Misaeng Ep 17: New! Bees! CROSS!

Leaders don’t create followers,
they create more leaders.

Tom Peters


Sales Department corner is abuzz with tasks to be done. GR picks up a call at his desk and informs the caller that the Person In-Charge has been transferred to Mr. Kim Dong Shik and provides the correct extension number as well. DS and Mr. Chun can only look forlornly at GR’s back. They inwardly wanted GR to carry through his ownership of his hard-earned business item, but office policy (or rather politics) encumbered GR’s progress.

Brief update on BK, YY and SY

Mr. Kang is on the phone with his Turkish counterpart, discussing about effects of currency exchange rate on their trading business. He asks BK for the Turkey file which was on his desk and BK sheepishly passes it on and smiles “I’m sorry I can’t multitask” which stumps Mr. Kang temporarily. Did my junior just made a joke? With me? o_O

Mr. Jung praises YY’s work, lavishing praises on a simple print out. YY responds with a short and sassy, “You only see that now?” Mr. Yoo and Mr. Ha are gaping at their desks. Since when did YY become “one of the guys” on their team?

SY’s updates his big boss directly on the sub-con situation: Good news, they can manufacture the portion that Ulsan factory couldn’t in two week. The Ulsan site also conveyed their earnestness in working hard to minimize their losses. Big Boss is very pleased with the progress and rectified working relations with Ulsan that he tells SY to be fully in-charge of communication with Ulsan factory and sub-cons. Mr. Sung watches them furtively from his desk…


SY is selling the idea of a great Saturday night out with flight attendants to GR and BK, “We should go on a group blind dates for work – ” Why do we have to? GR asks. SY continues his campaign, “It’s the only way to meet girls, the way to confirm your love for co-workers and your opportunity to exhale… We need to hibernate. Are there any other girls around us besides transvestites or handsome YY?”

YY:  What? What about me? BWAHAHAHAHA!! XD

Two seniors enter the pantry and begin sighing about their project, and Manager’s Sun’s insistence on making it work. SY signals to the group to adjourn to the seating area. Why do I get the feeling he seems to have some idea what is going on too?

Apparently Mgr. Sun had been visiting Pakistan for her business item but her team and the company aren’t completely invested in her idea. After BK sheds some light on the Mgr. Sun’s situation, BK empathizes, “So  much work, no effective results and the team isn’t backing her up. Ms. Sun will suffer on her own.”

YY:  No wonder she looked exhausted… Anyway, why were you talking about me?

The three guys suddenly remember “phantom tasks to-do” and quickly leave the pantry area. LOL!!! XD


Chief Oh is alone, perusing a thick file. It’s the item that is linked to ED, a solar energy development business for China. Chief’s boss tells him that if this project becomes a success, it’ll rake in half-a-billion Won for the company. All the paperwork has been done, so all Chief has to do is sign them. But, he catches a foul stench, “What do you mean this will back it up?” Sales Manager looks at Chief and asks if this is his first time dealing with China?

Chief Oh’s instincts have gone to DefCon 3, “Are you talking about connections? Solar energy development businesses are national projects in China. I thought nothing was decided with Poshin.”

His boss gives Chief the ultimatum. Think it over this week and let him know by Monday.

Meeting Room

Chief Oh slides the two files on solar energy development across the meeting table to Mr. Chun and DS. Like Chief, they both become suspicious at ED’s motive behind handing them a huge business in such a casual manner. Mr. Chun looks at Chief momentarily and tells him to take it on. This project is worth 2 -3 years’ of their team’s performance, but DS feels otherwise.

YES! Me too! Do you not hear that rattling sound waiting to strike you when you least suspect it? o_O

Mr. Chun argues if they do not take it up, they’ll be seen as an incompetent team, and using connections is the norm in China.

Chief Oh:  This isn’t about good will. (What? – DS) Using connections is normal in China. But many times, it is not legal. We could get in trouble. And the bigger issue is, the connections for this are strong. Failure to obtain the order of the solar energy business despite connections could get our team, who’s in charge, blamed. And for Poshin obtaining this solar energy development business is out of our hands. Everything is possible if only they get this business.

Everyone falls silent.


And now Mr. Chun sees ED’s plan of attack on Sales 3 and the reason for sending him there in the first place. Obliterate Chief Oh is he fails to fulfill a task on ED’s condition. Flashback to his initial meeting with ED in his office after Mr. Park’s fiasco: Should I treat this gum disease or just leave it? – ED. Mr. Chun is NOT in a happy position.

DS joins him at the rooftop, “I don’t know what’s going on. What’s with Mr. Choi?” Mr. Chun wants to know what DS really thinks about the task given. “You want me to be honest? To be honest… I want to do it. If it succeeds, our team will really become huge.”

Mr. Chun:  We’ll be able to move away from that bathroom.

DS:  Poshin has always been in the business in China, so it’s likely they’ll get it. It’s also a big company. But, I don’t know why Mr. Choi…”

Mr. Chun:  It’s important for him too. He could become vice president by its success. (Vice President? – DS) But backup is necessary too. To prepare for that 1% possibility of failure. I’m sure he wants to use our team as his bullet and shield.

DS:  That’s all the more reason Mr. Oh won’t do it. There’s no reason to at all. Mr. Choi’s intentions are obvious. It’s totally different from the Jordan case. No need to stick to it.

Mr. Chun:  I guess so… [but still looks troubled] But I still want Mr. Oh to do it. Since it’s much more likely to succeed, as you said. If only we make it, we’ll…

Fifteenth floor

An annoying sales man who carries goods from China follows Chief Oh to his corner. It’s obvious that he is someone most of the Sales team distance themselves from. He is unrelenting in trying to sell something, anything to anyone.

Oh dear… I can sense four souls who will be sucked into his realm of Buy This or Else XD

GR returns to his desk to see a loud man sitting in his chair. DS introduces GR to the China Factory manager who swiftly goes for the kill “how many new employees are there?”

Mr. Seo:  Have you heard of Baekdusan deer honey? Here… You know about sanghwang mushrooms. They’re effective and expensive. Deers on Baekdusan eat none other than those rare mushrooms. Then they poop. The round droplets fall. Then flowers bloom from the poop. Then bees work hard to make honey from those flowers. That is Baekdusan deer honey. (Poop? – SY) Poop! Imagine how rare it is! Flowers don’t always bloom from deer’s poop. (That’s ridiculous! – SY) It’s good for men’s stamina… It’s so good and… I can’t explain it. I didn’t make it to sell it. You can tell by the packaging, right?

SY:  You can leave since it’s good for men…

Mr. Seo:  It’s useless for women. It’s great for men only. I guarantee that. But, it’s also good for the skin. (This? – SY) You should all taste it. Here… Here, take it. You should all taste it. Don’t waste it… Don’t be greedy… GR? What? What’s with the staring? You think this is a fake or something? (No Sir – GR) Okay… I have a small inn in a Gwanghwamun alley. I’ll give you my contact info. Call me if you change your mind.

BK:  Inn? They all think you’re in a hotel.

Mr. Seo:  I can’t stay in hotels. I can’t sleep with all the commotions and all. Even when I go abroad, I don’t stay in hotels. Isn’t it a waste when you’re only sleeping there? This is how I roll. I’m frugal. And I’m showing you this valuable… you know what I’m saying? Even rich people can’t buy this rare stuff. You don’t know what I’m saying. Okay, good day.

YY:  Have 3 spoonfuls a day with meals.

Mr. Ha:  She acted like a smart one alone.

Mr. Yoo:  I’m surprised you’re really naive, YY-Sshi. (What? – YY)

Mr. Jung:  No, no, no… I like it. Great. Three spoonfuls with meals? (Yes – YY) I’ll take it regularly. Thanks, YY.

Mr. Yoo:  This is just sugar water- (Be quiet – Mr. Jung) I don’t want it –

Mr. Jung:  Hey! It’s Baekdusan deer honey!

BK:  Have a spoonful a day with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Mr. Kang:  BK, you’ve been duped. Thanks anyway.

Sales 3 Team

DS sees the familiar jar of honey on GR’s desk, “Good for men’s stamina and women’s skin?” Mr. Chun tells GR they’ve been duped by the slick sales man too. DS looks for his fountain pen. It has gone missing. And GR remembers seeing it tucked neatly in the pocket of Mr. Seo’s jacket.

A sudden outburst of joy from Sales 2 team surprises the entire floor. Mr. Hwang will be sent to Singapore for a project. DS looks crestfallen, but sucks it up and congratulates his co-worker. Chief Oh knows how much DS has looked forward to such opportunities and gets passed on just because he is affiliated with Chief Oh.


The three men are discussing about ensuring Chungsol delivering their products on time. Mr. Sung is reminded to communicate the company’s stance on tardiness. But SY knows otherwise. At the outdoor area, SY tells his supervisor to drop Chungsol and work with Youngmin instead. The former is always late but of course Mr. Sung goes on the defensive and the deflects the issue to SY feeling big-headed just because he sorted out the Ulsan issue. SY looks at the Sup in the eye “Are you related to Chungsol by any chance?” The brief flicker of panic in Mr. Sung’s eyes speaks volumes.

Chief Oh returns to his desk, but his silence is deafening. Mr. Chun and Mr. Ko (Sales 2 Team lead) are concerned about DS. The latter texts to Chief for a brief chat outside.

Mr. Ko:  Is DS alright? (Well, you know – Chief )

Just then, the group of peers walk out for a brief respite at the gazebo, one level below where Chief Oh and Mr. Ko are.

Mr. Personality of the Year, Sung, opens with a loud and tactful, “DS is screwed. I don’t think Mr. Oh cares about others when he is focused on work. If you work like a dog anyways, isn’t it better to have results that show? He doesn’t have the luck for a boss. He always looks for work.

Mr. Ko is about to interrupt the rude junior, but Chief Oh refrains him from doing so.

Mr. Yoo:  But their team gets along well.

Mr. Sung:  Is it a MeetUp to get along well?

Mr. Ha:  A boss who procures items with results is preferable.

Mr. Sung:  Sales 3 Team? They’re always looking for trouble. When will he get promoted if the leader keeps bringing unprofitable work? Is he his slave or what? He’s so not helpful. Mr. Kim is a fool to cover for him.

When they return to their respective corners, Mr. Ko calls over Mr. Hwang and quietly berates him for opening his big mouth and talk badly behind Chief Oh. They heard everything. Hwang approaches DS and in the privacy of the stairwell, told him what transpired between their peers at the gazebo. WHAT?! What did you talk about?!

And DS lets it all out on the guilty parties over dinner. Who the heck were they to talk trash about Chief Oh? Have they ever worked alongside with him? Ever? DS is drunk and mad. And almost threw up on the most-needed-to-be-slapped-in-the-face Mr. Sung. Mr. Kang is miffed as to his inclusion in this bashing session. He wasn’t even at the gazebo in the first place! But Mr. Ha tells him they need reinforcements to deal with a very sussed DS XD

Sales 3 Team corner

It’s late in the evening and Chief Oh is still at his desk. Still pondering over the Solar Energy files that have been sitting on his desk the whole day. GR is still at his station, furiously typing documents after documents. No one else is at the office.

Chief Oh: GR, do you have lots to do? (No – GR) Then why haven’t you left? (Because you haven’t left – GR) 😥 GR ❤ s his boss… so do I 😀

Chief tells him to go home and while GR packs his things, Chief mentions, “You know, the people you meet can change your life. If you follow a fly, you’ll end up near a toilet. If you follow a honeybee, you’ll end up in a flowerbed.”

GR:  [thinks for a moment]… Aaahh… So that’s why I’m in a flowerbed.


Chief looks up and stares at a smiling GR. They both break into a chuckle.

DS:  Is that our team’s fault?… Is it Mr. Oh’s…?

Hwang: I’ll do it, I’ll do it.

Ha:  Hey. Do you know where DS lives?

Yoo:  Not my place, my dad just came.

Hwang:  My wife is sick now.

Sung:  You know my house is tiny. He’s too big for it.

Ha:  I’m staying at my brother’s.

Kang:  No. (Why not? – everyone) It’s all messy. Find his home phone number and call it.

Hwang:  He lives alone! (Let’s go – Ha)

Ha:  Wow. I never thought I’d come here with you guys.

Yoo:  Sung ran away? He’s amazing

Ha:  When did DS gain so much weight? He’s heavier than when he started.

Yoo:  I nearly fainted taking off his pants. His legs… look like an elephant’s. BWAHAHAHAHA XD

Kang:  That’s why I said let’s call his home in the countryside.

Hwang:  Still, we got together thanks to him, right?

Ha:  Yeah. We used to be close before. Now it’s all about performance and connections. Right?

Yoo:  The Resource team is the best.

Hwang:  Come lie down here.

Kang:  I don’t sleep in places like this. I’m leaving soon.

Next Day

At work, DS is having a killer of a hangover. Chief leaves his desk and GR quickly gives a bottled drink to DS who then receives a text from Chief: Come to the rooftop.

Chief:  Do you want a different team?

DS:  What are you talking about?

Chief:  Our team is difficult.

DS:  I heard about yesterday. I’m sorry. Don’t worry too much. I really don’t agree with them.

Chief:  That’s not it…. I’m like that. I’m here because I want to work like a dog. You know, I want it, but it’s not the case with you. When I’m working, I forget about those around me. So –

DS:  Mr. Oh, I like working with you. That’s it. And I’ll take care of myself. I’ll tell you if I want to change teams.



Manager Sun collapsed due to sleeping disorders caused by stress and overwork. Her husband was by her side in the hospital when Chief and two of her team members came by to visit.

Her husband opened up to Chief about the real situation at home. He was recently promoted and they had an argument when he told her to quit her job now that he rakes in bigger pay. She refused to flush down her career just because he told her to and she wants to work to protect herself and the family.

Her team members seek Chief’s help to dissuade Mgr. Sun from pursuing the difficult project in Pakistan. They see this as an opportunity to wipe their hands clean off a project that wasn’t going to reflect their performance in a favorable light. Chief simply smiles, but we can see from his expression that he is more miffed about their flimsy loyalty towards their team leader.

Chief enters Mgr. Sun’s ward and she stirs awake. He relays the “get well” wishes from Mr. Cha and Mr. Um (her team mates) and she simply keeps quiet. Chief takes a stab at her argument with her husband about quitting her job.

She tells Chief what happened the day she informed her boss of her intent to quit, but changed her mind: She was in the pantry, about to make herself a cuppa when she overheard her two team mates talking about her withdrawn resignation. “Man! So how about our promotion?” And this was coming from the person who didn’t want to go over to Sales 3 Team but wanting to work under her guidance for a long, long time… what a sly backstabber. They both thought of her resignation as their opportunity to get ahead.

One International Main Lobby

Chief Oh is walking towards the elevators when he crosses path with ED who seemed to be on his way home.

ED:  I heard Ms. Sun collapsed?

Chief:  Due to stress from overworking.

ED:  I see…. she should take care of herself. You had esophagitis due to stress, right? You suffered a lot before.

He would remember Chief’s health history after all these years? o_O

They begin to continue their own path, but of course, we know, by now, ED’s trademark passing-remark maneuver…

ED:  About GR. I heard there was a switch in the Person-In-Charge. Sorry, it’s the company rule. I tried my best, but I couldn’t help. The company is tough. He did so much for it. So, you need to be strong. It’s not good for the company either if they keep changing contract workers. You need to keep teaching them from the start. [Chief maintains his poker face throughout ED’s speech] Let’s get together for dinner sometime.

Keep teaching newbies? What are you implying ED?

Fifteenth floor

Chief walks briskly towards Mgr. Sun’s team and asks Mr. Um if they’re continuing work on the Pakistan case. They hem and haw and Chief remember’s her words about them backstabbing her, wanting her position the moment she left the company. Good for nothing parasites…

He walks to his corner and tells his team to return home. See you all on Monday… but clearly, something is troubling him. He asks GR to contact SY for him. He requests for the cooperation file he has from Sales 1 Team. Chief smiles and rolls up his sleeves. He is going to help his long-time friend when no one in her team would support her in her time of need.

SY picks up the said file, takes a few steps away from his desk, but makes a U-turn when he overhears Sung’s phone conversation with a Mr. Lee.

Chief thanks SY for the file and asks if he has lots to do on a Friday evening. No. Alrighty then, enjoy your Friday evening. See you tomorrow morning at King’s Hotel. WHUT THE WHUT? SY and GR do a double-take.

With that file, he visits Mgr. Sun again and gets more detail about the project. She’s stunned Chief Oh will step up to help her out. The report is due on Tuesday. He can help out 80% of the report by Sunday, so she will have to flesh out the details by due date. “I need to do this. I need this healing,” Chief says.

King’s Hotel

GR presses the bell outside a door, and YY opens to welcome him. Huh? Whuzgoinon? Apparently Chief had taken up a exec suite for the five of them to work on the Pakistan case. SY is the last to join and dazzles Chief Oh with his vast knowledge of fabric and the inner-workings of manufacturing costs and such. BK and YY are given tasks that complement their strengths in gathering information and solid data for the report.

It gives me such warm fuzzies to see the symbiotic dynamic these four have especially when they’re given a task to complete as a team for the very first time. Chief Oh is there to manage, but really, all the hard work and ideas and approaches all came from them.

The sun has set, and the night has grown deeper. Chief Oh is sleeping comfortably on the sofa and GR decides to step out for some fresh air. YY, BK and SY follow suit.

SY comes out with cans of beer for them, “Mr. Oh is amazing. How could he do this? We’re young and we’re sacrificing our weekend for another team’s work. Are we a guerrilla army or human weapons here?


SY:  But, I kept thinking. If that happened to me later, would you all do what Mr. Oh did for her? Could you? I’ll guess on your reaction according to your character. GR.. ‘Shouldn’t we have cup ramen for late nights?’ ‘If you don’t like it, I’ll totally change it’ (Hey – GR) Mr. Oh. (Come on – GR)

BK… ‘I’d like to help but I can’t move’ ‘The basics are really important’ YY… ‘I’ll drive a truck if I have to!’ ‘But I’ll be moving like a snail!’ See? Only I’d look bad. Since I won’t go. Does that make sense? Talking so much made me thirsty.

YY:  Drink mine.

Chief Oh:  I’m impressed.

Chief:  Come on! We didn’t need GR! Alright. Thanks for the two days. I’ll visit Ms. Sun at the hospital. (Shall we go too? – YY) No, it’ll get crowded. Go home and rest. I’ll treat you to drinks. (Good day – them) Thanks! Take care.

SY:  Let’s go… Oh! How can you forget something so important? (Did you forget something? Should I get Mr. Oh? – GR) All you care about is work. We have 5 hours 34 minutes till Sunday. Let’s spend the next 5 hours like it’s 15 hours! Let’s go this way since Mr. Oh’s there.

Chief Oh’s text:  Remember this passionate day

SY:  Let’s forget about the past two days. This is no good. Work shouldn’t be like this.

BK:  Why’d you sleep holding me?

SY:  You got into my arms. BWAHAHAHAHAHA XD XD XD


Mgr. Sun is touched and very grateful for the help extended by Chief Oh and his team. She wants to know what is it about the weekend work that he needed healing with.

Mgr. Sun accompanies Chief at the nearby lounge area where he spills his concerns, “Our team is like a bullet and a shield. I hate myself for putting up with him when I know his intentions.”

Sun:  Let me guess why you’re doing this. You want to see who wins, right? You think you’re at that point to do that. Your unscientific views. You think you’re fighting with Mr. Choi. If you succeed with the Poshin case he will have to acknowledge you and your team. Support is necessary since the vice president position is on the line. Aren’t I right?

Then how’s this… One thing’s for sure. With a $0.5 billion order, promotion to a department head is possible, and after that, you get the authority to use whoever you want. That’s the company rule. (Oh? – Chief) GR-Sshi. You still think he can’t make it?


Chief is sitting at the dining table, but his mind replays the possibility of being in a position where he can help those who deserve to be helped. Like DS. Like GR. His wife bustles around him, setting dishes for his dinner, but notices the solemn aura he has on him.

She finally sits down, and quietly says “Tell Me.”

He looks at her and asks if he should help someone. Can he butt into someone else’s life again? His awesome wife tells him he can stop it now..

Let go of Eun Ji go now. Just bury her… Do it. Do whatever you want. You haven’t done anything wrong. That’s what I think. You would do the same thing if you could do it all over again. And I think that’s right. You only think about what you think is right. Everything else doesn’t go however you want it to. You’re acting all influential. You think you’ll just be able to boss people around? I thought you were saving the nation or something.

Chief Oh’s wife is stupendously awesome! What a pair they make XD

Next Day

It’s working hours and Chief Oh has yet to come in to work, much to Mr. Chun’s surprise.  He and DS know the burden Chief carries and the bigger burden of having to make a decision by the end of the day too.

In his bedroom, Chief Oh simply stands in his undergarments, recalling his wife’s words.

After much contemplation, Chief Oh walks into One International and heads straight towards the eighteenth floor. He enters ED’s office, and both men have a stare down with a gunslinger’s theme song blaring in the background.

SHOWDOWN of the Frenemies…


How I ❤ ❤ ❤ when the foursome got together under the guidance of daebak Chief Oh!
I nominate him as Mentor of the Decade! XD



  1. thanks for the recap!

    ooooooh! i love that exchange between GR n Mr. Oh. about the fly and the honeybee. amazing answer, GR! by that, he just made Mr. Oh’s day. that kid deserves a big bear hug!(um, maybe not that big coz he’ll be squashed being so tiny!). maybe i should try that line on someone..

    the ‘bedroom’ scenes.. both for the newbies n the AMs.. daebak!!! though poor GR has to sleep on the floor.. sort of. i can’t help but cackling at the sight of BK in SY’s arms! LOL. talk abt bromance! and both YY & GR sleep with their mouths open! such sweet darlings them all!


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