’t have collapsed in front of me.

And later that night as IR sits in front of the washing machine in the still of the night, she receives a text message from KJ:

Are you okay?
You left it on purpose, huh?
My hands are already softer.
Are you a… trustworthy person?
Wanna know a secret?
If you reply.
Curious, huh?
It’s written on your face.

She can’t take how spot on he is and places her phone in the washing machine. She leaves it there for a few minutes before returning to it and read the rest of this texts:

I thought wood was alive.
Grandfather always said that.
Good wood lasts 1000 years.
It’s true that wood breathes.
You have to take that into account when you make something.
For example, attaching a dining room table leg.
When the table’s shape shifts so the legs can shift with it.
We have to give it room.
But that day I thought that was what living was…
Hot… tingly… desperate… Something shocking
My palm is hot ever since. Like I touched fire.
Hot… and painful.
I wanted to tell you that earlier.
This too…
Even if I don’t get involved, the world goes around.
Forget thinking that you’re the only one who can do it.
You look really tired.

When KJ accidentally “bumps” into HT at a neighborhood cafe, he tells him that he will take his order. HT originally wanted KJ to make a vanity for IR as a gift, but KJ says he will make a comfortable chair and will put in special effort to complete it. Why now? Why change your mind?

“That’s how I feel.”

Hook. Line. Sinker.


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